• Published: 25 February 2014
  • Here are a few of my best tricks to banish the dreaded look of "cakey makeup" ... Simple steps that will keep your makeup looking fresh all day! ; D

    Hope you enjoy!
    Thanks So Much For Watching!!!
    xo's ~ Tati

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  • Jennifer Roman
    Jennifer Roman  21 hours back

    TATI!!!!!! I thought YOU created the blendifil! Clearly it was out before and it was cheaper too!

    • Marianne Bullard
      Marianne Bullard  1 weeks back

      I ordered this forever puff years ago after this video and remembered it was your favorite. I never tried it with liquid but will give it a try. I also just order the blendiful! Love your videos.

      • Karen Phillips
        Karen Phillips  1 weeks back

        It is so amazing to see this video after your release. It just solidifies you saying you have always believed in this type of product and have thought about it for years.

        • Jessica Napolitano
          Jessica Napolitano  1 weeks back

          She's been using this kind of puff forever, so happy she made the blendiful because so many people look over a puff and don't give it a second thought and use a brush or beauty blender. No tati has made this kind of product more people will give this method a try and see how great it actually is 💕

          • E. G.
            E. G.  2 weeks back

            Tati: You don't have to buy the fancy ones
            Also Tati: sells this puff for 18$

            • TAREN KEARNEY
              TAREN KEARNEY  8 hours back

              Yeah except they have raised their prices to $14 & even their mini is $14 so it would cost you $28+shipping for two that you get from her for $18

          • modtomodern
            modtomodern  2 weeks back

            Ha, ha, its funny when she says she says " you don't have to buy the fancy one" . I will take your advice.

          • David Orla
            David Orla  2 weeks back


            • Sweety Sapno
              Sweety Sapno  2 weeks back

              Who's here after "Blendiful" launch?

            • Jessica Céline
              Jessica Céline  2 weeks back

              i’m here after watching her new launch!

              • A
                A  2 weeks back

                here after the release of blendiful, just a sign that Tati has always believed in this kind of a product and that it isnt just a gimmick

                • silverstargirl20
                  silverstargirl20  2 weeks back

                  Violet In I agree. I bought forever velour puff in August 2018 and it costed me 13 $ without tax and shipping. And they never offer free shipping.

                • Violet In
                  Violet In  2 weeks back

                  @modtomodernthe forever puff now costs $15. They increased the price since this video 6 years ago. The mini forever also costs $15, so a total of $30. The blendiful is both together for $18 (so the equivalent of $9 each).

                • A
                  A  2 weeks back

                  @modtomodern I wouldn't say copying as it is a product that already exits in other various forms and Tati has supported the brand and used them in quite a few videos and now wants something similar in her own beauty brand as to introduce it to her audience and make it more mainstream. I would compare it to the beauty blender and every other blender in a similar shape. And even though I haven't tried either the forever puff nor the blendiful I'm sure they are different just like the different beauty sponges and come down to preference. Also the blendiful comes with two sponges and Tati is a quite small brand so her products have be a bit pricier as cover all the expenses

                • Yorufan7
                  Yorufan7  2 weeks back

                  modtomodern the texture of her puff looks different from the velour puff though

                • modtomodern
                  modtomodern  2 weeks back

                  Doesn't her product seem like she is copying (excuse me, believing in) a $7:00 Forever puff?

              • Becca Adkins
                Becca Adkins  8 months back

                Omg old school Tati I love it...

                • Kristina Smith
                  Kristina Smith  1 years back

                  Your Voice 😍

                  • Idham Rously
                    Idham Rously  1 years back

                    Where to buy that leopoard puff???

                    • Carla Carson
                      Carla Carson  1 years back

                      I love you TATI your always helping everyone to stay looking good 😊

                      • Tiffany Ka-Wing Tang
                        Tiffany Ka-Wing Tang  3 years back

                        Nothing beats watching tati for makeup tips

                        • Amber The Great
                          Amber The Great  3 years back

                          where does she get that powder puff the leopard one

                          • Kara Fly
                            Kara Fly  3 years back

                            Amber The Great maybe look for a similar one at the drugstore

                        • isthelettucenotragin
                          isthelettucenotragin  4 years back

                          Hey Tati where do you get your velour puffs?

                        • Morgan Bailey
                          Morgan Bailey  4 years back

                          YESSSSSSS I NEEDED THIS

                          • Brent Maxey-Hanson
                            Brent Maxey-Hanson  4 years back

                            Where was the MAC FIX PLUS tip? That was created by Lindsey Howard who was being told by her bosses she was making everyone too cakey!

