Which Car Battery is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published: 02 December 2019
  • Car batteries tested: Optima AGM, Duralast (Autozone), Everstart (Walmart), Diehard AGM (Sears), SuperStart (O'Reilly), and Autocraft (Advance). Internal resistance, cranking amps, charge rate, and cold cranking amps tested.

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  • Holli Wood
    Holli Wood  11 hours back

    You should consider endorsements for products which you would never test, such as food, audible, etc. No one would object.

  • Esat'ın Maceraları
    Esat'ın Maceraları  15 hours back

    Johnson "controls" the battery business

  • Jay Curtis
    Jay Curtis  16 hours back

    I'm a subscriber and truely enjoy and trust all your videos, but PLEASE talk a little slower! I think we'd all be able to absorb more information that way. Or maybe it's because I'm a little slow, LOL
    Anyway, keep up the good work and I look forward to another year of learning from you!

  • Cesar Bonilla
    Cesar Bonilla  20 hours back

    U can do this on commercial batteries???

    • John P.
      John P.  24 hours back

      One on which you can do maintenance (because when something unexpected will happen, you at least *could* restore it. With "maintenance-free ones you *cannot* at all (or it will require much more effort, to open the sealed plastic cover, and then close it properly))

    • pulserrr G
      pulserrr G  1 days back

      The reason we buy agm batteries in Canada is because they will last much much longer 6 to 7 yrs and they start better at -35. great work. love the testing!

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   16 hours back

        Great feedback on the AGMs. Thank you

    • ganzonomy
      ganzonomy  1 days back

      My boss @ work just put in a Everstart MAXX Group 35. Apparently up here in the Northeast, many of the Everstart MAXX batteries start off with EP in the serial # (yours had JC on the Group 27). I looked it up and it meant the original manufacturer was East Penn / DEKA.

      Me: I kinda feel like that's gonna be an awesome battery.

      One question: Would you consider adding in a Northstar or Odyssey to see how they fare as a sort of "side test" followup?

      Addenda: here's a group 27F AGM for you to see: https://gpcaraudio.com/northstar-agm27f-reverse-polarity/

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   1 days back

        This is great information. I'll definitely consider testing the Northstar or Odyssey if there's enough interest. Thanks again

    • Nemo
      Nemo  2 days back

      there is one big test you missed out on, which was to discharge the batteries, recharge them, and test the voltages and CCAs. see how many cycles the battery can take before it falls out of spec (in other words, wears out)

      but given how long that would take, especially with these big honkers, i can't blame you. CR runs that as their suite of tests but they probably have a machine to do it.

    • KEVIN anderson
      KEVIN anderson  2 days back

      any reviews on the deka battery?

    • no name
      no name  2 days back

      The big test is how many charging cycles they can go before they fail.

    • Duane Adkins
      Duane Adkins  2 days back

      I've owned Optima Red Top batteries since 2009. The first one made it 8 years before I replaced it. I ran it dead more times than I can remember and it always charged back up. The second one is a 2 and a half years old and no problems so far. I've had very good luck with the Optima and I plan on keep using them.

    • J Kl
      J Kl  2 days back

      What scan tool do you use to measure the battery resistance? Have you tried desulfators? I've used Ctech, BatteryMinder 1510, PulseTech. BatteryMinder was better, in my opinion.

    • bill sedman
      bill sedman  2 days back

      thanks Todd If it has PF rated it will last longer and save you bucks

    • Cj Jenson
      Cj Jenson  3 days back

      I hardcore 4 wheel in really remote places so it's optima yellow top for me...

      I just wish it had a Costco price😕

    • Paul Hoskins
      Paul Hoskins  3 days back

      Optima batteries are now built in Mexico, their quality is nowhere near what it once was. Interesting that the O'Reilly battery won at one point.

      • jeffboyer39
        jeffboyer39  3 days back

        Hi, Have you ever thought of doing a blunder or a fail video. I'm sure you have had some funny and interesting things happen during your videos. Have good day.

      • Tactical Ant
        Tactical Ant  4 days back

        Excellent, buying the Walmart battery this week. You just saved me over $100!!!

