Eurovision 2019 - Jury Results Reaction - Part 2

  • Published: 19 May 2019
  • Team ESC United is reacting to the Jury voting of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

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Comments • 53

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev  8 months back

    You guys did a really good job throughout the whole competition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko
      Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko  8 months back

      Israel got saved by the Fake-Belarussian jury, or they would have ended last in the juries with zero points.

      • Decko Decko
        Decko Decko  8 months back

        SHAME ON SCANDINAVIAN or NORDIC COUNTRIES.....shame shame shame..shame on YOU!!!

        • sabrina devolder
          sabrina devolder  8 months back

          i was so mad that at the last country that north Macedonia was beaten with the juries by oh wait sweden what a surprise...

          • nouzanam
            nouzanam  8 months back

            I didn't knowthat watching reaction videos to televotes and jury votes was really interesting

            • stilldownwiththemutantunderground

              I love Matt with his exstatic "Germany might not come in last!"

              • ESCunited
                ESCunited   8 months back

                That's where we are at these days. Not finishing last is kind of a win for us ;)

            • Lilithmoonpower
              Lilithmoonpower  8 months back

              Oh fucking Israel they didnt gave Macedonia.
              Did they forgot that it was Macedonia who brought them the win in 1998!?
              If Macedonia didnt gave points to Israel then,Dana would not have won!

              • Daniel Ely
                Daniel Ely  8 months back

                Poor Australia! 6th with the juries and 7th with the televoting, but finishing 9th overall... The discrepancies for other countries really didn't work in Australia's favor!

                • Eka Archvadze
                  Eka Archvadze  8 months back

                  So North Macedonia came as a dark horse.

                  • Decko Decko
                    Decko Decko  7 months back

                    Best song this year.. Well done North Macedonia!

                  • Fair plays
                    Fair plays  8 months back

                    Yeah right ... from the juries .... not a dark horse at all

                • Rugile Naudziunaite
                  Rugile Naudziunaite  8 months back

                  i relate to sean so much getting excited every time iceland gets some points

                  • AussieRose
                    AussieRose  8 months back

                    The new system is great, It makes it clearer who wins at the end, instead of the winner looking confused ala Salvador Sobral style: "did we win?, who won? wait it wasn't us, wait, oh yeah it is us, oh we won? yes we won oh ok great"

                    • ESC Johan
                      ESC Johan  8 months back

                      They missed the opportunity to say : "Twelve points go to Malawi... well I meant Lake Malawi from Czech Republic !" 😊

                      • eurofansf
                        eurofansf  8 months back

                        Next year, Matt, could you place the camera straight on viewing you and your team (i.e. the camera points in the opposite direction that you are looking)

                        • Revita R2
                          Revita R2  8 months back

                          Thank you to All Escunited for great reaction support !!! 🙏💖💖💖 GBU
                          And See you in 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

                          • Ievan Polkka
                            Ievan Polkka  8 months back

                            I feel sad for germany. 0 points

                          • ΙΩΑΝΝΑ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΙΔΟΥ

                            from Athens We must not participate again. They stole us for the second time

                            • stilldownwiththemutantunderground
                              stilldownwiththemutantunderground  8 months back

                              I'm legitimately sorry for you guys. Katerine barely getting any points was one of the biggest scandals of the evening, in my opinion.

                          • gal turgman
                            gal turgman  8 months back

                            Come on when part 3 I'm interested for reactions

                            • Eka Archvadze
                              Eka Archvadze  8 months back

                              I liked the new system of announcing points, it is so intriguing.

                              • Mandy Bisseling
                                Mandy Bisseling  8 months back

                                Happpy Netherlands won, but the song I woke up this morning was of Norway

                                • kuku blof
                                  kuku blof  8 months back

                                  Israelis love Holland , people always speak fondly of that country here for some reason I was never able to figure out. so whenever there is a close call in anything with Holland involved, they will go with Holland.

