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  • Published: 18 February 2019
  • Preeclampsia is a serious health issue that can impact women during pregnancy. We're learning more about preeclampsia symptoms, signs of preeclampsia and treatment. We also hear the story of a woman who experienced preeclampsia during pregnancy and is now hoping to use her story to educate other expectant moms.

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  • Cristhian Valladares
    Cristhian Valladares  4 months back

    Great video, very education!
    RN Student

    • Malerie Ayala
      Malerie Ayala  9 months back

      Thank you for this succint description of preeclampsia and eclampsia. I has HELLP syndrome at 22 weeks and the doctors delivered my baby but they refused to save him because he was 22 weeks and had IUGR. They 100 % believed he would not survive. This happened three weeks ago and we had his funeral service yesterday. I have been tying to understand why this happened when I had no history of hypertension before pregnancy and not until my checkup at 22 weeks. The placenta was never studied so I don’t know if the blood vessels were abnormal. And I was not tested for any placental factors. But I had every symptom of preeclampsia you described. I had a BMI of 29 before peeganancy. I gained four pounds by 21 weeks and gained 10 pounds by 22 weeks definitely from edema. I had incredible neck pain and stiffness since week 20. I had really bad lower ligament pain since 15 weeks. I felt bloaded right between my chestbone by my stomach throughout pregnancy. Everything was completely back to normal two weeks after delivery. Do you know what I can do to decrease my risk of abnormal placental formation and preeclampsia in the future?

      • MaureenDempseyRN
        MaureenDempseyRN  6 months back

        Hi Malerie, I'm so sorry you experienced this. There is only one prevention for preeclampsia -- and it doesn't always work. Ask your doctor about taking low dose aspirin starting between 12-16 weeks. And please understand that you didn't do anything to bring this on. It wasn't your fault. Best of luck to you in the future.