      • TheSkiingJeep
        TheSkiingJeep  4 days back

        Should have included Northstar X2 Power(sold mainly by batteries plus). They're generally considered the best for starting and deep cycle among the offroad community. You could have also tested Duracell car batteries(also sold iirc exclusively by batteries plus).

        Edit: It's worth pointing out that it'd also be more expensive than all the batteries here(size group 34). But also is rated for high CCA & CA than all of these. It also has a larger AH rating than all of these.

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   4 days back

          Great suggestion! I've added it to the list for the next showdown on undercoating. Thank you!

      • Boy Fowler
        Boy Fowler  4 days back

        Great videos! Could you test interstate and continental batteries?

      • Daniel LaQ
        Daniel LaQ  4 days back

        Please test a NorthStar battery. I'm looking to purchase one and I've heard they are the best in automotive batteries

      • Alex Levy
        Alex Levy  4 days back

        Thumbs WAY UP !!!! You are simply awesome bro'. Thank YOU for taking the time to test and provide VALUABLE information about these batteries.

      • ZedD
        ZedD  4 days back

        maybe put agm batteries up against lead carbon batteries. the carbon sheet inside allows capacitor like performance and is supposed to allow quicker charging and discharging.

      • SCOTTISH
        SCOTTISH  4 days back

        I love your videos. However you need to slow down when you're talkin.. I can't keep up

      • Spicey French Toast
        Spicey French Toast  4 days back

        Are you guys going to have XLT T-shirts?

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   4 days back

          Thank you. I'll check to see if Teespring has the XLT T-shirt size available. Thank you

      • Eric Rollins
        Eric Rollins  4 days back

        What battery tester is that? Looks like it does a nice job as always great vid

      • WolfsPa
        WolfsPa  5 days back

        Pro-Bono'Qiud Pro Quo....... Champion Choice Channel!
        Ya Know it's True....
        Peace Out......& Test Beyond

      • Toyota Tundra04
        Toyota Tundra04  5 days back

        Thanks for the info. Have you thought about testing or comparing the Blackmax generator at Sams against the high end Predator generator st the Hazard Fraud? The Predator looks like an exact copy.

      • The Tinker
        The Tinker  5 days back

        what is the warranty on wal-mart battery?

      • Matteo Gomez
        Matteo Gomez  5 days back

        I Bought Walmarts cheapest battery what is 48.98 put it in my truck it’s been a very good battery! It is amazing you can still buy a good battery for $50

      • Michael Pearce
        Michael Pearce  5 days back

        What is the best 29 RV battery?

      • Ninjamaag
        Ninjamaag  5 days back

        Also for long term all your batteries sit a while and see what the charge is after every few months to see how charge holds up etc and your weather conditions. They say agms should lose less over the long term.

      • Ninjamaag
        Ninjamaag  5 days back

        I could not find if Bosch car batteries are made from themselves directly or a third party, could you find out and also test one? They have them at pep boys. Also Duracell sells car batteries through sams club and some third party battery stores near me in Texas if you could test one of those as well. Could you test a Costco one as well?

      • Ray Smith
        Ray Smith  5 days back

        I think your videos are great!!! Would like to see something on the different ways to revive the batteries, there are a lot of ways to do this on tube. Which is best??

      • Richard Vaughn
        Richard Vaughn  5 days back

        You should try mating a deep cycle battery with a 40 farad hybrid lithium ion super-capacitor module. Probably the best of both worlds, outputs alot of amps from the capacitor but you have the long life and of a deep cycle battery. (deep cycle batteries typically can't output alot of amps but can be recharged and discharged alot more and last longer)

      • LanceTheInvader
        LanceTheInvader  5 days back

        For the charge time test to be really reliable. All batteries needs to be at the same voltage when you start. Problem being the closer you are to a full charge, the slower it gets. Other than that, another brilliant video. :D

      • FordF4NN
        FordF4NN  5 days back

        I've heard of people reviving 'dead' batteries with Epsom salt and other crazy methods. It would be interesting to test it and see if it's possible to squeeze a little more life out of a 'dead' battery and what it takes. May be a idea for a future project!

