Subaru Oil Consumption

  • Published: 06 July 2019
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Comments • 679

  • MrSubaru1387
    MrSubaru1387   4 months back

    Just so you know, not all new Subarus have excessive oil consumption. The consumption amounts vary car to car, engine to engine.

    • Dillan Boutin
      Dillan Boutin  1 months back

      @MrSubaru1387 The 2003 needs new window regulators on both front windows, new ac compressor, new valve cover gasket, and will be in need of a new timing belt and water pump in about 20k miles.

    • MrSubaru1387
      MrSubaru1387   1 months back

      @Dillan Boutin depends one the condition of the 03 XS.

    • Dillan Boutin
      Dillan Boutin  1 months back

      I'm looking at a used 2012 Forester with 140k tomorrow they want $6k for it. In your opinion should get the newer Forester or rebuild my 2003 Forester XS

    • The Grumpy Tucsonian
      The Grumpy Tucsonian  2 months back

      I've read so many different things.
      I have a 2015 Legacy 2.5 and cvt with 22k miles. Did I catch a break with the year, or is mine doomed too? I really love it. Hope it's not a pos.
      Is the 2020 redesign any better?
      Not sure if contacting you directly is possible.

    • Shadowz Edge
      Shadowz Edge  2 months back

      @welch7619 I have a 12 Hatch FB20 CVT that triggers the low oil light at about the same mileage of 1,200 when I drive from Wyoming to Alabama

  • Nicholas Esposito
    Nicholas Esposito  6 hours back

    subaru engines are oil guzzlers three gasoline fill ups at the pump and the engine will be bone dry and the oil warning light is a joke it's not an oil warning light but an oil disaster light when that light comes on your engine is history

    • Bottledincork
      Bottledincork  23 hours back

      I have a 13 Forester and I had to fight them on it last week after my regular mechanic found I was down 3quarts in 5500 miles, but they did it, with 8 miles to spare. I've got it fully documented though, including no leaks and an intact CVA. Take it back after 1200 miles and see what's up. But being down 3quarts in 5500 miles and hearing my engine knock, I am pretty confident it is gonna fail. Even the mechanic said so. They didnt coat or seal my dipstick at all, so I am gonna have my mechanic take another look right before I go in, document it and the underside of the car to make sure 100% everythings on the up and up.

      • Richard Amuir
        Richard Amuir  1 days back

        I'm a dedicated Subaru dude ( driver and mechanic)
        I tell people if they want fuel ecomomy, but a Honda or Toyota 2WD.
        Subaru fucked up again.
        They need to know their market and stick to them.
        H hope they don't go bankrupt because of this shit.

        • Adam Dean
          Adam Dean  1 days back

          I think my 2012 Forester is having this problem. When I stopped for gas last night the check oil light and the and light came on steady, with cruise control light flashing. When I checked the dipstick when I got home, the oil was low. I'm hoping an oil change will fix these problems. Wish me luck. 🙏

          • Tyler Lappa
            Tyler Lappa  2 days back

            It's not worth it at all. I love my vf39 ej205. Only reason it burns oil is the turbo seal.. I wouldnt buy a new car that did that with the motor

            • Wolf Battle Music
              Wolf Battle Music  3 days back

              CVT transmission is garbage. Trying to fix one problem with another bigger problem. I live in the rocky mountains, it doesn't take long to wear out a cvt when climbing up and down thousands of feet in elevation daily. They may be fine for someone who does 15 or 20 minutes of flatland driving everyday, but not for us mountain people who have to commute from mountains to the city everyday ad spend 3 hours or more driving each day. My next car will be a Toyota Highland or a Toyota 4 Runner and v6 only, no more 4 poppers. I'd rather spend a few extra bucks on gas than a lot more money on car repairs.

              • T.D. Newsh
                T.D. Newsh  2 weeks back

                I just got a new Impreza should I do an oil change before the 6 months?

