Discovery Channel-Ultimate Survival: Everest-Episode 1

  • Published: 12 March 2015
  • Episode 4 is missing...

    This critically acclaimed six-part mini-series... Shot between March and June 2004, Ultimate Survival: Everest chronicles the Everest efforts of Team Discovery, which included two Canadian climbers - producer and experienced adventure guide Ben Webster, and his girlfriend, rookie climber and PhD candidate in Sports Psychology, Shauna Burke - plus Australian Andrew Lock and Hector Ponce De Leon from Mexico, both veterans of Everest and the world's most intimidating peaks. The series also follows the treks of Annabelle Bond, a London socialite; and diabetic American climber Will Cross. The expedition's members, including the team's Nepalese Sherpa guides, were trained to act as the production team, filming the extreme physical demands, physiological changes and emotional hazards. Soaring 8,848 meters above sea level - equal to the height of 16 CN Towers placed end to end - Everest's summit is the ultimate challenge for climbers around the world.
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  • Snowman_Fred
    Snowman_Fred  1 weeks back

    I hate rich people.

    • Lauren Anon
      Lauren Anon  4 weeks back

      Shaunna should have gotten off the mountain when she couldn't cross the ladder without getting stuck. I've never heard of that before. She's bad karma.

      • Jennifer Hawkins
        Jennifer Hawkins  1 months back

        Discovery calls them support staff? Crazy spin.

        • Marnie Kilbourne
          Marnie Kilbourne  1 months back

          It's nice that all these people going for their "dream" leave their garbage behind making the mountain look like a dump. Typical selfish humans not respecting nature. Not to mention the sherpas that risk their lives doing that job because there isn't a lot of well-paying jobs in Nepal! So, to support themselves and their family they continually risk their lives for foreign vacationers. The experienced climbers are one thing but anyone with enough money can go. That is appalling and puts others even more at risk. I think we need to think about how ethical this commercial climbing of the most dangerous mountain on earth has become.

          • og jenny
            og jenny  2 months back

            Dont complain about frostbite if youre gonna attempt to climb the tallest and coldest mountain in the world, fuktard

            • og jenny
              og jenny  2 months back

              You can get a shot to treat cerebral adema

              • Wutzmyname Mike
                Wutzmyname Mike  2 months back

                Yes you can. Adema is a buildup of fluids in the body. Heart failure causes heavy fluids in the blood i.e. water to pool in the lower extremities. The treatment is to give a diuretic like Lasik. Treatment approaches can include osmotherapy using mannitol, diuretics to decrease fluid volume, corticosteroids to suppress the immune system, hypertonic saline, and surgical decompression to allow the brain tissue room to swell without compressive injury.

            • og jenny
              og jenny  3 months back

              Why dont these rich people give all that money to charity? They could do something good, but instead blow it on conquests to boast their egos. Nobody cares if you made it to the top. They just have so much money that its burning holes in their pockets and dont know what to do with it. I hate rich people. Not jealous, just makes me sick how they blow their money, selfishly.

              • Brad
                Brad  3 months back

                Stuck-up pompous clown's I'm out!!!

                • EDGE LENNOX
                  EDGE LENNOX  4 months back


                  • turnbuckles1
                    turnbuckles1  6 months back

                    Most viewers wanna see the frozen corpses. Everest is the highest toilet on earth with frozen human fesses everywhere.

                    • Sandy
                      Sandy  6 months back

                      A cunt gets more attention - no matter what the place is.

                      • Rajesh Jesus
                        Rajesh Jesus  6 months back

                        Thank Jesus God
                        Thank Jesus God
                        Thank Jesus God
                        Thank Jesus God
                        Thank Jesus God
                        Thank Jesus God

                        • Ben Klassen
                          Ben Klassen  6 months back

                          Take your myth and shove it.

                      • fish sack
                        fish sack  6 months back

                        That ritual to that fake blind and deaf idol they are worshiping is nonsense, actually, I have a better description of it, Complete rubbish. There is only one God, he is the beginning and the end. Worship him alone and not your carved images. The mountain still spits them out like the idiots they are after the ritual doesn't it? Maybe the gods didn't hear their prayers, maybe it was sleeping .....Next time, scream louder.

                        • Laura Bell
                          Laura Bell  1 weeks back

                          Yes Amen! If they are so respectful, just stay off the mountain! No, it's all about "money" on both sides!

                        • EnigmaYT
                          EnigmaYT  6 months back

                          Amen brother. We worship the almighty creator who has revealed Himself to us through His word. Those who worship creation commit the sin of idolatry. However if they repent of their unbelief and put their faith in the name of the Son of God through belief in his life, death on the cross and resurrection then God will forgive them.