      • Donald Ranski
        Donald Ranski  6 days back

        Thank you ! going to Walmart tomorrow to buy an Everlast battery . For my 99 Mitsubishi GST ECLIPSE 🤗

      • starr55555
        starr55555  6 days back

        thank you for great videos.
        did you consider comparing Bosch agm S series battery?

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   5 days back

          Great suggestion. Maybe I can test it in the next round

      • VYZYTYR1 1
        VYZYTYR1 1  6 days back

        How about a wich brake rotors are best?

        • VYZYTYR1 1
          VYZYTYR1 1  6 days back

          Project Farm your welcome love your vids!! I watch them all day at times

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   6 days back

          Thank you for the video idea!

      • jenmfw
        jenmfw  6 days back

        Whew! I’m out of breath to just listen to your very fast comparison. Also, way too fast to take notes (well, for me anyway). But I still thank you for your presentation.

      • Herpn Derpn
        Herpn Derpn  6 days back

        You really should crack them open to see the plate thickness and construction. That would provide far more useful information than how it holds a charge. Purity of the lead is a big factor, and Johnson controls is know for using as low as 60%

      • Young Kwon
        Young Kwon  6 days back


      • Charles Herring
        Charles Herring  7 days back

        Well 1 issue is there are only few battery makers. They all slap labels on them. Now the issue is group 56 maybe great but group 27 is brazil... or mexico... you can only test one group. Also I have better luck with agm type batteries. With a diesel truck I buy 2 at time and try and find the best value. I'm still sore at motorcraft my wifes expedition has used 6 batteries in 5 years all leaked at terminals. My last 2015 powerstroke had originals at year 3 and 80k when I swapped for 18. I'm normally oem guy but no next battery will be something else for the wife. My bike uses agm and zero turns lead as well as ATV. Now outside that wheel house I got lithium batteries still going well from 07... come on car batteries ought to be better.

      • philforGod
        philforGod  7 days back

        Love what your doing but I feel you have missed the boat on this test. Why not look instead at battery companies ( East Penn, Johnson Controls, Exide and Enersys) then look at the best line they sell from all companies. I believe all companies have about three grades of batteries sold under hundreds of different brand names. SPECIFICALLY LOOK at Enersys’s top line of battery sold under Odyssey and NorthStar brands. From what I understand they are an industrial battery company that doesn’t know the meaning of the word planned obsolescence and makes their batteries using 99.99% virgin lead Mined from a lead mine in Missouri.

      • kester1987 k
        kester1987 k  7 days back

        This video helped me alot. I just bought an the exact same Everstart for my car. It's great to know I'm not just a cheapskate and I feel smarter now haha

      • kevin schrader
        kevin schrader  7 days back

        Please do a lubricity test with Havoline pro ds full synthetic

      • Dan Hammond
        Dan Hammond  7 days back

        To me the best battery mean longevity. Any brand battery I buy for my car will start my car when it is brand new. The problem is when I go to start my car and it is -40F outside. Guess what any brand battery will start my car at -40F as long as it is new or very close to new.
        So how do I determine best? A combination of warranty and longevity. Once upon a time I could buy a sears diehard and it would last 8 years.
        Yes even at 7 years old it would reliably start my car at -40F it had an 80 month warranty. These batteries from the 1970's until around 1985 would outlast the 80 month warranty. That was my best battery back then. After 1985 it became the Interstate battery until about 2004. An excellent tell about battery production change is in the warranty. When a company changes the warranty it is because they cheapened the design and it will no longer be my best battery of choice. I learned this over the years. Such is what happened around 2004 with Interstate batteries.

        Since 2004 I have been trying different batteries brands and none have exceeded the warranty for me in my cold weather conditions. But I have found the best combination of warranty to battery life is the Walmart everstart. I have used this warranty many times already and basically have gotten at least one free Walmart battery for every battery I have bought. Which essentially makes them 1/2 price. I would be willing to pay more for a battery that would last 7 or 8 years again but today not a single brand battery will last even 6 years in my weather conditions. Some brands do not even last 3 years. I am about to switch to lithium ion 12 volt battery for improved longevity. Simply because lead acid has been deteriorating in quality over the years and getting more expensive to the point that it is economical to make the switch to lithium ion.

        • Klaus S
          Klaus S  1 weeks back

          Very well done, but I miss the HOT environment like here in Florida!