                                  • kuku blof
                                    kuku blof  8 months back

                                    and the public vote for germany, im sorry, 0 points

                                    • Naj Renchelf
                                      Naj Renchelf  8 months back

                                      kuku blof, but not 0 votes - I voted 4 times! I LOVE THAT SONG!! 😊

                                  • Antonio Cruz
                                    Antonio Cruz  8 months back

                                    I do not like the jury vote. Either have a jury or the public vote. I think the jury is not good. It should be about what the people like and usually the best win.

                                    • Stelios A.n.g
                                      Stelios A.n.g  8 months back

                                      @C TH The country whose name is a stolen greek term wasnt the 2nd best.Italy and Azerbaijan were!It was just political votes as it will join EU this year

                                    • C TH
                                      C TH  8 months back

                                      No because then someone like Serhat could actually win. This is a good balance. Stop hating on jury just because you don't agree. I did not agree with Sweden in 1st place at all, but that was exciting when N Macedonia got so much points.

                                  • Eug Ferreira
                                    Eug Ferreira  8 months back

                                    Thanks for all the points on Tamara and Mahmood both from the juries and televoters.
                                    Italy and and NMacedonia were great

                                    • Fair plays
                                      Fair plays  8 months back

                                      @St V you didnt understand .... the juries voted tamara ... payed votes for her .... kalliopi was way better back then i prefer her ! Kalliopi underrated and tamara overrated ... the televotes have spoken ... juries are sold ... she didnt deserve those points ... she even did average on singing her song!

                                    • St V
                                      St V  8 months back

                                      @Fair plays she was 12th from televote. And the macedonian diaspora boycoted the name change. So maybe she would do better but who knows. Im glad jurys saved her. Jurys also put out Kaliopi out of the top 10 in 2012 was that politics too?

                                    • Fair plays
                                      Fair plays  8 months back

                                      If political issues wouldnt be there ... n macedonia would not even finish 15

                                    • Eug Ferreira
                                      Eug Ferreira  8 months back

                                      @stilldownwiththemutantunderground Mine too. And the performamce looked great on tv. It was telefantastic! :)

                                    • stilldownwiththemutantunderground
                                      stilldownwiththemutantunderground  8 months back

                                      Mahmood definitely won in my heart. ❤

                                  • Mucrush
                                    Mucrush  8 months back

                                    I am excited to watch your Germany and Norway reactions :D

                                    • Tô à Bordo
                                      Tô à Bordo  8 months back

                                      This new presetation system was about to give me a heart attack! OMG!

                                      • Deep ❶
                                        Deep ❶  8 months back

                                        Waiting for the televote video to see your reactions to Iceland ! Hatari 😍

                                        • Fair plays
                                          Fair plays  8 months back

                                          @kb so fair i would say ....

                                        • Spyros Trik
                                          Spyros Trik  8 months back

                                          @Marios Gr of course we can make jokes of these things. Have you ever been to the internet?

                                        • Jenita Douwes
                                          Jenita Douwes  8 months back

                                          Same omg❤

                                        • Mr. Trump
                                          Mr. Trump  8 months back

                                          @Marios Gr Yes we can. Look at all the nazi and soviet jokes... Any fellow memer understands them. Anyone who doesn't is a fucking moron.

                                        • Marios Gr
                                          Marios Gr  8 months back

                                          @Mr. Trump There are things that we can make sarcasm my dear. Like issues with rivers of blood through the years, like this one. Can we make some jokes on the Holocaust or on the victims of a terroristic attack? No, we can't. That's why I say that their attitude was hideous.

                                      • FizzPunk
                                        FizzPunk  8 months back

                                        heyyyyyy guys!! Here is Fizzpunk talking!! 4 words!!: I TOLD YOU SO!! We Love to Welcome you in the NLDs next year!! And soo much love and thanks for ALL your Amazing works you put in this!! Hope we will meet next year!! Big Hugzzz

                                        • Ievan Polkka
                                          Ievan Polkka  8 months back

                                          Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht are the most likely, but it also can be in the Hague or Utrecht

                                        • eurofansf
                                          eurofansf  8 months back

                                          Is it The Hague next year?