                      • Banglaroad
                        Banglaroad  6 months back

                        it is laughable to see the wanna bees who's not even able to pass the ladder test without a sherpa .........what a shame

                        • Bernardo Rodillo
                          Bernardo Rodillo  6 months back

                          Those who are climbing the Everest escorted by the Sherpas are just like those people organizing the Safari with those African slaves. Whether they like it or not , these climbers can be judged as only taking advantage of the Sherpas who are doing all the dirty jobs and almost treat the climbers as toddlers. If any climbing enthusiast wants to conquer the Everest, he must be the one to carry all the things he needs to survive and not depend on anyone to escort him up and down the mountain. The real test for endurance can only be measured if a climber can summit and come back down by himself. The trending nowadays is to climb the mountain with as many Sherpas one can get as escorts and if they succeed to go up and then down safely they claim they are good mountaineers.

                          • Marian Hanson Confidence Coach

                            I would feel like Shauna but then again, I wouldn’t go on a trip where I’m the only woman there or if I did not have confidence in my ability to do the activities. I think she just wanted time with her boyfriend but..climbing Mount Everest maybe isn’t the right date 🤷🏾‍♀️

                            • rob379
                              rob379  7 months back

                              How many Everest’s deaths are $100,000 suicide-by-exposure.
                              just wonderin’

                            • Bill Goose
                              Bill Goose  7 months back

                              LoL the highest feeling in the world will be what you make it to be!!!

                              • Viestscience Noa-tech-discovery

                                Shauna Burke look like a self center egotistic rich woman . Come to Kathmandu for fun and adventure . most of her food tent equipment all has to be carried by sherpas even her own life has to be depended on them . Yet her view towards theese people Is highly suspicious. Quote " Oh the city is dirty and chaotic. " and quote.. sure it's the truth. But a highly educated woman can't even choose words that's not offended other . Yet That's other may be saving her live later on up the mountains above 28,000ft..

                                • troy lenz
                                  troy lenz  7 months back

                                  I wonder how many of the Frozen Climbers on Everest are wearing little red necklaces around their necks?
                                  Man I think of some weird stuff.

                                  • Norma Mimosa
                                    Norma Mimosa  8 months back

                                    These are not proper climbers. They are tourist pretend climbers. They don't fix their own ropes. They don't even carry their own stuff to the various camps. One has the audacity to suggest he might save a sherpa's life, when we all know, if it comes to that, it will be the other way around.

                                    • sabine reynaud
                                      sabine reynaud  6 months back

                                      Exactly. Plus they sent sherpas over the ice falls several times to carry their stuff.

                                  • Shannon& Jason Kuether 03/17/09

                                    Hector is a better person than I am cause I could NEVER climb with a person who I saved but left me for dead. Hell no never!!

                                    • Paisley
                                      Paisley  8 months back

                                      So I just watched this on Prime and I can't believe this Ben Webster drags his girlfriend up Everest and then abandons her! His ego is as big as Everest. As I first watched I thought, "God, what a whinny baby-him and his ears." Then he whined all thru the thing and then holds Shauna from going up with Andrew and Hector (Hector's the bomb!) when the weather was perfect and she felt good. Then he takes her up-what 2 hrs- and tells her go up herself cause he's sick. She gets up to CAMP 4! and he tells her she has to go back down and then edits her reaction out so he doesn't look bad. Shauna girl-dump this loser! You were stronger than some of the men-you were doin' and I think the wind would have died down and you could have went up the next day. The sherpas are paid by him so they took his lead-you all could have made it. Kudos to you -you were amazing! And Annabelle-at first I thought "Oh, spoiled rich girl" but she went up like a champ! Annabelle, when you cried at the top, I cried. I was so proud of you and I love you took your "stuff" with you especially lipstick. I believe a girl has to look good no matter where she is. Don't let anyone give you grief about it-it's a female right! And it just shows you that it doesn't matter if you're male or female, you either have the character and mental strength to do Everest or you don't. And I don't for one minute think that any of what you did looked easy. I couldn't do it-not ever. No matter what you do in your life - YOU CLIMBED EVEREST! AWESOME!

                                      • Amelia Shostak
                                        Amelia Shostak  8 months back

                                        i don't mean this to be taken the wrong way, but how u never see a black climber? out of all the Everest docus i have watched, haven't seen a single black person so i'm curious?

                                        • Garfield Burns
                                          Garfield Burns  2 months back

                                          Because Black people have better things to do than to climb some frozen rock!!!

