• Published: 13 January 2020
  • Hey guys! Today I unboxed the Ipsy Plus for January 2020. This is a $25 a month beauty subscription and you get 5 full sized products. What did you think about this box?
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Comments • 232

    ABBADABBS   6 days back

    Let’s be real guys... my thumbnail says snooze fest. So if you clicked on this video you knew it how it was going to go. If you don’t like my video or how I feel about Ipsy then go watch another video of mine. I unbox a ton of boxes. Most of my videos are happy and positive. I am not going to unbox my Ipsy box and act like I am happy with it if I am not. Ipsy isn’t great right now. Should I cancel? Yea probably but I keep it because I always have really bad FOMO and I don’t want to miss out. I hope I used FOMO right 🤣. I find it to be really frustrating that expressing how you feel about a box full of cosmetics causes so many people to get upset. I paid for the box. I don’t get it for free. If I don’t like a box that I paid for.... it is okay. In my OPINION Ipsy stinks right now. Their glam bag is the only one I am liking at this moment.
    If my thumbnail says 💩 or snooze fest it is going to be a more negative video. And I could have been a lot worse.
    I have a lot going on in my life right now. A lot more important then Ipsy. I am not in the right mind set for rude, negative people hating on me because I don’t like a box full of make up. I will delete your comment and if you come back like you normally do just to be rude again I will block you.
    I have a ton of videos where I am laughing and loving what I get in a box so maybe check those out.💛

    • Brandys_Reviews
      Brandys_Reviews  7 hours back

      Be honest Abby, that's the best policy. Love you girl. Sending positivity your way 😘

    • Brandy Reynolds
      Brandy Reynolds  2 days back

      Love you Abby. Hope you have a great weekend. 😘

    • Jamie Driskell
      Jamie Driskell  3 days back

      ABBADABBS be you girl, those people saying something aren’t doing anything your not so weird, I live your videos. If you don’t like it you don’t like it lol .. maybe we can trade some items in the future that you don’t like or would have rather had you should ask everyone and see if that is something they would want to do!! Just saying

    • Chrmng 1
      Chrmng 1  5 days back

      I canceled my ipsy. They are not doing a very good job personalizing. I kept getting things I did not want and not getting the things I did.

    • Sophia Giron
      Sophia Giron  6 days back

      Sooooo yeah....I think i liked 3 things in mine. At least 3 that I could possibly use. So thinking of canceling also.... yet I know myself n will probably keep it... sigh

  • Jennifer Kirksey
    Jennifer Kirksey  18 hours back

    You’re definitely not the only YouTuber who’s disliked Ipsy lately. I canceled a couple months ago. They were sending too much skin care and not enough makeup, and the makeup I did get didn’t go with my profile choices. Meanwhile, Boxycharm is sending FULL SIZE Becca foundations out next month. They’ve been killing it. The Ipsy ultimate just looks terrible. I saw an unboxing earlier and there were maybe 3 or 4 makeup items out of 12-13 items.

    • Karen Ann MUA
      Karen Ann MUA  2 days back

      Girl, I am scared to see what you have got after what they have been sending you.

      • Brandy Reynolds
        Brandy Reynolds  2 days back

        Fomo IS the worst!!💛💛💛

        • Corkie Gott
          Corkie Gott  3 days back

          Ipsy really has been a FAIL for me the last few boxes... not worth the $. I canceled 2 days ago. I also have BoxyLux and I just joined Boxy Premium. I know that I will get good products and they won't be the same. And if I get a few that I don't want I will give them to my daughters or granddaughters....At least they will be good products. Love watching your videos!!!

          • Candice Durham
            Candice Durham  3 days back

            I did pick up the Huda Beauty exited to get that but the eyeliners?!? Pleeeezzeee stop sending!!! I'll never use all these!!

            • Jamie Driskell
              Jamie Driskell  3 days back

              You should do some GRWM after you get your boxes that would be cool to watch like try everything in your boxes after you open them ..

              • Jamie Driskell
                Jamie Driskell  3 days back

                Those purples are pretty I got the berry colored one more reds and mauvy colors

                • Jamie Driskell
                  Jamie Driskell  3 days back

                  I wish they would ask us which kinda eyeliner we use I don’t use felt tip and I got two this month I wish I would get gel liners though .. it seems like a waste but I am trying to learn how to use them , it’s hard for older women because I have extra skin and I hate pulling more to get a straight line and it always seems to bleed , maybe I don’t know what I’m doing lol any tips would be great if anyone has any.. I like all my ads ons I got also ..

                  • Peia Alexander
                    Peia Alexander  3 days back

                    Mine was a snooze fest too 😴 💤 I absolutely hated my ipsy plus... I got only two good items huda pallet that I already own so that’s a giveaway and a bronzer brush felt really soft and not cheap... but other than that the rest was god awful... and they’re killing me with the eyeliner every single month and they’re never opaque... I’ll stick to my fenty liner.

