Which Drain Opener is the Best? Let's Find Out!

  • Published: 01 July 2019
  • Clogged drains happen at the worst possible times. So, which type of drain opener works best to unclog drains quickly? Will these products cause damage to plumbing? Drano, Liquid Plumr, Lye, Sulfuric Acid (Clobber), Roebic (enzymes/bacteria), Muriatic Acid, and Drain Sticks are put to the test for effectiveness of hair, grease, solids, paper towels, and vegetables. The results are very interesting with certain products working very well on hair and grease while others work better on other types of clogs. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  • addamsparks
    addamsparks  1 hours back

    Thank you, sir. *hat tip*
    Have you done one on water sealers? As in polycrylic vs shellac vs clear coat spray paints

    • Stream Fisher
      Stream Fisher  4 hours back

      I Only Use Baking Soda N Vinegar, 46 Years N Never anything else .

    • Darryl Dickson
      Darryl Dickson  6 hours back

      Thrift blows away any drain cleaner out there. Even drain snakes.

    • Samuel I
      Samuel I  8 hours back

      Just take the P trap out and clean it.
      90% of the time that's where your clog is.

      Great video, PF.

    • Mark Thomas
      Mark Thomas  8 hours back

      Well mister project Farm you just talk and all the plumber a few good alternatives to clobber I also use a very good train opener call Thrift it has a lot of flakes mix it with hot water all that really clears most of the blockages I come across but now I will try Drano just because quite a bit of my blockages are from hair. A good tip to clear hair out of a tub drain I use 1/2 inch copper fitting wire brush that works really well. You are very informative keep up the good work

    • nugene57
      nugene57  1 days back

      best drain cleaner is pure clorox bleach. pure a half gallon or so in to the clog and let it sit over night

    • jim liu
      jim liu  1 days back

      Actually, the “new style” toilet plunger works better than any chemical decloggers.

    • Jor - D
      Jor - D  2 days back

      Best Toilet bowl cleaner?

    • Spencer Bulaga
      Spencer Bulaga  3 days back

      Don’t use Drain cleaners. If they don’t break through the clog they crystallize and make it so much worse. I’m a Plumber

    • pacmaninchains
      pacmaninchains  4 days back

      Can you retest by clogging a few feet of 3 inch drain pipe with foreign objects(by weight) and top of with water and drain cleaner then cap the end. After 24 hrs or however long, uncap the pipe and see how much material comes out from gravity, and weight what was removed? Love the channel

      • pacmaninchains
        pacmaninchains  3 days back

        Project Farm for sure! As for food matter, juicers remove water from fruits and veggies and leave behind all the fiber and solid contents. That stuff would work great instead of using whole vegetables.

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   3 days back

        Thank you for the video idea!

    • P M
      P M  4 days back

      These chemicals will wrek havoc on your pipes. They will speed up erosion and disintegration. You need to physically dislodge the clogs with the right equipment.

    • Rodeo Clown Obama
      Rodeo Clown Obama  4 days back

      hey brother, I saw this ad today , if you do another drain cleaner video , might want to check this out.


    • Jon Shearer
      Jon Shearer  4 days back

      I should drink some of that. Like any old rifle, I need a pullthrough.

      • Abbi Ravindhran
        Abbi Ravindhran  4 days back

        damn those are some tough veggies. eat your veggies!!

      • Shyhova
        Shyhova  4 days back

        Why does YouTube assume I Want to see this?- Me 10 mins into video...

      • Heather B
        Heather B  5 days back

        *Got a story to share with y'all* !!

        I had washed a storage tub in my bathtub, dumped the water, and left it to dry for an hour.

        When I returned the water was still there so I thought I had a clog.

        I tried plunging it for several minutes to no avail. No movement at all.

        I then went to buy some Liquid Plumr. Got the large bottle. Poured 1/5 per directions and waited 15 minutes. Nothing. Poured more - at least another 1/5 of the bottle - and waited hours. Still nothing. Still had a couple inches standing water.

