Serie A Predictor: Will Inter Milan or Juventus get tripped up in tough tests? | ESPN FC

  • Published: 10 January 2020
  • ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Ross Dyer make their picks for five of the biggest matchups in Week 19 of Serie A, including matches that could impact the title race, Champions League qualification and even relegation.

    (0:10) Cagliari vs. AC Milan
    (1:31) Lazio vs. Napoli
    (2:57) Inter Milan vs. Atalanta
    (4:06) Sampdoria vs. Brescia
    (4:33) AS Roma vs. Juventus

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Comments • 142

  • mrkimaliep
    mrkimaliep  2 weeks back

    Dyer got it spot on

    • Julio Pisano
      Julio Pisano  2 weeks back

      Homie I put a little money out in ac Milan lazio and Atlanta ....I just can't believe that MF Muriel took da penalty shot....cazzo.... That was all papu..... Juve

      • Salvador Ramírez
        Salvador Ramírez  3 weeks back

        How are these guys football analysts ? Such a joke ... that’s why England won’t win a World Cup again

        • Mohamed Ali
          Mohamed Ali  3 weeks back

          Paolo bandini. Disgusting freak.

          • Peng Seong Tiew
            Peng Seong Tiew  3 weeks back

            Nonsense, Sarri did bring achievement to Napoli in view of what has been spent by Napoli

            • Matuidicharo
              Matuidicharo  3 weeks back

              The Greatest player in Champions league 
              The Greatest player of Portugal 
              The Greatest player in the Premier League
              The Greatest player in La Liga
              The Greatest player to be soon in the Serie A
              The Greatest athlete & most professional football player the world has ever seen 
              The Greatest player of all time.
              CR7 The King   Goat 🔥

              • John Diggle
                John Diggle  3 weeks back

                Matuidicharo your a Ronaldo addict

            • Matuidicharo
              Matuidicharo  3 weeks back

              Cristiano is the best of all time he is the greatest athlete that the world has known, the most professional football player, the most complete player, the most decisive player in club and selection with the most achieved football career. He is also a true leader with a mentality out of this world 🐐👽🏆 🙌

              • ThatGuy
                ThatGuy  3 weeks back

                The serie a is so good two wonder teams fighting to win the league I am Brazilian and is so good and sad to se this league milan is almost go to the second division and inter and velha senora winning and fighting to be Italy champions

                • Simple Options
                  Simple Options  3 weeks back

                  🔴 Milan WIN

                  🔴 Lazio-Napoli DRAW
                  🔴 Atalanta WIN
                  🔴 Sampdoria WIN

                  🔴 Roma WIN

                  • Giann B
                    Giann B  3 weeks back

                    Keep an eye on Simone Inzaghi. I think he'll win Serie A with Lazio and maybe he'll be the next Juventus manager

                    • Picasso21
                      Picasso21  3 weeks back

                      @No Name, why do you think this? I am sure that inter will be at least second but finish first I am not sure! Juve will not give up, and they will be determined to win their 9th scudetto! If a player in inter go injured, they can be very disadvantaged; Lukaku, Martinez, Skriniar, .... Juve will be less disadvantaged.

                    • No Name
                      No Name  3 weeks back

                      Inter will win the Serie A if all the starters stay fit. That's a fact and it's not up for the debate!

                    • Giann B
                      Giann B  3 weeks back

                      @Abyss That's why I wrote "maybe". But yeah, I really like his Lazio side and his 3-5-2 (thanks to the Italian 3-5-2 and Diego Simeone's 4-4-2 we still get to see teams play with 2 strikers!!!)

                    • Abyss
                      Abyss  3 weeks back

                      Bold claim but he is doing quite well with Lazio atm to be fair.

                    • Giann B
                      Giann B  3 weeks back

                      @Picasso21 Yes, having too many strikers can be a problem, but personally I think it's good to have squad depth, even if you can't keep everybody happy. Remember when Lippi had at Juventus together Del Piero, Trezeguet, Salas, Di Vaio and Zalayeta? Or Ancelotti at Milan with Shevchenko, Inzaghi, Crespo and Tomasson? Sarri's 4-3-1-2 uses 2 strikers, so he should have used Mandzukic at Coppa Italia or as a second half substitution.

                  • timoe
                    timoe  3 weeks back

                    Id say inter. Juventus look so poor under sarri. They have gone backwards and they have one of the worst midfields.

                    • Adriano Taormina
                      Adriano Taormina  3 weeks back

                      Do more Serie A coverage with the other guys!! The serie awesome podcast sucks no wonder you guys have the comments turned off

                      • John49910110
                        John49910110  2 weeks back

                        Nicky bandini..before he was Claudio bandini

                      • morondes
                        morondes  3 weeks back

                        @Adriano Taormina just pictured Gab in a dress and can't stop laughing

                      • Speedy
                        Speedy  3 weeks back

                        @Adriano Taormina baldini

                      • Adriano Taormina
                        Adriano Taormina  3 weeks back

                        Martin you mean gab marcotti?