                    • Samantha Marie
                      Samantha Marie  3 days back

                      Love your honest reviews. Keep them up. If your not going to be honest why do a review? Right. That’s why I come to ur channel.

                      • Sugar living my best life.

                        I enjoy your video 😉and you are too funny 😁 thank you for sharing

                        • Teri Cote
                          Teri Cote  3 days back

                          Ipsy is a complete snoozefest these days 😴😴😴😴
                          The only time there's any excitement is when you have to fight with their customer service. I'm going to wait for choice day and if there aren't any better options than we've seen lately, I'm going to cancel.

                          • Jennifer Morgan
                            Jennifer Morgan  4 days back

                            Totally agree! Cancelled!

                            • Karen Anderson
                              Karen Anderson  4 days back

                              I got the Blue Lotus and picked the same color Huda but almost nothing else the same! I got 2 different colored glosses

                              • Jenna Hernandez
                                Jenna Hernandez  4 days back

                                I got almost the same box as you!!! Not thrilled with ipsy!

                                • ren Zie
                                  ren Zie  5 days back

                                  Lol was just in their website trying to cancel so fed up of their crap boxes

                                  • trinforeman54
                                    trinforeman54  5 days back

                                    This box was better than previous boxes but yes, not exciting. I have been watching to see if the ipsy plus was worth it but to be completely honest, I'd rather have the boxy premium. It is $10 more but the value and wow factor are so much better. I didn't get anything exciting in any of my boxes this month but that is partially because I missed my choice option for boxy. The palette is at least really pretty and the so is the lipstick.

                                    • Sharon
                                      Sharon  5 days back

                                      I agree with you, Abby. Ipsy has dropped the ball and Boxycharm has picked it up and run off with it! I love all your videos! You keep things real and I appreciate that!

                                      • Kenya Dye
                                        Kenya Dye  5 days back

                                        Ipsy is cancelled for me. Keeps getting worse.

                                        • Tara Dactule
                                          Tara Dactule  5 days back

                                          They are still slinging some of the same products I got and I cancelled months ago😶😶 they are too comfortable..they launched this 50 dollar box and they aren't even trying anymore.. I cancelled because I got that awful LXMI lotion you cant even squeeze out in 3 plus boxes..they sent me a new product for it once..also because I "opted out" of highlighters..(they dont mix with acne scarring too well) and still got it everytime it was an option..which was like every single box 😂 and I got nail polish quite often..long story as short as I can make it as a blabber mouth...they sent me things on my profile I didnt mark when there would be items that matched my profile perfectly lol there are too many box options for them to get this relaxed.

                                          • ABBADABBS
                                            ABBADABBS   5 days back

                                            I love blabber mouths! I am one too! Ipsy is just dumb right now. They are like a storage garage. Just tossing left over stuff that nobody wants into boxes. I need to cancel already!!

                                        • MaryLu
                                          MaryLu  5 days back

                                          Seriously, ppl still get upset w u voicing your opinion?!

                                          • MaryLu
                                            MaryLu  4 days back

                                            @ABBADABBS smh 🙃 some ppl have serious issues

                                          • ABBADABBS
                                            ABBADABBS   5 days back

                                            Yup especially with Ipsy or Boxycharm it’s like heaven forbid I don’t like their boxes!🤣

                                        • Rachel Young
                                          Rachel Young  5 days back

                                          I agree. Ipsy needs to work a little harder. 🙎🏻‍♀️

                                          • Olivia Gonzales
                                            Olivia Gonzales  5 days back

                                            Huda palette was the best product.

                                            • Brenda Muhs
                                              Brenda Muhs  5 days back

                                              You told me once awhile back that I have the right to be negative or unhappy about something I paid for and I appreciated that so much,I felt better and it was about Ipsy. Like you said it's your channel, if people get so upset about your video when theres so much going on in the world these days, you don't need em. I 💜 watching your videos and if theres one that I'm probably not going to be super excited about I skip it. It's that easy. SORRY FOR THE LONG POST. I'm sorry if your going through anything hard at the time.

                                              • Laura Luna
                                                Laura Luna  5 days back

                                                I use to get Ipsy long ago and cancelled because i didnt like the samples i saw your videos as well as others when the plus came out so i signed back up for it but i didnt like how it was so i cancelled again and it the best decision i can make but thanks for sharing. If Ipsy uped their game i might join again

                                                • Nadia Southière
                                                  Nadia Southière  5 days back

                                                  Hi Abby! The eyeshadow palette is my favourite item in this box 📦 Thanks for sharing👍👍🙋🏼‍♀️🇨🇦😃

                                                  • Susan McInally
                                                    Susan McInally  5 days back

                                                    yep, not going back to ipsy! Sorry you got a bad box again!