                                        • Garfield Burns
                                          Garfield Burns  3 months back

                                          Ken Conley is a damn racist

                                        • Garfield Burns
                                          Garfield Burns  3 months back

                                          André Delhaise is a racist bitch sitting in own feces

                                        • Rowhan Celti
                                          Rowhan Celti  4 months back

                                          @Grace Ntihinyuka true...but actually Two South African black woman made it to the summit of Everest already...dont know about any black men tho..but yeah look it up.

                                        • Grace Ntihinyuka
                                          Grace Ntihinyuka  5 months back

                                          As a black woman I can honestly say, mountain climbing, especially getting in top of Everest is not exactly something my people care for.

                                      • Brian Waller
                                        Brian Waller  10 months back

                                        Shauna didn't even start for base camp and already her body is not coping.

                                        • Paisley
                                          Paisley  8 months back

                                          Shauna had a shitty boyfriend. She would have made it up if it wasn't for him. Watch the whole thing.

                                      • joanna freedom
                                        joanna freedom  10 months back

                                        I have so much love and respect for the Sherpas. Those mountains are so beautiful and decades of climbers trashing Nepal. They still do. Sherpas should run Everest as they see fit NOT rich narcissists!

                                        • Lauren Anon
                                          Lauren Anon  4 weeks back

                                          Every climber I've seen has a massive ego. Narcissists are dead all over the mountain.

                                        • Marnie Kilbourne
                                          Marnie Kilbourne  1 months back

                                          AMEN!!!! It's disgusting! Plus the Sherpas take the work because there is no other well paying work in Nepal. They shouldn't be risking their lives for foreign, rich, idiot vacationers! Only experienced mountaineers and the Sherpas that want to should be climbing.

                                      • SonicFan147
                                        SonicFan147  1 years back

                                        Why the heck was she on her own? Shouldn't she have a Sherpa with her at least?

                                        • Brendan Brady
                                          Brendan Brady  1 years back

                                          'On Everest avalanches are a way of life. On Everest they are a way of death!' Sheriff John Bunnell of World's wildest police chases would be proud of that one.

                                          • Benjamin Perry
                                            Benjamin Perry  1 years back

                                            Why do these people decide to pay out the ass to purposely suffocate themselves ? I’d take the 80grand to an island & die in peace. Just seems so against a normal train of thought. Let me go pay 100 thousand dollars and suffocate myself. Just plain stupid

                                            • Brian Waller
                                              Brian Waller  10 months back

                                              Guy said it at 6:00. Most are narcissistic egomaniacs with low social skills.

                                          • Musicman81Indy
                                            Musicman81Indy  1 years back

                                            I can't believe they actually used Mount Everest for a reality show. Reality shows are all planned out and scripted. How the hell can you script what happens on Everest? This is just STUPID. There's nothing real about any of this other than the fact that they were there. Other than that it's all planned and scripted for tv. Climbing this mountain has enough natural drama of its own without them having to purposely create more. This is just down right pathetic.

                                            • Christopher Isac
                                              Christopher Isac  2 years back

                                              So what happens when they have to shit up there?

                                              • Shane redst8
                                                Shane redst8  2 years back

                                                Christopher Isac , they have bio-degradable bags they shit in. They are suppose to bring it back to base camp but I doubt all of them do . . .

                                            • Patrick Dunham
                                              Patrick Dunham  2 years back

                                              K2 is the ultimate summit, Everest is $100k "expeditions" for Chinese guys with Go-Pro's strapped to their heads.

                                              • ghost hardware
                                                ghost hardware  6 months back

                                                Brian Waller that doesnt make everest easy

                                              • Brian Waller
                                                Brian Waller  10 months back

                                                I bet more than 60% of those who summitted Everest couldn't summitt k2

                                            • Ian Burrows
                                              Ian Burrows  2 years back

                                              Second WW not 1st I correct my mistake.

                                              • Ian Burrows
                                                Ian Burrows  2 years back

                                                Mallory didn’t go to Kathmandu ! Nepal was off limits to foreigners until after the first world war hence his route from Tibet side. Can’t you not just check your facts ? I have zero confidence in anything in this film it bollocks !

                                                • cherry rotella
                                                  cherry rotella  2 months back

                                                  The Sherpas deserve the greatest of respect and gratitude

                                              • Jim
                                                Jim  2 years back

                                                Ben..almost died? and he put his girlfriend on this mountain? idiot.

                                                • Craig Bailes
                                                  Craig Bailes  8 months back

                                                  He didn't put her there you muppet she is her own person it's her own decision.. think b4 u open or mouth

                                              • eyesopen
                                                eyesopen  2 years back

                                                Why the fuck do they bother? Seriously

                                                • eyesopen
                                                  eyesopen  2 years back

                                                  Is Shaunna there as "mountain eye candy"?

