Sports Burst - #ValverdeOUT?

  • Published: 10 January 2020
  • Is Ernesto Valverde's time at Barcelona over? We discuss the possibilities with Jamie Easton! Plus it's Ligue 1 weekend and we got a fun French theme show ready for you! Join Gabrielle Amado & George D. Metellus on #SportsBurst

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Comments • 28

  • Michael St. Hill
    Michael St. Hill  2 weeks back

    The biggest joke is how Barca let ESPN-FC, and a bunch of clueless band-wagoners on the internet rob them of another la Liga, Copa del Ray and a potential CL.
    #ValverdeOut LMFAO.
    If Messi never contemplated leaving Barca he's probably doing so now.
    If I were him I'd take 6 months off for "surgery" too; Xavi, Iniesta, Koemann, Pep and all former Barca players are knowledgeable and honourable men so there's no chance they'll take the job after what has happened to their fellow Bleaugrana, Ernesto Valverde.
    If Pochettino, the last resort, is picked, then there'll be "surgery" due for all La Masia players on the squad and most of the Camp Nou season ticket holders.
    Me thinks next up is #AbidalOut.

    • Michael St. Hill
      Michael St. Hill  2 weeks back

      Most of the fault for Atletico's 2 goals in the last 10 minutes is down to Frenkie De Jung's weak defense and mistakes in midfield.
      This is what left the back line exposed -- Umtiti was amazing throughout the match and is 10 times better than Langlet in every respect..

      Frenkie De Jung got himself a red card in the previous match against Espanyol which lost them two points there and now this....
      De Jung is definitely NOT a DMF for Barcelona and I haven't seen him doing anything going forward.
      He has time yet but Arthur fitted like a glove and gave assists and even a goal or two, Arturo Vidal has settled in and contributes
      where everyone expected he'd have problems, when Rakitic plays he's great. All of the pundits and social media tell us how great De Jung is
      but where's the beef?

      • Carlos Gamer
        Carlos Gamer  2 weeks back

        Real Madrid: 1 season 3 coaches
        Barcelona: 1 coach 3 seasons 🤷🏻‍♂️

        • Tragic LuLu
          Tragic LuLu  2 weeks back

          They also still have Arthur in midfield who is amazing, Junior who is also great, we need younger center back like Todibo and Araujo

          • Tragic LuLu
            Tragic LuLu  2 weeks back

            Valverde out, Jean-Claude Todibo instead of Pique and Griezmann in the number 9 and Andy fati on the left

            • bitegoatie
              bitegoatie  2 weeks back

              Umtiti may have had one bad half, but he is certainly better than Lenglet. Picque is wonderful, but he loses concentration and gets caught upfield - especially in the second half. This year this is true more than ever.

              Valverde is a passive manager. Players like that. Sometimes, however, teams need a more active, make-them-work type of manager. Right now, Barca needs a kick in the tail feathers to force the issue a bit. It’s true, the team is underachieving. I do not support whimsical managerial changes at all, but this team - as good as they are - could and should be better.

              • Michael St. Hill
                Michael St. Hill  2 weeks back

                Sorry, but Pique is never out of position when midfielders go forward. The covering I observed was behind Langlet, his fellow center back. That should not be necessary to the extent it has been. It certainly wouldn't be necessary if Umtiti were playing.
                As to being "caught out of position" when your midfielders are standing almost level with you beginning a forward movement... well, if you want to call that being "caught out of position" I have nothing more to say...
                I guess everyone was "caught out of position" and "at fault" for poor, young, blue-eyed-boy Frenkie's red card vs Espanyol....
                There should be a new rule whereby 10 guys get red cards and Frenkie gets a Man of the Match bonus every time that happens.

              • bitegoatie
                bitegoatie  2 weeks back

                I have watched GP since he came up. I love his work. Yes, he is playing better than Lenglet. No, he is not having a great season, by his own standards. De Jong is doing fine. No young player coming to Barcelona will fail to be out of position in the midfield now and then. On the whole he is a very good addition. Picqué being out of position is less forgivable, given his experience and his position. De Jong is expected to attack. GP is expected to get back to cover when midfielders attack, along with others, who are doing worse than either of these two this year. There is plenty of blame to go around for all the inconsistency.

              • Michael St. Hill
                Michael St. Hill  2 weeks back

                I think you need to take another look at Pique's season.
                Most of the "errors" attributed to Pique happen on the left side of the back line, sometimes all the way out by the corner flag.
                They are precipitated by Langlet getting done and Pique rushing across from his station at right back;
                something he's generally great at as he's had plenty of practice in a Spanish shirt whipping Sergio Ramos' behind, but if you have to do that 10 tens your entitled to be too late twice.
                With Umtiti that just doesn't happen so much. This one, I think, can be attributed a bit to passive Valverde (just like the De Jong situation) -- once you're in the starting XI you have to obviously fcuk up big time to get dropped.
                That's my only explanation for Langlet starting ahead of Umtiti if Umtiti is passed fit and ready to play.