                • Shawn ¿
                  Shawn ¿  2 weeks back

                  Consumption catching up on 6K mile oil changes? Not sure 6k is the way to go. Perhaps subaru dropping the ball on that suggestion...
                  I have a 2012 6mt ej253 and change oil every 3Kmiles. Also use Lucas syn oil stabilizer.
                  Probably just need a one liter top up per 3K miles

                  • Andrew F.
                    Andrew F.  2 weeks back

                    2013 Subaru Impreza 76,000 miles has oil consumption issues for years now. It needs over a quart of oil before the recommended oil change interval. I took it to two subaru dealerships and has had 3 oil consumption tests done and but they feed me lies about the results so they don't have to replace the shortblock.

                    • Dennis Scoggins, Sr.
                      Dennis Scoggins, Sr.  2 weeks back

                      WOW !!!!!! Thanks for the information. I think I hear you telling me that my 2019 forester can look forward to burning 2 quarts every oil change (along with the auto stop/start). SOOOOO... I will buy a 50K extended warranty and at 45K I will trade it in for a $40K American Tesla. So sad!

                      • Mark Johnson
                        Mark Johnson  2 weeks back

                        Just bought a used 2013 Crosstrek ~120,000 miles. It used 1.5 quarts in a 1,000 miles. I had no idea about the oil consumption issue until the low oil warning light came on. This is my first Subaru and will defiantly be my last. I am sure Subaru will not help at all since the car has over 100k miles on it. Should I run a thicker oil in it?

                        • Terry Stagg
                          Terry Stagg  2 weeks back

                          Is there any risk in changing back to 5w-30 oil in these engines?

                          • Sphoxros
                            Sphoxros  2 weeks back

                            My 2019 WRX uses 5W-30 :O

                        • Lawrence Cavens
                          Lawrence Cavens  3 weeks back

                          Hi there, There are a few things that people might want to try to slow this problem.
                          1- install a oil cooler
                          2- in the summer time change the thermostat to a slightly colder temp -say from 195 to 180 or 170 - in the winter return it to stock of 195
                          3- run 5W30 in the winter time and then change to 10W30 to {15W40 Only if needed} in the Summer time Pending on temperature over 30 degrees .
                          The point I'm trying to make here is we have to keep the viscosity higher as thinning oil would seem to be a culprit here...

                          • 351cleavland
                            351cleavland  3 weeks back

                            My girlfriend has a 2015 outback 2.5. I change the oil and fill it up with mobile 1 5-20 and Lucas synthetic oil stablizer. It uses about 1/2 quart every 7000 mile oil change. She also drives conservatively.

                            • Dominic Fong
                              Dominic Fong  3 weeks back

                              This is probably not entirely relevant to your present topic. Just would like to let you know that my local dealership in Vancouver Canada has always put 10w30 instead of 5w30 in 2007 Impreza normally aspirated. So if a thicker oil is used in current crop of Subaru, wouldn't that alleviate the problem a little?

                              • HikingViking
                                HikingViking  3 weeks back

                                Customer: My new car ran out of oil.
                                Subaru: It’s a feature.

                                • HikingViking
                                  HikingViking  3 weeks back

                                  Customer: My new car ran out of oil.
                                  Subaru: It’s a feature.

                                  • Brian Smith
                                    Brian Smith  4 weeks back

                                    My 2018 Legacy 2.5 does not use oil at all. I check every fill up and have never had to add oil. I use the 6k service interval and have never opened the spare quart of oil I bought when I got the car. I average 34+ MPG and have had zero problems in 24k. I did have to top off the antireeze after a month of ownership but that is now stable.