                                                  • Jerrod P
                                                    Jerrod P  10 months back

                                                    She was also giving camp handjobs for $100 a pop.

                                                • eyesopen
                                                  eyesopen  2 years back

                                                  Please have no sympathy for anyone who dies on Everest! They know the very very real danger before they leave. Generally driven selfish people, who leave spouses and children at home, knowing quite well they may die, but still go!

                                                  • INFAMOUS SCOUSE
                                                    INFAMOUS SCOUSE  11 months back

                                                    Totally agree if they have kids its very selfish. But on the other hand the sherpas dont have a choice, the only reason they climb is for money to support their families. If i ever had kids i wouldn't be climbing. But you could die driving the supermarket i suppose.

                                                • mark duncan
                                                  mark duncan  2 years back

                                                  And you lady are right! No one had to spell that out to you!!

                                                  • bass13mary
                                                    bass13mary  2 years back

                                                    Too melodramatic

                                                    • Roy Mckie
                                                      Roy Mckie  2 years back


                                                      • Gladius XxLV
                                                        Gladius XxLV  2 years back

                                                        next year i will have my chance :)

                                                      • Income Mobile
                                                        Income Mobile  2 years back

                                                        If they die, they die. Ivan Drigo

                                                        • Carrie Ann
                                                          Carrie Ann  3 years back

                                                          Thanks for posting this!!

                                                          • KevinPDX1
                                                            KevinPDX1  3 years back

                                                            May seem like an odd question but how do they use the bathroom during the long climb? Adult diapers?

                                                            • wendee logan
                                                              wendee logan  9 months back

                                                              I've always wanted to ask that question!

                                                            • Chantal Seguin
                                                              Chantal Seguin  9 months back

                                                              @Jerrod P every year 250 max try to summit..... and that's the polution concern. we have 6 billion in the process of harming this world. i direct you to

                                                            • Jerrod P
                                                              Jerrod P  10 months back

                                                              Base camps have facilities. Higher camps you shit and piss right outside your tent. It's now a severe pollution issue for village water supplies.

                                                            • I was born a poor black child - Navin Johnson
                                                              I was born a poor black child - Navin Johnson  2 years back

                                                              Easy enough question, they leave it like pigs. So much so that the water supplies below, you know where the locals live, are being contaminated. It really pisses me off. You'd think these people would be more responsible!

                                                            • KevinPDX1
                                                              KevinPDX1  3 years back


                                                          • C
                                                            C  3 years back

                                                            Contrived drama. It's a reality show.

                                                            • chena3
                                                              chena3  4 years back

                                                              an Everest divorce
                                                              take the old lady climbing
                                                              leave her on the summit ridge.....

                                                              • Bryan A.Cal
                                                                Bryan A.Cal  3 years back

                                                                lol...less paper work, and btw happy belated new year.

                                                              • LoveAddict69
                                                                LoveAddict69  3 years back

                                                                Life insurance must be taken care of before hand though.

                                                            • jolie robles
                                                              jolie robles  4 years back

                                                              19:00 I don't respect that nonsense at all. Can it be shown that anyone who didn't participate in that ritual, or pray to his god, didn't survive or become injured? Is there any proof that every Sherpa who does participate, returns safely and healthy? Does everyone who prays to his god avoid frostbite and death?
                                                              Faith is the absence of logic.

                                                              • izwanisosani1981
                                                                izwanisosani1981  4 months back


                                                              • fish sack
                                                                fish sack  6 months back

                                                                That ritual to that fake blind and deaf idol they are worshiping is nonsense, actually, I have a better description of it, Complete rubbish. There is only one God, he is the beginning and the end. Worship him alone and not your carved images. The mountain still spits them out like the idiots they are after the ritual doesn't it? Maybe the gods didn't hear their prayers, maybe it was sleeping .....Next time, scream louder.

                                                              • Damien Francois
                                                                Damien Francois  2 years back

                                                                You are being stupid. But I'm sure you know that...

                                                              • Saint Scanderbeg
                                                                Saint Scanderbeg  2 years back

                                                                jolie robles , Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence ! Take a philosophy class miss Atheist dipshit. This is what happens when you think you ate smarter than everyone else and end up getting bitchslapped. I dont give a shit about pooja either but i wont go around trying to dimish other beliefs. And yes you have a belief too, you believe there is no God, thats a belief. Since there is no God, morality is relative therefore pooja is just as right as atheism and just as wrong as atheism. You are the Southern Baptist Atheist cunt.

                                                              • Vince Cavanaugh
                                                                Vince Cavanaugh  2 years back

                                                                jolie robles mystery of the mountain