                      • Martin
                        Martin  3 weeks back

                        I think its because one of the co hosts is transgender and they don't want trolls in the comments.

                    • Mersiha Hadzic
                      Mersiha Hadzic  3 weeks back

                      Roma always win at Olimpico ageinst Juventus, but will sie

                      • GMeazza
                        GMeazza  3 weeks back

                        Always good to be thanked at the end for watching ESPN on You Toov. How can he never pronounce this correctly? Even if he was yanking it up it would be You Toob.

                        • Thorick Satsuma
                          Thorick Satsuma  3 weeks back

                          Because it's the same recorded clip playing everyone. Wow

                      • Division Monday
                        Division Monday  3 weeks back


                        • ginger
                          ginger  3 weeks back

                          Neither are going to win Champions league.
                          I think Inter may be able to upset Juve and win the title, though will probably lose the head to head match-ups

                          • Psg bottled it again Samuel

                            The guy on the right smiles for everything

                            • gigi giggio
                              gigi giggio  2 weeks back

                              No wonder he was laughing, he got right all of them!

                            • Strollic
                              Strollic  2 weeks back

                              He would, as the post above me mentioned, he got everything correct.

                            • Abhishek SARKAR
                              Abhishek SARKAR  2 weeks back

                              All of his predictions are correct

                            • Speedy
                              Speedy  3 weeks back

                              I loved the way he stays so positive .

                            • Daniel Daaies
                              Daniel Daaies  3 weeks back

                              I love that guy.

                          • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

                            Eh Juve is going against Roma.. Sarri is Mourinho 2.0 for me still. Looks good as a coach on paper but in the end his tactics get him in trouble against better teams. Too Overrated for me.

                            • The Planner
                              The Planner  2 weeks back

                              That’s not an insult m8

                            • Veck
                              Veck  3 weeks back

                              Mourinho is held by Cristiano Ronaldo as the best manager he's ever worked with, saying Sarri is Mourinho 2.0 is a compliment not an insult.

                            • Small Shaq
                              Small Shaq  3 weeks back

                              Mourinho is one of the best of all time, he has always been better than Sarri.
                              So Mourinho 2.0 is a huge compliment

                          • Cortes
                            Cortes  3 weeks back

                            Tough tests? Where? Certainly not in Farmers A

                            • ELWOPPO2010
                              ELWOPPO2010  2 weeks back

                              Serie A Most exciting and most competitive league this year. Fact!!
                              England this year has been VERY VERY disappointing. Liverpool won it in October. Lol
                              Absolutely no competition in EPL this year.
                              Top 3 leagues btw are
                              Italy might be number 2 actually as La Liga lost millions and millions of viewers once CR7 left to join Juventus.

                            • The Planner
                              The Planner  2 weeks back

                              Keyuante Johnson what about inter

                            • John Nkurunziza
                              John Nkurunziza  2 weeks back

                              Cortes and 1 can’t even win the Copa America don’t compare

                            • psycho
                              psycho  3 weeks back

                              @Keyuante Johnson Sad that you really spent hours of your time trying to convince a couple people on the internet that Chelsea are a bigger football club than Inter 😂

                            • Tania Tollio
                              Tania Tollio  3 weeks back

                              @Keyuante Johnson Chelsea is a very good team but historically speaking you can't say it's better than Inter. Maybe you can compare Liverpool or Manchester United to Us.Saying Chelsea has better history than Inter is like say Tottenham has more than Chelsea, It's simply not true...

                          • Notice me Senpai
                            Notice me Senpai  3 weeks back

                            With this speed, ronaldo is going to carry them for sure😍

                            • JOKER
                              JOKER  3 weeks back

                              Just skip to 5:18 for results.

                            • Goat J
                              Goat J  3 weeks back

                              Juve wining the league, inter jus gonna have to take that second place spot sorry

                              • A M
                                A M  3 weeks back

                                Inter Milan will win Serie A, Conte is a much better coach than Sarri

                                • Goat J
                                  Goat J  2 weeks back

                                  A M unlucky to draw, thought conte would keep them at the top

                                • youhan Han
                                  youhan Han  3 weeks back

                                  Thanks atalanta

                                • The Invader
                                  The Invader  3 weeks back

                                  @nh k now lukaku has played more games and the difference is just a single goal

                                • Matuidicharo
                                  Matuidicharo  3 weeks back

                                  Juve > Manu

                                • NateAtNyte Gaming
                                  NateAtNyte Gaming  3 weeks back

                                  Goat J Remember that Ronaldo is 34 and his back is defo broken from Madrid

                              • Angel5999
                                Angel5999  3 weeks back

                                Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️


                                Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

                                • Angel5999
                                  Angel5999  3 weeks back

                                  Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️


                                  Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️