Transcendental Granola - You Suck at Cooking (episode 43)

  • Published: 12 July 2016
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    Granola. It's delicious.

    Take 3 cups of oats.
    Crush 2 cups of any nuts you like.
    Take half a cup of coconut oil and half a cup of maple syrup or honey and mix that all together.
    With a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
    And a teaspoon of sea salt.
    Mix it up and bake it at 350. After 15 minutes or so give it a stir.
    Then do that again after another ten minutes or so.
    Keep an eye on it! When it's cooked to an amount you think is good take it out.
    It will get crispier as it cools down.
    Mix in some dried cranberries, blueberries, raisins, or a cup of nothing.
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  • GD JellyBeen
    GD JellyBeen  4 days back

    Everyone: Oven's on 350°

    Me: Onions on 350

    • Ashley Nomaly
      Ashley Nomaly  5 days back

      This is the first ysac video i ever watched.

      • Lawyer Morty
        Lawyer Morty  1 weeks back

        Something that might help you relax is cooking it while listening to some music. In my case i like to listen to my special little playlist to making granola. i think that i cum blood by Cannibal Corpse really brings the flavor to the next level and makes me feel better while making thrm

        • Reviving Dead Memes
          Reviving Dead Memes  2 weeks back

          Haunted granola sounds kind of fun to be honest.

          • enderMaiden
            enderMaiden  3 weeks back

            Like 80% sure this dude lives near Portland, Oregon. Massive Portlandia vibes

          • Душечка Марфушечка

            You have a good sense of humor

            • John O'Reilly
              John O'Reilly  3 weeks back

              i was filled with the funky when making these and now my granola is trying to dance

              • JiaKK
                JiaKK  4 weeks back


                • J M
                  J M  1 months back

                  I think i messed the recipe up as i used a black bandana and my granola caught fire while speaking backwards latin amd ancient aramaic...the local preist and shamans have been alerted...

                  • Goku Black
                    Goku Black  1 months back

                    And to water the plants with your hair covered sausage

                    • Malcolm Payne
                      Malcolm Payne  1 months back

                      "We only crush our nuts with love"
                      Best quote ever

                      • XxStarlight SuburbiaxX
                        XxStarlight SuburbiaxX  1 months back

                        i used to practice green witchcraft and stuff before I realized I was a hellenic pagan, and this is shockingly accurate

                        • XxStarlight SuburbiaxX
                          XxStarlight SuburbiaxX  1 months back

                          @fish my patron god is dionysus actually ^^ but it's been pretty good! :3

                        • fish
                          fish  1 months back

                          So, how's Zeus treating you?

                      • yungwasteofspace
                        yungwasteofspace  1 months back

                        Did he just say

                        *Three Fifty?*

                        • Waluigi the meme Lord
                          Waluigi the meme Lord  2 months back

                          Umm is my brain supposed to have a tingling feeling, Or did I do something wrong?

                          • fish
                            fish  1 months back

                            Some spirits must've got in.

                        • K- Town
                          K- Town  2 months back

                          I’m scared of how much this sounds like my cousins lmao

                          • Travis Retriever
                            Travis Retriever  2 months back

                            Anyone else get good AMSR tingles form this? UwU

                            • Ghastly
                              Ghastly  2 months back

                              "We only crush our nuts with love"
                              This guy predicted the cbt meme in 2016

                              • Erol Kartal
                                Erol Kartal  3 months back

                                "I'm a better meditater" hahahahaha

                                • i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! i!i!
                                  i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! i!i!  3 months back

                                  We only crush our nuts with love

                                  • Morgana Bourggraff
                                    Morgana Bourggraff  3 months back

                                    I feel so attacked and I"m loving it.

                                    • Watermelon The Rainwing
                                      Watermelon The Rainwing  3 months back

                                      I don’t have a bongo. Is there another instrument that would work?

                                      • Ivan Ooze
                                        Ivan Ooze  3 months back

                                        Wait when do I add my chakra powder?

                                        • katherine mcilwain
                                          katherine mcilwain  3 months back

                                          Wet myself laughing. You just earned bad karma, but I forgive you.

                                          • J H
                                            J H  3 months back

                                            I cry laughed through this whole video. Good journey 🖐🏼🤚🏼

                                            • kokonator the 4
                                              kokonator the 4  3 months back

                                     allergic to oats

                                              • Louis Confait
                                                Louis Confait  3 months back

                                                If an oven is an onion, why isn’t an onion an oven...

                                                • Pixie Rush
                                                  Pixie Rush  3 months back

                                                  Also the eucalyptus is
                                                  🌟*P O I S O N* 🌸

                                                  • Illusive[Brick]
                                                    Illusive[Brick]  3 months back

                                                    Jesus Christ my mom is one of these ladies

                                                    • Lyn
                                                      Lyn  3 months back

                                                      I have a question.... Were you actually completely naked in the first scene? XD

                                                      • Cora M
                                                        Cora M  3 months back

                                                        I need help. I was cooking this and my family walked in. I fear they gave their negative vibes to the granola. Is that possible? If it is, what sort of cleansing ritual do I need to preform before I eat the granola in order to ensure that my soul is not harmed by this?

                                                        • Henry Maguire
                                                          Henry Maguire  3 months back

                                                          Good journey!

                                                          • Mia Genevieve Lefebvre
                                                            Mia Genevieve Lefebvre  4 months back

                                                            i swear i saw a piece of foil in the bowl

                                                            • Eduardo Acevedo
                                                              Eduardo Acevedo  4 months back

                                                              Omg this granola lined my chakras, your amazing

                                                              • BHARGAV KUNIKI
                                                                BHARGAV KUNIKI  4 months back

                                                                This man is a religion

                                                                • Yater Potater
                                                                  Yater Potater  4 months back

                                                                  Hipsters are nodding

                                                                  • ThE ALL Se3iNg Ey3
                                                                    ThE ALL Se3iNg Ey3  4 months back

                                                                    Ahh yes,I've finally found enlightenment

                                                                    • Webs SOTE
                                                                      Webs SOTE  4 months back

                                                             tastes pretty good, but unfortunately it just turns you purple like an eggplant after a while

                                                                      • Mandy
                                                                        Mandy  4 months back

                                                                        This was very calming

                                                                        • Artorias
                                                                          Artorias  5 months back

                                                                          Gypsy granola.

                                                                          • OZZY
                                                                            OZZY  5 months back


                                                                            • T SexyRexy
                                                                              T SexyRexy  5 months back

                                                                              I don't recommend crushing your nuts under any mental state.

                                                                              • Maxwell
                                                                                Maxwell  5 months back

                                                                                I just went from guacamole to this...what a difference in tone

                                                                                • Reekthe Person
                                                                                  Reekthe Person  5 months back

                                                                                  Also the eucalyptus is poisonous ☠️ lol you said they right at the end after you poisoned some dumb child

                                                                                  • Bristi Majumdar
                                                                                    Bristi Majumdar  5 months back

                                                                                    2:51 : Wants to infuse positive energy into granola
                                                                                    Makes the illuminati sign.

                                                                                    • Arturs Vertijs
                                                                                      Arturs Vertijs  6 months back

                                                                                      Anti vax mothers cooking be like

                                                                                      • Cid Redwood
                                                                                        Cid Redwood  6 months back

                                                                                        "We only crush our nuts with love."

                                                                                        • Iajdixkensk Jsnaiqkanzjakakprprfn

                                                                                          Despite the fact he Is obiviously joking, I still actually wanna punch him in the face.

                                                                                          • kono dio da
                                                                                            kono dio da  6 months back

                                                                                            Venues and CANCER