Which Portable Tire Pump is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published: 09 September 2019
  • Portable Tire Pump Inflator test. Brands: Slime, Hyper Tough Walmart, GoodYear, Husky, Pittsburgh Harbor Freight, Campbell Hausfeld, Audew, CZK-3650, and ATE Pro. None of the pumps failed when used per manufacturers instructions.

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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   5 months back

    Thank you all for requesting this one. I plan to give away all the tire pumps to random people I meet when I'm out and about buying stuff to test. Also, sorry it's taken me so long but finally have some new merch: https://teespring.com/stores/project-farm

    • Robert Weber
      Robert Weber  4 weeks back

      Scotty Kilmer did some reviews also. This may be s bit dated, but his big thing is that the VIAIR is metal.


    • White Wild
      White Wild  4 weeks back

      @EliteGeeks For real?

    • EliteGeeks
      EliteGeeks  4 weeks back

      I own the HF one, it is Bomb!

    • Sohail Rizki
      Sohail Rizki  1 months back

      @GodKing804 agree

    • White Wild
      White Wild  3 months back

      Are you jewish?

  • Rick Funk
    Rick Funk  7 hours back

    I had 2 of the Harbor Freight Pumps that you used in your demo, bought them several years ago and just tried to use both of them last week to fill up my son's flat tire on his new Honda Civic. Both ran for 1-2 seconds and stopped. I disassembled both of them and found out that both of the piston shafts had broken in the same place (looks like a bad casting). Since they have only a 30 warranty, I'm screwed, but I did think that the overall built quality was better than the ones in your video (except for the bad casting).

  • donnie snyder
    donnie snyder  11 hours back

    Really like every one of your comparisons!! Incredibly useful , insightful , and constructive!! Can’t count how many I save to iPhone Notes. Have you considered doing one on cordless Finish nailers ? maybe compare the power, penetration, and precision of cordless Finish nailers ? Or compare Finish nailers to Brad nailers.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   6 hours back

      Thank you very much! Great test idea!

  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick  11 hours back

    "Life is hard, but we can make it harder"--Viagara

    • NOLL72
      NOLL72  3 days back

      A few yrs. back I bought a small Slime brand pump with no gauge for a little over $11 and it has served me well.

    • Bob Bell
      Bob Bell  3 days back

      The Husky pump looks like it read 110 PSI when the tank was at 100 PSI, right?

    • aaroN Hoff
      aaroN Hoff  3 days back

      I don't know what it is - but, through some cosmic anomaly, I always find one of your videos testing out THE EXACT THING I NEED but know nothing about. your videos have been extraordinarily helpful to me as I navigate unfamiliar territory and I offer you my sincerest thanks!

    • Rondo Schiavoni
      Rondo Schiavoni  4 days back

      the most important feature on a tire pump is the on off switch, I have had pumps without it and its constantly in and out of the cars cigarette lighter plug to shut off the pump.

    • David K
      David K  4 days back

      Video idea: Best (or best kind) of jumper cables. I've had many jumper cables have their clips literally fall off. They also run very hot at the wire-clip junction. Seems to me they should be crimped then soldered in place.

    • R K
      R K  5 days back

      Thank you for the video.

      • Chad Williams
        Chad Williams  5 days back

        Super great video agian love it!! Keep up the great work!!

      • timmy tool
        timmy tool  6 days back

        I thought the Pittsburg was a bit pricy but looks like a good one. I happen to buy that pump last year just in case, have not used it yet, so good to know it will hold up!

        • Stanley Tolle
          Stanley Tolle  6 days back

          Now you need to do a test on off road HD 12 volt air pump. I have a Master pump from Pep Boys. I would like to see what other HD pumps can do.

        • Wayne Tyson
          Wayne Tyson  6 days back

          How did you test the Jaco tire pressure gauge for accuracy? Btw excellent videos!

          • xyz xyz
            xyz xyz  7 days back

            I don’t understand. This test is based on having a flat tire. No need an inflator if you have a spare. If one doesn’t have a spare and gets a flat, you won’t be able to inflate the tire with one of these, unless you get tire fixed first. So why would you need to carry one of these in case you get a flat? Am I missing something?

            • xyz xyz
              xyz xyz  6 days back

              @Project Farm Totally understand. From the introduction about millions of people getting flats, I thought you were testing a solution for that. I guess for most cases you would need an inflator AND some kind of tire repair kit like Slime, as tested in your other video.

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   7 days back

              Thank you for the feedback. I helped a church bus change tires a while back and their spare was too low on air to be of any use. Tire inflator saved the day

          • bob crawford
            bob crawford  7 days back

            Whisler used to make on maybe they still do..bought mine 25 years ago at a flea market was brand new for $15 and still works great today plugs into lighter

          • Young Kim
            Young Kim  1 weeks back

            Thanks for the good info, but I was wondering if you have done any reviews on some of the compact tire inflators like the Ryobi, Stalwort, or Hart... Thanks in advance

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   1 weeks back

              Thank you. I did test some cordless inflators

          • zurdo z
            zurdo z  1 weeks back

            I do not like any pump that moves by itself when pumping as shown here. It looks like the Harbor Freight pump was the most stable.

          • aimer982
            aimer982  1 weeks back

            So which 20 dollar pump is better?

            • Denis Elis
              Denis Elis  1 weeks back

              I have the Pittsburgh air pump. Its gets the job done well. 
              Down side, the plastic legs are very weak and easily break if you accidentally drop the pump few feet off the ground. Gauge is not the best when it comes to reading exact PSI, thus using a secondary pressure gauge is recommended. But the PSI gauge on the pump it self is accurate, you just have to get used to reading it.

