• Published: 19 March 2019
  • Hi guys! Welcome back! I am covering our absolute newborn baby essentials at our house. Serious lifesavers!

    Burp Cloths:
    Copper Pearl Swaddles:
    Swaddle Sacks:
    Bandana Bibs:
    Como Tomo Bottles:
    Nose Frieda:
    Haakaa Pump:
    Newborn Boppy Lounger:
    Boppy Lounger Cover:
    Binky Clips:
    Baby Powder:
    Vitamin D Drops:
    Gripe Water:
    Derma Frieda:
    Diaper Caddy:






    My favorite diaper backpacks:

    BinkyBro Baby Hats:


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Comments • 33

  • Kaitlyn Madden
    Kaitlyn Madden  1 months back

    Best newborn essentials video I have found! It is truly an essentials video lol. So helpful!!

    • StickiPiggi’s Infant Shoe Adhesives

      🐷👟 Great Video!

      • abeille1217
        abeille1217  7 months back

        Questions about the comotomo: I'm very interested in purchasing, but have heard a a couple complaints: 1) tip over easily 2) don't fit in most diaper bags and if they do, they leak easily. What's your experience?

        • freespirit
          freespirit  7 months back

          I love your must have video and most of the items you have, I purchased as well. Hope you don’t mind me saying this, just a kind advice, avoid putting a cloth on top of your baby’s head because it could be a SIDS risk. I am sure you watch your baby a lot but just to be on the safe side all the time.

          • Corine Garabito
            Corine Garabito  8 months back

            🧡🧡🧡🧡loved this !! You got some amazing stuff. !!! I just posted my BABY HAUL ! but now i feel like i could do more shopping lol 💜🤰🤰🤰🤰🤑🤑🤑

            • Vigtoria
              Vigtoria  8 months back

              I can’t do the nose frida 🤢 I might actually puke lol. They make electric nasal aspirators that usually run $30-40 and I’ll probably go that route

              • Nk A
                Nk A  8 months back

                Great video, better than so many out there! I’ve watched your breastfeeding video but have a question about the hakaa and how it’s made. I hope to do “natural” breastfeeding positions, which is sort of lying back and having my baby and I tummy-to-tummy. If I’m inclined back, would the breast pump still work? Is it the suction or just gravity that makes it work? Heard so much about this product so would love to be able to use it! 🤔

                • bella Jimenez
                  bella Jimenez  8 months back

                  my name is bella I like your baby shower and I like your theme to I like all the clothes and all the big things to my husband and I like your must have video your friend bella jimenez

                  • Mommynmonsterr Xoxo
                    Mommynmonsterr Xoxo  8 months back

                    They have the little blue scrubber at the dollar store in the make up :)

                    • Claire Chu
                      Claire Chu  8 months back

                      Where did you get the map that is behind you? Can you attach a link for it? Thanks! I am looking for a map for babies room.

                      • Katelynn Murray
                        Katelynn Murray  8 months back

                        Claire Chu I have the same one and I got mine from hobby lobby!

                    • Madi Robertson
                      Madi Robertson  8 months back

                      Hey! I was wondering what you have baby sleep in by your bed? I wanna get something thatll last and not a bassinet that can only go up to 15lbs in case we decide to have baby sleep with us longer. Due October 2019!

                    • TheBlushedMama
                      TheBlushedMama  8 months back

                      almost 12 weeks with our second baby and even though my first is only 18 months i feel like i forgot so much haha I am for sure getting a Hakaa this time! I didn't with my first and I totally regret that. I know they are magical! lol loving your videos!

                      • Maddy Zurn
                        Maddy Zurn  8 months back

                        This is the first video of yours that I'm watching and I see you're from Dilworth! I used to live up there a few years ago and have a ton of family in the Fargo and Detroit Lakes area and now I currently live by Willmar. Small world!

                        • Loreal Sands
                          Loreal Sands  9 months back

                          Only two weeks till my due date and I’ve been watching your videos throughout my pregnancy! They’ve been so helpful and fun to watch. I’ll be having a little boy soon and this is my first. Keep it up mama, these videos are awesome! 😘♥️

                          • Sherry C
                            Sherry C  9 months back

                            I'm having a little guy in July and your videos are absolutely my favorite. I'm definitely getting that diaper cart!

                            • Elizabeth Rich
                              Elizabeth Rich  9 months back

                              20 weeks with my second boy and I’m loving your videos!!! You’re Definitely my favorite momma here on YouTube! 💕

                              • Llana Spry
                                Llana Spry  9 months back

                                Love your videos! Your a great mama, due with my second in July a little boy😊

                                • iloveucarolinee
                                  iloveucarolinee  9 months back

                                  29 weeks today, so excited for these type of videos as a first time mommy 💙

                                  • Sopheak Phuk
                                    Sopheak Phuk  9 months back

                                    I have a little bit breastfeeding, can you tell me how can I have more. I want him breastfeeding. Thank

                                    • Mommyandgray
                                      Mommyandgray  9 months back

                                      Omg he’s almost 6 weeks old what?!?! 🙈 that went by soooo fast!!! Ahhh still over here waiting on my little man at 39 weeks 🤰🏼 thank you for sharing all the essentials!

                                      • Jazmin Worthey
                                        Jazmin Worthey  9 months back

                                        You should try the Ryan and Rose CutiePat Flat! :)

                                        • Samantha Godfrey
                                          Samantha Godfrey  9 months back

                                          Due Nov with my second baby (my son is 10 years old) so your videos have been super helpful!! We’re slowly getting our nursery ready along with must haves month by month 🥰 thank you Morgan!!

                                        • The Luna Family
                                          The Luna Family  9 months back

                                          Can you please link those burp cloths 😊

                                          • Morgan Bylund
                                            Morgan Bylund   9 months back

                                            The Luna Family working on links as I type! 🥰❤️

                                        • Jessica Ruiz
                                          Jessica Ruiz  9 months back

                                          Due May with my little boy so your videos are so helpful💙💙

                                          • Carter & Sarah
                                            Carter & Sarah  9 months back


                                            • mom_squared
                                              mom_squared  9 months back

                                              The little silicone “brush” is by Frieda baby too!!

                                            • Giorgia Perotti
                                              Giorgia Perotti  9 months back

                                              I got the nose Frieda because I heard so many great things about it but I’m so afraid of like sucking too hard! Do you just suck in gently and like slowly or do you have to do it a little harder for it to actually suck anything? Maybe that’s a stupid question lol 😂

                                              • Morgan Bylund
                                                Morgan Bylund   9 months back

                                                Giorgia Perotti I don’t think you can suck too hard! 😊