Marvel's Hero Project Clip: Sensational Jordan

  • Published: 11 November 2019
  • Inspired by her limb difference, Jordan is leading other kids in building a more accessible world.
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Comments • 44

  • Jon Daker
    Jon Daker  4 weeks back

    Zoe Quinn is a psychotic murderer... and Marvel hired her!!!!!

    • Rae Lynn
      Rae Lynn  4 weeks back


      • efren de los santos
        efren de los santos  4 weeks back

        ya quiero el servicio en mexico ya lo quiero

        • Eray Ay
          Eray Ay  1 months back

          We want the Black Widow Teaser Trailer :(
          Please! I really want to see Johansson fighting as the black widow.

          • Sunrise Alex
            Sunrise Alex  1 months back

            I always wonder: are those children born without a hand or arm or is it like they've lost it due to an ilness about like 5 to 7 years old?

            • Joakim Engström
              Joakim Engström  1 weeks back

              I have a kid with a limb difference. He was born with it, it's quite uncommon, but from my understanding most are born with it, some have problems at birth, which means they have to amputate.
              I'm guessing accidents happen to young kids so there probably others who had to amputate at an older age as-well.

          • Julio figo
            Julio figo  1 months back


            • Michael Huynh
              Michael Huynh  1 months back

              Holy crap, that little girl doesn't have a left arm!

              • Yasu Fumi
                Yasu Fumi  1 months back

                No superhero stronger than her spirit.

                • Kell Joan Naomi
                  Kell Joan Naomi  1 months back

                  R.i.p Stan lee 1 year today that we lost you I love you 3000❤️ Excelsior!

                  • barry allen
                    barry allen  1 months back

                    I thought I was the only person that remember

                  • Zachary Lin
                    Zachary Lin  1 months back

                    Someone remembered!!😭

                • Super Mario Sega
                  Super Mario Sega  1 months back

                  Glitter arm gun confirmed

                  • B.Rye.N
                    B.Rye.N  1 months back

                    I have a feeling this is going to hit me in the feels

                    • ZDaPlaY
                      ZDaPlaY  1 months back


                      • Max Kernfeld
                        Max Kernfeld  1 months back

                        She‘s 10 ?!
                        She is more mature than some 20 year olds.

                        • Lalit Suyal
                          Lalit Suyal  4 weeks back

                          @Max Kernfeld ok budy
                          i accept it
                          now happy

                        • Max Kernfeld
                          Max Kernfeld  4 weeks back

                          Lalit Suyal this ought to be prove my assumption.

                        • Lalit Suyal
                          Lalit Suyal  4 weeks back

                          @Max Kernfeld i wonder u did or i 😂😂

                        • Max Kernfeld
                          Max Kernfeld  4 weeks back

                          Lalit Suyal seems like I struck a chord...

                        • Lalit Suyal
                          Lalit Suyal  1 months back

                          you too comes under this 20's category

                      • Vincent To
                        Vincent To  1 months back

                        so shes the next iron man?

                        • Eray Ay
                          Eray Ay  1 months back

                          War Machine, if you get what i mean

                      • 1 Subscribers Before 2090?

                        marvel you are the best

                        • Spidey Frizz
                          Spidey Frizz  1 months back

                          You Go Glitter Jordan 😂👍

                          • Riley Ostrander
                            Riley Ostrander  1 months back

                            I stay subbed for these vids and the red carpet only🙌Everything else is so cringy I would rather put a bullet in my foot than listen to someone with a foot in their mouth

                            • MIN S B
                              MIN S B  1 months back

                              A real superhero. She's an inspiration. Great video! All the best for Jordan!!

                              • Ira Ford
                                Ira Ford  1 months back

                                looking forward to this.

                                • Niko Karo
                                  Niko Karo  1 months back


                                  • William Hall
                                    William Hall  1 months back

                                    Cool vid

                                    • love 31 gameroom
                                      love 31 gameroom  1 months back


                                      • Josué Hernández Ventura


                                        • F4F pop
                                          F4F pop  1 months back

                                          I love toby Maguire is the best spiderman ever

                                          • TheOld
                                            TheOld  1 months back

                                            @F4F pop I will, but after you spell it right :)

                                          • F4F pop
                                            F4F pop  1 months back

                                            @TheOld actually is my opinion ok so fock of ok

                                          • TheOld
                                            TheOld  1 months back

                                            first of all he isnt the best spiderman. And why are you writing it on this video where is nothing about spiderman

                                          • samy texs
                                            samy texs  1 months back


                                          • Grandson
                                            Grandson  1 months back


                                        • Mr fluffyness
                                          Mr fluffyness  1 months back

                                          Is sad and happy 1 comment 1 like

                                          Plz subcribe for me Channel

                                          • The Conductor Esplin
                                            The Conductor Esplin  1 months back

                                            Yeah we know
                                            Disney isnt an "evil" corporation
                                            Wink wink

                                            • Karam Binning
                                              Karam Binning  1 months back

                                              Marvel rocks

                                              • Godzilla 78
                                                Godzilla 78  1 months back

                                                ⚡ Great video, all the best. ⚡

                                                • R3D F0X
                                                  R3D F0X  1 months back


                                                  • Esteban Jaen
                                                    Esteban Jaen  1 months back

                                                    First boom