                                    • Tony K
                                      Tony K  4 weeks back

                                      Great info! Does oil consumption still an issue for a 2018 Crosstrek CVT? What about the 2019 Forester. I’m planning to purchase soon. Thanks

                                      • Chris Socha
                                        Chris Socha  4 weeks back

                                        Just to be clear , my 2011 forester has the newer motor but still mated to the older 4speed automatic, increase in epa mpg was only 1mpg from previous year , thus most of the gains newer generations are getting must come from the cvt. This emphasizes the point made that the increase in oil consumption is hardly worth the small gain in mpg. Had my short block replaced at 130,000 , now at 200k starting to increase again, though not nearly what it was ( original 11/2 quarts low at oil consumption test at 1200 mi) now 1 quart at 3.5k after extended trip in the 75-80mph range. Biggest concern is exactly as pointed out, how has this excessive burning effected the down stream systems? I do expect to keep this car personally or handed down to family member until 300k. Good info about other mfg's having same issue. My next viehicle will either be a used outback 6, highlander or 4runner v-6 , I'll make sure to research issues they may be having and what manufacture's remedies that may be available. Thanks for providing this great web site .

                                        • John Huston
                                          John Huston  1 months back

                                          good lord, losing that much oil between changes .. check it definitely more often. What about adding fuel additives like seaform to your oil and gas ?

                                          • Brad Pool
                                            Brad Pool  1 months back

                                            Appreciate the info, makes a lot of sense. Maybe I'll keep my 98 outback and spend money on it instead. It just goes to show, if you keep pushing car manufacturers to make more efficient engines when they are already at a high point in their efficiency, they are just going to do stupid things to meet the targets set for them. You can only do so much. I wish they would concentrate on HHO fuel cells, pulling oxygen and hydrogen from water which would need next to no modifications for the engines to burn it and it just turns back into water the moment it's burned. You maybe would need two batteries or a slightly different power setup to get the amperage needed to get the required amount of HHO produced and the fossil fuel producers don't completely miss out because you still need a lubricant for the engine to run efficiently. If they concentrated on this water to fuel technology and quit the rubbish about it not being efficient and so on, you could leave the engines as they are with tighter tolerances less oil leakage and save a bucket load of fossil fuel emissions while still having efficient engines.
                                            Plus it really annoys me when shows like Mythbusters which I loved, showed water to fuel electrolysis not being efficient and in the first experiment they didn't add the electrolyte KOH, and in the second revisit experiment they used a weak as solar panel to do the experiment which we all know has very little amperage compared to a car battery. It's like it was set up to fail. Not a patch on the experiment done by "The King Of Random" YouTube channel which shows how efficient it can really be. So there's Subaru's answer right there. I bet murder Incorporated wont let them do it though.

                                            • billcarson89
                                              billcarson89  1 months back

                                              2014 Subaru Forester with 160,000 miles. It has always burned excessive oil. I quickly learned that when the oil light comes on, just add a half quart. The light used to come on every 1,500 miles, but it has increased, and now it seems like it is burning about a half quart to a quart for every tank of gas. It always burns more oil under load, such as driving up hill. It almost seems like I've got a 2-stroke engine. I'm surprised I don't have a blue cloud of smoke behind my car, but it doesn't appear to smoke, and no leaks, but you get a heavy smell of burned oil when you stop and park after driving the car under load.

                                              • Craig Jorgensen
                                                Craig Jorgensen  1 months back

                                                Here one for you! Our son bought a new 2009 Impreza. Really was happy with it. Maintained it better than factory reccomended. At about 28, 000 miles he had to make a fast, hard stop and was surprised the oil light came on. Pulled over
                                                Checked the oil and it was two quarts low! He walked to a parts store bought and added oil. 500 miles later, it was down
                                                Another quart. Took to the dealer who conducted an Oil Consumption Teat. He kept a constant check on the oil
                                                Level and reported to the dealer that it was, indeed, using oil! No leaks, no smoking! One night with 29,000 miles, with no
                                                Warning. And a full crankcase it threw a rod on the freeway! Engine replaced (?) under warranty with no questions asked.

                                                A Service Advisor hemmed and hawed a bit when I asked if he had seen this before and I got the feeling it was pretty common.

                                                No more Suburus for him! Sound familiar?

                                                • Craig Jorgensen
                                                  Craig Jorgensen  1 months back

                                                  MrSubaru1387 So, in your opinion his experience wasn’t uncommon? Yikes!

