Luis Suarez: "Necesito pensar en el futuro del Barca"

  • Published: 05 December 2019
  • Luis Suarez nos revela él está feliz si Barcelona encuentra su sucesor. Nos comparte también lo que piensa de Griezmann, Messi y Neymar en una entrevista exclusiva de beIN SPORTS.

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Comments • 20

  • Xavier Sanchez
    Xavier Sanchez  1 months back

    Why being sport block higlights from la liga for my country! Do I need to be an especial human?

    • Lalo Phil
      Lalo Phil  2 months back


      • Guerita JFS
        Guerita JFS  2 months back

        We ❤️ u Suarez best #9 EVER!

        • Jhosep Matos
          Jhosep Matos  2 months back

          Nunca habra un nueve como luis suarez q grande luis el mejor centrodelantero de la ultima decada

          • black hole IT UP DAY
            black hole IT UP DAY  2 months back

            Luis Suarez 💖💖💖

            • luis _
              luis _  2 months back

              Vente a America porfas

              • Abdul Wahid Abubakar
                Abdul Wahid Abubakar  2 months back

                He really loves this club.

                • Salim Huerta
                  Salim Huerta  2 months back

                  Suárez si te vas esta temporada ay que salir con la Champions !

                  • David De La Cruz
                    David De La Cruz  2 months back

                    You can’t stay on top forever but you can start at other leagues

                    • Gideon James
                      Gideon James  2 months back

                      My player gonna miss u when u leave greatest #9 in my opinion

                      • I sk
                        I sk  2 months back

                        Great content been wanting to ask these questions to him myself, forget the past Barcelona for life

                        • Ale
                          Ale  2 months back

                          Damn Suarez's time at Barca is coming to an end😔 it'd be nice to see him stay and at least play as a sub

                          • luis _
                            luis _  2 months back

                            He could come to Mexico and be adored by 40M America fans and even respected by another 40M Chivas fans

                        • AvIK
                          AvIK  2 months back

                          MSN -the best trio 🔥🔥

                          • ADK SKILLS
                            ADK SKILLS  2 months back

                            @Hala Madrid yes that too

                          • I sk
                            I sk  2 months back

                            Romario, rivaldo, Ronaldinho

                          • Hala Madrid
                            Hala Madrid  2 months back

                            ADK SKILLS nah Ronaldinho R9 Rivaldo

                          • I sk
                            I sk  2 months back

                            The best footballing trio in history, unstoppable

                          • hkjjb
                            hkjjb  2 months back

                            AvIK juventus 😂