                            • Monica Medina
                              Monica Medina  4 years back

                              Can you please bring back Tip Tuesday?

                              • Evnoiia
                                Evnoiia  4 years back

                                can someone reccomend some afforable skin products for really dry skin??

                                • Alaina Atk.
                                  Alaina Atk.  3 years back

                                  The cetaphil moisturizer in the tub container is fantastic. I used it while I was on accutane.

                              • Kethrie S.
                                Kethrie S.  4 years back

                                Your other videos won't load🙃🙃🙃

                                • Marin casay
                                  Marin casay  4 years back

                                  I LOVE your videos

                                  • Jarrad McDonald
                                    Jarrad McDonald  4 years back

                                    how can you preach anti cake face when you yourself have layers caked on? !

                                    • Jarrad McDonald
                                      Jarrad McDonald  4 years back

                                      +Sophie Brookes because you know that for a fact right?

                                    • Sophie Brookes
                                      Sophie Brookes  4 years back

                                      +Jarrad McDonald says the guy with no makeup experience...

                                  • emma smith
                                    emma smith  4 years back

                                    My face is super dry and when I put foundation on it looks patchy and disgusting. I use moisturizer and primer nothing helps. And I can't go buy something really expensive because I'm 15 & no money. Someone help plz! Any foundation tips for dry skin?

                                    • Kat McCloud
                                      Kat McCloud  4 years back

                                      +emma smith Honestly, I have SUPER dry skin too, and what I do... is cocoa butter lotion! I just use the vaseline brand, nothing fancy. I put it on *right* after I leave the shower (where I washed my face) every morning, after patting my face dry. If it all gets absorbed/your skin still feels tight, do it again, lol. Some of my friends are horrified when I tell them I use cocoa butter on my face of all places, but I've done it for years and I don't ever break out. If your skin needs it... it needs it! lol.

                                    • Cynnie Ng
                                      Cynnie Ng  4 years back

                                      +emma smith I usually mix my foundation with moisturizer and it helps. Or maybe try CC cream. I'm Asian and my skin suits Asian cosmetic best, I recommend you try Korean makeup products since they are high quality, gentle to skin and also very moisturizing (and not crazily expensive and looks super cute lol). Hope this help :">

                                    • Hannah
                                      Hannah  4 years back

                                      I have very dry flaky skin and I get a moisturizer called alba botanica from walmart and it is amazing. I scrub my face with a soft wash cloth then use Aveeno ultra calming cleanser and pat dry. Then put the moisturizer on right away

                                    • Shay_ Slays
                                      Shay_ Slays  4 years back

                                      Exfoliate homie

                                    • AJ Kihn
                                      AJ Kihn  4 years back

                                      +emma smith hi, I only suffer break outs on my chin and the rest of my skin is very dry so I understand your problem.

                                      What make it better it was actually using a mist after applying my make up the one I'm using is Avene, but there is also Evian and many other. You can also apply before moisturizing and it will improved your skin.

                                  • Aleks K.
                                    Aleks K.  4 years back

                                    wonderful tipps! Thank you!! My personal tip is, sometimes when I get carried away and apply to much foundation, I use a single sheet of a soft fresh tissue. Just gently I hold it e.g. over my cheeks or forehead and then brush with a kabuki over it. It will absorb a great deal, before it sinks in, and I can easily set the rest with a powder, when I'm done. Often I to this quickly just to make sure, I have applied the same amount of liquid everywhere, so it really is just my "go-to" ;-) Hope someone finds this helpful! XOXOX -Aleks

                                    • desperate housewives fanpage

                                      why is ur voice so relaxing

                                      • Teele Merilin Pennie
                                        Teele Merilin Pennie  4 years back

                                        Ok but toilet paper works too n is cheap

                                        • aysha
                                          aysha  4 years back

                                          Tati you are so gorgeous and I love your videos so much! I used to be awful at makeup but after watching your videos I'm so much better! Thank you 💙

                                          • ToMaTo Agar
                                            ToMaTo Agar  4 years back

                                            Oh my god i have EXTREME dry skin and so i always would dead skin near acne and etc . IF you have this problem my number one tip is too EXFOLIATE every day! and mosturize.