                                                • MrSubaru1387
                                                  MrSubaru1387   1 months back

                                                  Yup. Subaru built a reputation on cheap and reliable and now are tossing it aside to sale $50,000 Outbacks and Ascents, riddled with issues. Honestly makes me mad at what Subaru has become.

                                              • Roger Morits
                                                Roger Morits  1 months back

                                                08 Legacy H6 136k mi no oil consumption, changed PCV valve which ended oil leaks. best car so far,

                                                • Iliyan Kozarev
                                                  Iliyan Kozarev  2 months back

                                                  Hi man, in Europe is the same ! I have Legacy 2.0 2012 (EJ engine) and it is not touching the oil ! I have tried 0w20/5w30, the quantity you put you drain after 15K km.
                                                  With my wife's XV 2013 (EF engine)....well ...after 8K km i had to put one liter because the oil level warning was on !
                                                  The fuel consumption between both cars is not so different....Subaru just ruined their engines !

                                                  • Jimmy Greek
                                                    Jimmy Greek  2 months back

                                                    2016 Subaru Crosstrek with manual transmission. Oil light came on @ 1750 miles. Oil was down 1 quart. After Subaru's oil consumption test on top of tests, had short block changed at @ 17K. Oil consumption continued through @ 25K miles. Subaru then changed the heads. I was told consistently from Subaru this is perfectly normal. I agree...if I had my old 1973 Impala to this day, it would be. Once I got the car back after the heads being replaced, instead of taking a right turn out of the Subaru dealership to go home, I took a left, and went straight to Carmax, where I sold it to them.

                                                    Been longing for a new Subaru for a while, when I had the chance to buy the 2016 Crosstrek, and was disappointed in them. Am in the market again for another car, for my daughter who wants a Subaru Crosstrek, but I told her ALL Subarus are off the table for consideration. Sorry, I am not going to change my oil using full synthetic every 3K miles in a brand new vehicle. Subaru, you certainly lost my business.

                                                    • VALERIE Jones
                                                      VALERIE Jones  2 months back

                                                      My legacy has had issues since purchased it and since it passes the ridiculous oil consumption test (have had 3 done ), so now I do them every oil change which is 2500 miles( and still passes the test) bc that's all it will last and no Subaru will not do anything and of course my warranty is almost out ,go figure.

                                                      • MrSubaru1387
                                                        MrSubaru1387   2 months back

                                                        Sorry to hear that. Tried a different dealership?

                                                    • Preparation H
                                                      Preparation H  2 months back

                                                      I got 2019 STI bought in February already used 3/4 of quarter at 3700, Fitzgerald Subaru of Gaithersburg MD they refused to perform oil consumption test after SOA had already approved the test I'm currently in contact with SOA.
                                                      If you like I can keep you posted, truth I regret buying the STI I have never had a car burn oil before 100K

                                                      • Preparation H
                                                        Preparation H  2 months back

                                                        MrSubaru1387 I was gonna do it at 3500 but for lack time, was gonna do it 3800, when I checked it at 3720 I noticed that the dipstick only had oil at the tip of it SOA so far just advised me to take it to the dealer, what frustrates me is the lack of cooperation of my local dealership

                                                      • MrSubaru1387
                                                        MrSubaru1387   2 months back

                                                        @Preparation H when did you do the first oil change?

                                                      • Preparation H
                                                        Preparation H  2 months back

                                                        @MrSubaru1387 normal driving I never went over 3500 rpm on the first 1000 I do not do pulls or drive crazy, and thanks replying to my comment

                                                      • MrSubaru1387
                                                        MrSubaru1387   2 months back

                                                        The oil consumption issues usually only occur in the F series engines. Odd that you're seeing it in an EJ257. How did you break in the engine?