                To be fair Barca are not all quite so bad at blocking shots and "putting their bodies on the line" as advertised. One who has been (and sometimes he just looks bad because he's out of position) is the aforesaid De Jong.

                The other aspect of Umtiti's presence is it's effect on Barca's attacking play.
                When he's in the team you see the kind of play that you had for the first 70 mins vs Atletico Madrid -- aggressive and insistent on a high defensive line.
                This is simply not possible with Langlet because he's so slow, especially in recovery.
                The genius of Pique is that he's not the fastest and yet he doesn't get caught like Langlet does; not only that but he's able to cover for Langlet 8 times out of 10.

                No one can anticipate an error right in front of you.
                You can be in place if you read the game, your teams attacking movements and how they might break down,
                but if your midfield is in secure possession a few yards in advance of you it's just fire alarm time if they drop the ball.

              • bitegoatie
                bitegoatie  2 weeks back

                Thanks. On P., part of being a central defender - a job he has not looked fully committed to this season - is anticipating error and providing cover when it occurs. This is especially true on possession team, and on Barcelona it is a vital function. P. has been one of the greats of the game, winning every competition out there, more or less. Still, he has had real, harmful lapses this year on the mental rather than the physical side of the game. This is something he can set right in himself, and if he does it, maybe some of the others will buckle down as well.

                One element of Barcelona defending (and not only that team’s defending) that is infuriating is watching these kids daintily cowering from shots right at them instead of just stepping in and blocking shots like full-grown professionals. The turn-aways, foot-waves, and all the rest have cost the team goals and games in unconscionable ways, given the Barcelona payroll.

                When they start running, moving the ball, and getting after the other team consistently at both ends, this now-diffident team will have a surge that follows their effort. Their issues are all about work rate and focus, not ability.

              • Michael St. Hill
                Michael St. Hill  2 weeks back

                Couldn't agree more!
                Umtiti didn't have a bad half,
                if you look at the two last goals in particular you'll find that De Jung's mistake and then his being caught out of position lead to the defense being exposed.
                Neither Pique or Umtiti can be blamed for these goals -- they were in emergency recovery mode based on the mistakes in front of them.
                Furthermore, De Jung is fresh off of a red card for a similar mistake at Espanyol which ultimately cost 2 points.
                The media love affair with Frenkie has hidden the fact that he has been inept in defense and without balls in attack this entire season --
                that's down to him because Valverde has picked him for every match. In fact that's my biggest problem with Valverde -- why does he play De Jung so much?
                As for Rakitic, Busquets and Arturo Vidal (and Arthur when he's available) their problem is that they don't seem to be able to play a full 90 every 3 days;
                otherwise they are the rightful starters for Barca, no question.

            • LeBryant Howard
              LeBryant Howard  3 weeks back


              • Angel5999
                Angel5999  3 weeks back

                Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️


                Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

                • Alessandro Kelly
                  Alessandro Kelly  3 weeks back

                  It’s ok guys, just 5 months of losing and then valverde will go

                • Mike
                  Mike  3 weeks back

                  Xavi for head coach!

                  • Avier Island bowy
                    Avier Island bowy  3 weeks back

                    Fucking finally the fan start protesting

                    • Rolando Morales
                      Rolando Morales  3 weeks back

                      Also Pique has to go, Rakitic and Busquet too and De Jong playing in the contention and Center Back Todibo and Lenglet!!

                      • Rolando Morales
                        Rolando Morales  3 weeks back

                        @Bonnie Valls we need a fresh team with new start to stop Messi-Dependence otherwisr Barça is not gonna win Anything !!

                      • Rolando Morales
                        Rolando Morales  3 weeks back

                        @Bonnie Valls of course Im a Real Fan and Yes these guys are the main problem for barça with Valverde of couse!!.

                      • Bonnie Valls
                        Bonnie Valls  3 weeks back

                        Your crazy Rolando. Who are you anyway, a Real fan?

                      • Rolando Morales
                        Rolando Morales  3 weeks back

                        @RealTalk Barca VALVERDE is the 1st Problem!!

                    • Seanyzi X
                      Seanyzi X  3 weeks back

                      I’m a barca fan and I think we need to get rid of him, great video 🔥

                      • Rolando Morales
                        Rolando Morales  3 weeks back

                        I said since Roma, he is not a coach for Barça, he has not Spirit, he doesn't get a good Strategy and No Motivation, #VALVERDEOUT

                        • Luis Lopez
                          Luis Lopez  3 weeks back

                          The dude is a great coach. Unfortunately he’s not the coach for Barcelona. He needs to leave.

                          • tevin stvalle
                            tevin stvalle  3 weeks back

                            Lets be honest, this wasn't not valverde fault.

                            • Fredo Baracatto
                              Fredo Baracatto  3 weeks back

                              They should've remove this guy right after the Roma Remomtada

                              • Jamesley Seance
                                Jamesley Seance  3 weeks back

                                First view.