        I started freaking out and calling around to find out how much a plumber charges to snake it ($250). My nephew offered to snake it but he lives an hour away and couldn't come out for a couple days. My dad offered to try.

        Next day he comes by and happened to bring my older sister with him. By that time there was STILL standing water even though the couple inches of water *had* mostly drained overnight. She suggested trying baking soda and vinegar followed by boiling water.

        When she goes into my bathroom, she comments that she likes my drain plug because it flips like a light switch, not the kind you have to mess with down at the drain. She flips the plug to plug it to give time for the baking soda and vinegar to react.

        As soon as she flips it, the water drains. Sure enough, I had accidentally flipped the drain plug and didn't even think to check it or anything. 😂🤣 Not clogged at all. 😂😂😂

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   4 days back

          lol. It can happen to anyone! We have one like that as well

      • Heather B
        Heather B  5 days back

        I'm still at the beginning of the video but it doesn't look like you tried baking soda and vinegar followed by boiling water as a comparison. That would be great.

      • Blank Blank
        Blank Blank  5 days back

        HCl but not at a extremely high concentration

      • brian rankin
        brian rankin  5 days back

        as a journeyman plumber i can tell you that this shit doesnt work on grease or large blockages ... ive had many house calls where the customer has tired "draino" or whatever to unclog the drain making it just smell bad and create a hazard for me.... if its clogged learn how to unclog it on youtube/ buy the tools to do it yourself or pay for a professional, you will end up paying for any one of these methods might as well get the one that works best ....

      • Daniel Camacho
        Daniel Camacho  5 days back

        add acid to water not water to acid

      • B4TT4L10N XxX
        B4TT4L10N XxX  5 days back

        Should do something to simulate black tanks for us full time rvs
        Like destroying solid waste an tp

      • JB 981
        JB 981  5 days back

        Before I even watch this. I can tell you the best thing for opening and cleaning your drains. LYE!!! But do not use it on a regular basis. If you have a septic tank it will kill all the enzymes that break down the waste and cause problems in the long run. so now I'm going to watch the video. Now after watching the video. Take lye mix it 1/2 bottle to one gallon of water. If you have a very stubborn clog mix the whole bottle with a gallon of water. It will clear anything in the pipe. On another note, I use lye to clean paint and about anything else I want clean. It's all about how you mix it. 👍always lye to water And should be warm. NEVER add water to lye. It may cause an explosion in your face!!!

      • Marky Mark
        Marky Mark  5 days back

        Which drain cleaner is best for travel trailers and RV's ??

      • Tanja Mortensen
        Tanja Mortensen  5 days back

        I just used boiling water baking soda and vinegar and a metal coat hanger and that worked

      • Omega Rugal
        Omega Rugal  6 days back

        perfect for dissolving bodies...

        • mordeys
          mordeys  6 days back

          ok not scientific just 35 years of housewife. when we start having slow drains in the bathtub i have dh use the tool he has for it. if that doesn't help. i use hot dawn and bleach water (ya i know dont mix... yada) if that doesnt loosen it next i move to baking soda and warm vinegar. if that doesn't help it. my husband has a bulb looking thing he adds to a hose that works ever time. but honestly the first little tool and hot dawn and bleach is all it ever really takes.
          in the toilet if its clogged but still draining a bit i use the hot dawn and bleach mix added slowly that usually clears it pretty quick.
          kitchen drains i haven't had any issues in ages. because i have an immune system disorder i always use hot bleach water rinse and i refuse to use anything but dawn ultra (hey there's a test, which dish soap cuts grease best).

        • Brian Banks
          Brian Banks  6 days back

          great video as always....it's nice to know the corrosive factor especially when you made mention of the garbage disposal....how many people put some chemical in their kitchen sink and 2 months later, they needed a new disposal???....PVC, probably nothing to worry about but and metal, I would stick with the store items and read the directions

          • Glen Baker
            Glen Baker  6 days back

            I hope your dog got a sweater for Christmas,, ha

          • Elvin Zapata
            Elvin Zapata  6 days back

            Great videos. Your work is very thorough. Thank you.