                                                    • Aaron Beall
                                                      Aaron Beall  2 months back

                                                      A lot of the consumption is from the fact that the engine is flat so when you take a hard corner oil goes to the head and gets sucked into pcv more easily than other engine designs. Fixed with a catch can that returns oil to the pan. I like the Crawford since they were the first but kind of spendy. Also the reason head gasket failures and cylinder # ④ failures due to the coolant flow positive/negative pressures compounded by the fact that # ④ also tends to run more lean because of the fuel supply not being equal to both heads but running in one line ending in #④. Kits are available for all these issues and it sucks subaru hasn't addressed at factory but maybe someday.

                                                      • sesha chary
                                                        sesha chary  2 months back

                                                        very educative. thank you.

                                                        • Fred Alcalan
                                                          Fred Alcalan  2 months back

                                                          Subaru has weird ways to combat MPG and 0-60. My 07 WRX TR comes from the factory gimped with weird gearing. Taller 3.7 Diff with short 1st and 2nd and normal 3-5. I get faster 0-60 than the previous 2.0 with similar MPG. But the sacrifice is I launch hard but it shuts down when I shift to 3rd because the gap between 2 and 3 is too far.

                                                          • Paul Nolan
                                                            Paul Nolan  2 months back

                                                            Errr @MrSubaru1387 ....what if you consume about a quart every 5000 miles or so, on an EJ25 (2011 Forester XT)? Is that standard faire?

                                                            • Paul Nolan
                                                              Paul Nolan  2 months back

                                                              @MrSubaru1387 No leaks - I do have a few modifications on it though. Nothing serious. KillerB oil sump, baffle, pickup, 3 inch invidia TB Exhaust, 3-port boost controller, VF52 swap, PW verticooler, running 270hp atw with a protune. I've not been sure if the oil consumption is related to the mods Ive got on the car - had it on the dyno last week and had oil analysis done - neither logging session, nor oil analysis showed anything strange. I'm doing oil changes every 3000 miles since I saw the 5000mile consumption a while back - hard to notice the consumption when I change it that often. Enjoying your videos, thanks for the quick reply, really appreciate it.

                                                            • MrSubaru1387
                                                              MrSubaru1387   2 months back

                                                              Not horrible consumption, but higher than expected. No leaks?

                                                          • B H
                                                            B H  2 months back

                                                            Shit! I like my Subaru F20A. I don’t wanna go EV.

                                                            • Will Brownley
                                                              Will Brownley  2 months back

                                                              I bought a 2006 subaru impreza and the first time I checked the oil it was at the bottom of the stick. Kinda frustrating having to dump oil in these cars my 2003 pathfinder burned oil too.

                                                              • Glen Ilacqua
                                                                Glen Ilacqua  2 months back

                                                                I think it’s endemic to the times. My last car, a naturally aspirated Hyundai 2.0 engine consumer about 1.5 quarts every 3k. My dad”s 2016 Mercedes S550 with a twin turbo 4.3 L V-8 consumes a quart every 2500. As a comparison, My last 1992 Mercedes had a 4.2L V-8 and when I finally sold it at 220k on the odometer, it still did not need to be topped off between the 10k change intervals I had been doing. I just purchased a 2019 3.6r Outback. There are now 2k miles and I have my fingers crossed.

                                                                • Chris Falck
                                                                  Chris Falck  2 months back

                                                                  I just bought a 2013 Crosstrek and am having to put a quart in every 500 to 700 miles with in town and highway driving I use the recommended 0w20 oil.any ideas

                                                                  • calartian85
                                                                    calartian85  1 months back

                                                                    Your car may be covered by an extended power train warranty from Subaru. I bought a 14 legacy from Subaru. I was the second owner. Within a year, less than10k miles, it was burning a qt of 0w20 in 1k miles. Took it in. Learned of the warranty. They oil burn tested it and it failed. They replaced the short block (twice!, meatheads). Cost me 800 to machine the heads before reassembly. Post engine replacement the light came on, one qt low, 1600 miles after service. Haven’t yet reached 3000 for the first post service oil change. My worry was addressed in this video. All the parts downstream of the ignition chamber. I wanted to love this car. Sadly I think I’m gonna part with it.