                                                    • Haru Dae
                                                      Haru Dae  5 days back

                                                      I am SO happy I didn't sub to IPSY seeing what everyone is getting.

                                                      • Kathleen Moore
                                                        Kathleen Moore  6 days back

                                                        Btw everytime I open my boxes the first thing I do now is look for a safety seal and when I see it I hear you singing the safety seal song in my head lol. I was watching another YouTuber and she sang the safety seal song and I kind of got upset like thats Abbys song you can't sing that lol

                                                        • Kathleen Moore
                                                          Kathleen Moore  6 days back

                                                          I looks a deep rose color not what I would call pink though. If I had got my box I picked that Huda palette. You kind of made me wish I got this box just for the palette

                                                          • Kathleen Moore
                                                            Kathleen Moore  6 days back

                                                            I skipped my Ipsy plus bag this month and am cancelling Ipsy altogether. Have to make budget cuts and Ipsy is really funky lately.

                                                            • Katie Lajune
                                                              Katie Lajune  6 days back

                                                              I still haven’t gotten my ipsy plus this month . I peeked lol I always do . I’m getting the juice beauty serum, the purple huda pallet, knours face gel, sugar liquid eyeliner, duft n soft face masks, and I added that 111skin cryo gel

                                                              • Dana Fidler
                                                                Dana Fidler  6 days back

                                                                I had to chuckle when I saw your thumbnail picture!

                                                                • Vicki J
                                                                  Vicki J  6 days back

                                                                  Sorry that you arent happy with your Ispy. I was surprised because yours was the first negative review I have seen this month for Ipsy. 🤔 I liked mine this month but wasn't as thrilled with last month 🤷‍♀️. Have a blessed day ❤

                                                                  • Teresa Ann
                                                                    Teresa Ann  6 days back

                                                                    Ugh. I’m being real. Ipsy has been poo lately. I feel bad too for saying that and thinking cause I’ve always loved them. Love you abby no matter what mood your make me smile. 😍

                                                                    • Teresa Ann
                                                                      Teresa Ann  6 days back

                                                                      Ugh. I’m being real. Ipsy has been poo lately. I feel bad too for saying that and thinking cause I’ve always loved them. Love you abby no matter what mood your make me smile. 😍

                                                                      • Amy Fielder
                                                                        Amy Fielder  6 days back

                                                                        The only good thing was the eye cream and the Huda palette. Ipsy👎 but 💖 you!

                                                                        • Kristine Olver
                                                                          Kristine Olver  6 days back

                                                                          The lipstick is pink

                                                                          • myjahannah
                                                                            myjahannah  6 days back

                                                                            Box twins...still waiting on mine.

                                                                            • Connie Snow
                                                                              Connie Snow  6 days back

                                                                              it looks like pink crazy women

                                                                              • Janee Lytch
                                                                                Janee Lytch  6 days back

                                                                                I dont have ipsy, the box was ok, not exciting

                                                                                • Sheri Morgan
                                                                                  Sheri Morgan  6 days back

                                                                                  Ugh lol my ipsy was good but my boxy was boring. I wasn't happy with my boxycharm this month. There's always next month lol. Sorry you weren't very happy with your box again 😢

                                                                                  • Marie Quill
                                                                                    Marie Quill  6 days back

                                                                                    Love Huda mauve obsession. I have the red one.😍

                                                                                    • Marie Quill
                                                                                      Marie Quill  6 days back

                                                                                      Both pink and red

                                                                                      • Heather Andrew
                                                                                        Heather Andrew  6 days back

                                                                                        Agreed! I was thrilled when ipsy+ first premiered! I was excited waiting for the mailperson, now I am looking at cancelling all three levels and looking at other subs or even just making a purchase fo something I really want every month or two instead of the makeup sub merry-go-round.

                                                                                        • mandy gray
                                                                                          mandy gray  6 days back

                                                                                          Hi I Abby....I thought that was a good box. I don't get ipsy anymore. I replaced it with Macys and allure 😘

                                                                                          • Kasse Mellor
                                                                                            Kasse Mellor  6 days back

                                                                                            I think the most exciting thing was the eye palette and you CHOSE that. Ipsy has been stinky lately, I’m Soooo glad I cancelled although I might go back to the $12 bag after a bit. I’m currently trying out some less popular, smaller subs.

                                                                                            Also! Most of us watch you (and a lot of other you tubers) for your HONEST opinions and reviews. It’s ok to not like what you get in a box, and it’s doubly ok to say it. If it’s the same people all the time just block them. Life is WAY to short to get sucked into other people’s misery and drama. And I promise you, if they have nothing better to do than to troll your videos, they do have miserable lives.