          • Joan Snow
            Joan Snow  6 days back

            Professor Amos is the best, sold on HSN. My main line was plugged, had a septic guy,pd him for service call, had a plumber pd him for service call and was going to return to flush. I used professor Amos that afternoon and by the next morning it had cleared and haven’t had a problem since. Saved a ton of money and a mess with the plumber.

          • asdfgoogle
            asdfgoogle  6 days back

            Funny. I just used some liquid plumber on my tub drain. It was so clogged it took like 10 minutes to dump the full container down the drain. After a rinse, 15-20 minutes later, I was surprised at how quickly water now drained! I took it's been years since it drained so well. Hah.

          • thecaneater
            thecaneater  7 days back

            I renamed my dog Patches.
            Because I made a video about clogged drains.

          • thecaneater
            thecaneater  7 days back

            3:40 How the hell do you patent a bacterium?

          • Joshua Farmer
            Joshua Farmer  7 days back

            Wonder he knows that when he has certain products in the same place it’s considered listed chemicals and police think your making meth so after purchasing half of these along with the other stuff you tested your probably on a watch list great videos do some test on stiction eliminator it seems to work good for me

          • Nathanael F
            Nathanael F  7 days back

            This is the kid who would destroy everyone in the science fair

            • Clorox Bleach
              Clorox Bleach  7 days back

              Thought this was a beverage comparison

            • H Habib
              H Habib  1 weeks back

              I wish he could say "hi" at least and talk a bit slower!!!!!

              • H Habib
                H Habib  6 days back

                @Katarina S. Yes, He did a great job.
                Other than that, in short, it's just your own opinion and i respect that !!!

              • Katarina S.
                Katarina S.  6 days back

                @Project Farm I think you did an excellent job. Thanks for the time and effort.

              • Katarina S.
                Katarina S.  6 days back

                I thought it was perfect and that he did a great job. Who needs all the BS most people include at the beginning, it's just a waste of my time, I like that he got right to the point. As for speed, you have the option to slow it down, way down if you want. I actually sped it up as I do nearly all YouTube videos to at least 1.5x and often 2x speed to save time. You also have the option to rewind, pause, and replay as many times as you want. All we really needed were the final results and product recommendation at the end anyway. I considered skipping to the end but I was actually interested in seeing how well they all did on the various "clogs".

              • Project Farm
                Project Farm   7 days back

                Thank you for the feedback

            • Dave
              Dave  1 weeks back

              Wow ! Thank you so much for doing this testing . I swear my plan was to fast forward to the end results but I couldn't help but watch once you started the tests. Well done sir.

            • Kidd's
              Kidd's  1 weeks back

              My question is: How did he dispose of all the test products?? Down a drain?

              • Mike Gervasi
                Mike Gervasi  1 weeks back

                Drain cleaner kills cast iron. I learned this the hard way.

              • Tony
                Tony  1 weeks back

                great test, thank you!!

              • Soufiane Fartit
                Soufiane Fartit  1 weeks back

                why is youtube showing me this after the "dre know"/"drano" eminem bar

              • Nameless Rose
                Nameless Rose  1 weeks back

                Rooto is the best product out there!!!

              • Daniel Iniguez
                Daniel Iniguez  1 weeks back

                What's good for kids slime? 🤔

                • acid boom
                  acid boom  1 weeks back

                  dont use any of these if you have a septic system... or iron pipes as they are all corrosive to iron pipes and they destroy the good bacteria in your tank the digests the solid waste and it can burn the guy like me you call to clear it when they dont work

                • Tessie Talker
                  Tessie Talker  1 weeks back

                  Vinegar and baking soda works better than any of these and is natural.

                • SkyOfStorms
                  SkyOfStorms  1 weeks back

                  You know, you could just turn this into explosives and then find out which one clears drains the best...

                  • Vexbane Aramori
                    Vexbane Aramori  1 weeks back

                    finally nice to see a commercial product (draino) actuall ybe worth its price.

                    :D thank you project farm