                                                                  • VSurfn
                                                                    VSurfn  2 months back

                                                                    I had a 2014 Crosstrek and oil burning was the least of the problems, over a quart between 5000 mile oil changes (5w30 oil did not help), every 6 months it was another expensive repair, wheel bearing hubs, axle shafts, idler pulleys (anything that has bearings seems to fail), the AC condenser and compressor, CVT shudder/surging/bucking, the engine made grinding noise at start up and had a slight rod knock. Sold theP Zev junk at 75K... My advice is to stop listing to the Cult of Subaru on social media. Subaru no longer makes a good car, 113 problems per 100 new vehicles is not a good report card. Good Luck!

                                                                • the_hun80
                                                                  the_hun80  2 months back

                                                                  Just wondering if this applies to their diesel engines also??

                                                                  • Ziegfried82
                                                                    Ziegfried82  2 months back

                                                                    That's right, even Honda and Toyota are having these issues. We can thank the out of control EPA with their ridiculous regulations for this. Fuel economy is not the be all and end all...especially if you are having engines get junked early as a result. But how do we explain to these goofballs that building new engines creates a lot more pollution than using up an extra 5 MPG?

                                                                    • Cameron Beyer
                                                                      Cameron Beyer  2 months back

                                                                      I get better gas mileage with my 19 STI then I did with a 19 Impreza aport loaner. Something wrong with that lol

                                                                      • Shoedi .L
                                                                        Shoedi .L  2 months back

                                                                        Ingin ole. Love your accent!

                                                                        • AnimeAction
                                                                          AnimeAction  2 months back

                                                                          what is the torque spec for subaru impreza cylinder head bolt

                                                                          • Vtindyfan
                                                                            Vtindyfan  2 months back

                                                                            My 2003 4 cylinder Outback with 154K doesn't use any oil at all between changes. I use 5-30 conventional oil with a Wix Filter & change it every 2- 3000 k miles. My sister's newer Honda has oil consumption issues - She is taking it in to have it re-ringed & a piston job in a just a few days. Honda is paying for most of the work and she has to pay $400 (a $2500 job). From what I understand it is a common problem for her model of Honda...

                                                                            • Nobody Too You
                                                                              Nobody Too You  2 months back

                                                                              Why are you changing your oil at 2000 miles? That is before the oil would be used
                                                                              The oil consumption is a widely known issue and there are several class action lawsuits involving this issue and Subaru.

                                                                          • Евгений Куценко

                                                                            what is the average engine oil consumption on ej202? I have 500-1000ml on 1000 km. Legacy BL5 2004 year AT 4EAT none turbo

                                                                            • Larry Holman
                                                                              Larry Holman  3 months back

                                                                              Blame the govt and thief stupid mpg ratings! People ask me if my 04 sti gets good gas mileage, I say I did not buy it for the gas mileage! LoL! If I wanted good mileage I would buy a Prius!.....NOT! Lol

                                                                              • VSurfn
                                                                                VSurfn  2 months back

                                                                                Subaru could add 1 small 3 cylinder model to the line up and satisfy the government fleet MPG mandate. They chose not to because they build the cars as cheap as possible for big profit. The shuddering/bucking/surging CVT is horrible (car enthusiast would rather eat worms then drive a CVT) but Subaru won't listen, why because they are cheap to produce and basically a disposable (remove and replace) expensive moneymaker for the service dept. Stop blaming the government and blame the manufacturers greed.

                                                                            • Olbucko
                                                                              Olbucko  3 months back

                                                                              My 2003 Forester with EJ25 motor has now done 500,000 km. I have use synthetic oil most of it's life. Oil consumption is now aprox 1 litre, (1 Quart), per 1500 km. Although the heads were removed and serviced recently the rest of the motor is original and untouched apart from scheduled  servicing.

                                                                              • William Tyndale
                                                                                William Tyndale  3 months back

                                                                                I use 5 w 30 Pennzoil ultra Platinum in my 2018 Crosstrek.. bought it new a year-and-a-half ago.. it burns no oil..I changed my oil every three to five thousand miles. 🤗