            • Daniel Macmillan
              Daniel Macmillan  1 weeks back

              can you test cordless imact drivers

            • Chris Michalkow
              Chris Michalkow  1 weeks back

              How many products are on the market and brand new, that are ready for the garbage dump?
              This NEEDS to stop!
              MANUFACTURERS are the PROBLEMS to global waste! HANDS DOWN!

            • broken
              broken  1 weeks back

              A numbering chart of the order of best to worst in each category would be great, That way we could pause the video and break it down for what each individual person's needs may be. But great video's and thanks for doing them.

            • Matthew Chandler
              Matthew Chandler  1 weeks back

              Nice video very in depth review!

            • Rick Wagner
              Rick Wagner  1 weeks back

              I’ve got a Kobalt tire inflated. It would have been interesting to see it in the testing.

              • Herb
                Herb  7 days back

                Rick ; I have had the Kobalt that was pretty highly rated a couple of years ago. It runs on 12v or 110. I use it to air up my F150 Ford pickup tires when towing. Its great for short, under a couple of minutes but after a year of use its not much good after running more than ~3 minutes. You have to let it cool down for about 10 minutes. Takes a fair amount of time to go from the base 34psi to 44psi in my truck.

              • Project Farm
                Project Farm   1 weeks back

                Great suggestion! Thank you

            • Spacecoastz
              Spacecoastz  1 weeks back

              My 2019 Highlander has a 120v outlet...but rated at max 100w. The Huskey is close to that max capacity. Looks like the Walmart HyperTough is a good choice.

            • All You Can Do
              All You Can Do  1 weeks back

              I have a air pump brand hyper though, but the one i buy claim 5 min and cost me $35

            • C C
              C C  1 weeks back

              Dr. (what if ) from project farm,(What if )I tell you outstanding job( let’s find out).Your channel is honesty and integrity riddled ain’t nobody better!Thank you much cc from Florida

            • Randy Owens
              Randy Owens  1 weeks back

              Nice video!

            • Devin Petersen
              Devin Petersen  1 weeks back

              This video was very informative I hadn't bought an air compressor for myself yet because alot of the people I go off roading with already carry one and the storage in my jeep Is very limited but thanks to this video i decided to get the harbor freight 12 volt 100 psi pittsburge air compressor because it's small enough i can tuck it in its case under my backseat and it looked very durable with no plastic piston and great performance. I'm hoping this will be a good durable and reliable option for me while I'm offroading and the extra reach will allow me to easily reach all of my tires. I even managed to get this pump for just 28$ because I have the honey browser extension installed

              • Devin Petersen
                Devin Petersen  1 weeks back

                I dont know if you have dont any videos on portable jumpstarters but if you haven't it would be cool to see how a few of them stack up against one another

              • P Joubert
                P Joubert  2 weeks back

                How about handpump?

                • Project Farm
                  Project Farm   2 weeks back

                  Great test idea! I did test a foot pump in the cordless inflator video.

              • Eder s
                Eder s  2 weeks back

                Extremely useful to me, thank you.

                • Project Farm
                  Project Farm   2 weeks back

                  Thank you! Great selection!

                • Eder s
                  Eder s  2 weeks back

                  By the way, I opted for the Husky.

              • James Anchors
                James Anchors  2 weeks back

                I enjoy watching your videos, Thanks

              • BillyC500
                BillyC500  2 weeks back

                I really like the format of least expensive to most. Gives great context to price/performance. And really highlights when a product punches above it's weight

              • Dan Robinson
                Dan Robinson  2 weeks back

                How about the Ryobi inflator -- have you tested that?

              • Ken Hurley
                Ken Hurley  2 weeks back

                I'm glad you only tested one tire at a time. Cause if you doubled it,,,,, you'd be "2" tired to continue! At least you "aired" this test out!

                • PJFSr
                  PJFSr  2 weeks back

                  Ah I was hoping you had the drill pumps too.

                • Jamie Gerrard
                  Jamie Gerrard  2 weeks back


                • Bluuplanet
                  Bluuplanet  2 weeks back

                  Harbor Freight pump...That looks like a *zinc* wobble piston to me, not *aluminum* .

                • Bluuplanet
                  Bluuplanet  2 weeks back

                  For small pumps, higher pressure capability equals less air pumped per rotation of the tiny motor and slower overall pumping time.
                  If I found one that only claimed a maximum of about 75 PSI, I'd buy that. It would probably fill a tire in half the time.

                • Sonny Cabe
                  Sonny Cabe  2 weeks back

                  Hi there, i have been looking around for a decent portable tire inflator. and what worries me is the current ambient temperature here. currently we are down to -20 deg Celcius. few more days we'll be experiencing -35 and below. will this be a problem?

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   2 weeks back

                    This will not be a problem. It'll actually help the tire pumps avoid overheating during use.

                • Texican 84
                  Texican 84  2 weeks back

                  I liked the husky, the harbor freight, and the hyper tough. I think I would definitely put the hyper tough in my personal vehicles. I wonder..... do the husky and harbor pumps require oil? And if not....would oil help?

                • Texican 84
                  Texican 84  2 weeks back

                  Not done watching yet, but listen to difference in sound. The hyper tough sounded strong compared to the Campbell on down.

                • All I want for xmas is
                  All I want for xmas is  2 weeks back

                  Why not use a good old foot pump... Get workout while inflating your tyre

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   2 weeks back

                    Thank you for the feedback. I tested a foot pump in the battery powered tire inflator video

                • sequi- tur
                  sequi- tur  2 weeks back

                  new sub! Well done.

                • Mike B
                  Mike B  2 weeks back

                  I'm beginning to hate the constant Turo car share ads!!! That said I liked the video and found it useful.

                  • luis munoz
                    luis munoz  2 weeks back

                    So which one was best?