                                            • emma smith
                                              emma smith  4 years back

                                              Life saver thanks fam

                                            • Alexandra Bright
                                              Alexandra Bright  4 years back

                                              Exfoliating isn't great every day.. But I use moisturizing face wash, sensitive astringent, hydra toner, Argan oil then moisturizing face gel

                                          • Cynthia Bowers
                                            Cynthia Bowers  4 years back

                                            I hate when I'm putting make up on, and all of a sudden it looks like I have so much on (too much, you can see it) Sometimes I'll take a tissue or towel and wipe some off. I hate that.

                                            • larisa goron
                                              larisa goron  4 years back

                                              +Stephanie R you can also use a beauty blender or something similar to sheer it out and make it look more natural and then set it with some rosewater or fix +. helps so much!

                                            • Cynthia Bowers
                                              Cynthia Bowers  4 years back

                                              @Daisy Morales cool, ok. Thanks.

                                            • Day Mo
                                              Day Mo  4 years back

                                              Try using more moisturizer either before any foundation or a bit with liquid foundation.

                                          • bodybalancer
                                            bodybalancer  4 years back

                                            I know these days you reppin' the beauty blender and I can't wait to get one & try it :)

                                            • Irene Allan
                                              Irene Allan  4 years back

                                              Thanks for all the Great tips! Absolutely love all your videos :)

                                              • Monica Bach
                                                Monica Bach  5 years back

                                                which puff do you have because there are several?

                                                • Nancy Hamill
                                                  Nancy Hamill  5 years back

                                                  Hi! I'm going to a concert on a really hot day and I need a new setting powder from the drug store that will last 10+ hours without looking cakey, I have combination/oily skin and I'm looking for a finish that isn't too matte or glowy but still controls my oil without sticking to my dry patches. Also so you can get a idea of my skin tone I'm NW25 in Mac Pro long wear concealer. I need advice ASAP

                                                  • Nancy Hamill
                                                    Nancy Hamill  4 years back

                                                    +Jadalyn Rose thanks! Lol I already went but is it cakey? And do you have to reapply

                                                  • Jadalyn Rose
                                                    Jadalyn Rose  4 years back

                                                    You've probably already have been to that concert but try a transparent powder! I use the rimmel stay matte powder

                                                • Zasha Lugo
                                                  Zasha Lugo  5 years back

                                                  It's preference!

                                                  • nicole Acevedo
                                                    nicole Acevedo  5 years back

                                                    thanks this  really helped i liked the way my makeup turned out after i applyed a mist of rose water. my makeup looked so cakey and i did not like it but after words it was fine kind of like air brush , thanks

                                                    • Jodi Lake
                                                      Jodi Lake  5 years back

                                                      Love your channel Tati :)

                                                      • Patricia Goodwin
                                                        Patricia Goodwin  5 years back

                                                        You all probably know this but I just discovered this tip by accident while applying my eye shadow.  If a shadow looks too shimmery(I have mature lids) apply a very light touch of concealer over the shimmer, it looks amazing.  So now if I see a beautiful shade that's shimmery I can deal with it.  

                                                        • M
                                                          M  5 years back

                                                          How do I apply powder on top of my undereye-concealer (MAC Pro Longwear) without getting cakey? I tried different powders but it does not work :/

                                                          • TooFacedBaby05
                                                            TooFacedBaby05  5 years back

                                                            Use a very light hand and use patting motions. Mac prolong wear is definitely on the drier side of an under eye concealer so less is more when it comes to powder. :)

                                                        • Azhaaar Oman
                                                          Azhaaar Oman  5 years back

                                                          since i saw this vid. i started doing this tip.. and i love it ... thaaaanx

                                                          • Julia Doh
                                                            Julia Doh  5 years back

                                                            How do you clean your puff?

                                                            • Kaylee Hall
                                                              Kaylee Hall  6 years back

                                                              Im new to Tatis videos, how old is she?

                                                              • B E
                                                                B E  4 years back

                                                                I believe early 30's

                                                            • Mary Valsin
                                                              Mary Valsin  6 years back

                                                              These are interesting and valuable tips. Thanks

                                                              • Ash Wilson
                                                                Ash Wilson  6 years back

                                                                I go overboard with my powder so i take a wet paper towel or tissue and pat my face with it.

                                                                • Grace R
                                                                  Grace R  6 years back

                                                                  Where can we find the velour puff?

                                                                  • exohexoh
                                                                    exohexoh  6 years back

                                                                    I have watched alot of your tips and have loved every single one!! 

                                                                    • anointedgirl19
                                                                      anointedgirl19  6 years back

                                                                      Tati, you are a major find! Finally someone who doesn't have 15 minute intros and who keeps to the point. I'm loving your Tip Tuesdays. Thanks for making such lovely content! :)