PART TWO: Arica Himmel on “Mixed-ish” and More!

  • Published: 11 January 2020
  • Real fam, is there a show you would love to see get a spin-off?
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  • Jennifer Samuel
    Jennifer Samuel  6 days back

    I am from Trinidad and would like to know what channel mixish shows on?

    • Jennifer Samuel
      Jennifer Samuel  6 days back

      What channel does mixish show on?

    • SDBROOKS08
      SDBROOKS08  2 weeks back

      Who else YouTubed a raccoon giving birth????

      • Loony Tunes
        Loony Tunes  2 weeks back

        I wish all black women would wear their natural hair. There’s nothing more beautiful then natural beauty

        • ilovememyselfnidw
          ilovememyselfnidw  2 weeks back

          She kinda looks like Sarah hyland

          • Nesh waha
            Nesh waha  2 weeks back

            Me too, the big beautifull eyes

        • Bitter Bette
          Bitter Bette  2 weeks back

          I hope this comment doesn’t sound resentful, but I don’t understand why biracial people like Tamera identify as black when they are both black and white. By that same logic, why doesn’t she identify as a white woman then? I’m genuinely curious. Does this logic stem from the one drop rule or from something else? Either way I’m am not trying to discount her blackness just wondering.

          • Tiffany Mane
            Tiffany Mane  17 hours back

            It’s because she experiences the world as a Black woman. If she had predominantly European features and claimed she was only White, people would believe her. But because she has Black features, she can’t deny that part of herself. Society wouldn’t allow it.

          • Bitter Bette
            Bitter Bette  6 days back

            Zae Mar thanks! That makes a lot of sense.

          • Gabriela A Gonzalez
            Gabriela A Gonzalez  2 weeks back

            They kind of went over it too in an episode of blackish the only people who “care” “how black” you are is other black people. But to everyone else, it doesn’t matter what you’re mixed with, you’re black.

          • zanaye clark
            zanaye clark  2 weeks back

            It's because of the one drop rule and the fact that society treats her like a black woman. She doesn't get the same privileges and favorable treatment as a white woman, so she's more likely to experience the black experience.

          • C S
            C S  2 weeks back

            Zae Mar lol blackness is dominant

        • Joseph Tarlue
          Joseph Tarlue  2 weeks back

          Let's pretend that mixed people don't call themselves biracial and then one minute later call themselves absolutely black ...... With that logic can an actual black person be called biracial?

          • Joseph Tarlue
            Joseph Tarlue  2 weeks back

            @vikaa_ vik flakck?????? Biracial should be called White not black they are lighter skin, their hair resemble white people hair more then black etc. Biologically biracial people cannot ignore their genes and say they are only black. Where's their other half? Did it disappear the white part are we supposed to ignore it??? Umm no

          • vikaa_ vik
            vikaa_ vik  2 weeks back

            @Joseph Tarlue Okay, according to American society....I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just saying biracial people shouldn't take the flack for what American society has made normal.

          • Joseph Tarlue
            Joseph Tarlue  2 weeks back

            @vikaa_ vik correction not according to society according to certain groups of people. Not everyone in society considers biracial as black United States is not the center if the world. Just because the US believes in the 1 drop rule doesn't mean it's makes sense.

          • vikaa_ vik
            vikaa_ vik  2 weeks back

            @Joseph Tarlue I said according to society...I didnt say whether it was right or wrong and I didnt say I identify as black

          • Joseph Tarlue
            Joseph Tarlue  2 weeks back

            @vikaa_ vik umm no wrong again biracial and black aren't synonymous......I don't have white parents

        • N.W.A.
          N.W.A.  2 weeks back

          This show is cringeworthy.

        • Rudiann Wildgoose-Laing

          I'm a cat person as well🤗

        • Ryah Glaspie
          Ryah Glaspie  2 weeks back

          Zack Morris!!!😄😄😄

          • JayTheGemini89
            JayTheGemini89  2 weeks back

            Wow Tamera had a segment about mixedish and she didn’t remind us that she’s mixed....... wow!

          • J Beezy
            J Beezy  2 weeks back

            I love that dress

            • Jay O’Dowd
              Jay O’Dowd  2 weeks back

              Ain’t nobody give a rat-ish ass about stupid-ish show! Low in ratings, still on tv??

              • shashayaway bailey
                shashayaway bailey  2 weeks back

                That confirmed my 89th reasons why I don't like cats,, how you my pet in my house and I can't bother you too much??!

                • Kanakalala🌺
                  Kanakalala🌺  1 weeks back

                  All cats have different personalities

                • Kami cam
                  Kami cam  2 weeks back

                  😂😂😂😂😂 Word! They're so fiesty. They think the world revolves around them too haha

                • Sophia simms
                  Sophia simms  2 weeks back


                • mchelly601
                  mchelly601  2 weeks back


                • Shandira Price
                  Shandira Price  2 weeks back

                  Well the cat didnt ask you to be your pet did it?

              • Ilove myself
                Ilove myself  2 weeks back

                She looks like Solange Knowles 😍

                • Eve Tats
                  Eve Tats  2 weeks back

                  Ilove myself yes, totally... I was thinking she looks like another celebrity but couldn’t put my finger on it...

              • Alma Chronicles
                Alma Chronicles  2 weeks back

                She's such a well spoken and pleasant young lady! I see big things for her future!

                • sugakookies
                  sugakookies  2 weeks back


                  • HeLlO
                    HeLlO  2 weeks back


                • Michelle-Daniela Ntsangou-Kanda

                  I love her personality.

                • lae
                  lae  2 weeks back