‘I’m Homeless Because This Has Been Given To Me,’ Says Dr. Phil Guest

  • Published: 08 January 2020
  • A woman who quit her job and began living in her car over a year ago refuses medication and denies having any mental health issues. Her son says she’s been hospitalized for psychiatric care at least three times.

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Comments • 196

  • Nadav Kapah
    Nadav Kapah  2 days back

    "This is my library..." my guy thats a glove compartment lolz

    • Robert Sides
      Robert Sides  2 days back

      The son looks like a bootleg Arin Hanson.

      • Sam & Sara
        Sam & Sara  5 days back

        As the child of an extremely mentally ill parent who has always refused help, this really hits home and breaks my heart. You can't force someone to get help even if it's so clearly apparent that they need it and this will always haunt me.

        • Jill Rayes
          Jill Rayes  5 days back

          It's hard to feel sorry for her, she clearly created her own nightmare. Her children can't fix her... She needs to make lemonade, with the lemons that life has given her. If she isn't willing, then, she will plateau as a homeless woman, and just become another statistic.

          • Ava Taylor-Foley
            Ava Taylor-Foley  5 days back

            People in the comment section realize... You CAN work and be homeless, right? Like many people in this world work and also are forced to live in a car.

            • Jimmy B
              Jimmy B  5 days back

              Nice kids. Take her in!!! Let your mother live I. The car?!!

              • richa bhatnagar
                richa bhatnagar  7 days back

                I don't feel she is mentally ill... I hv seen people who are mentally sick.. She is not like one of them..

                • Griffith Guts
                  Griffith Guts  1 weeks back

                  Oh wow

                  • Miss Lucid Dreams
                    Miss Lucid Dreams  1 weeks back

                    She is delusional and needs help...

                    • Stephanie Gonzalez
                      Stephanie Gonzalez  1 weeks back

                      The paranoia alone is enough. She clearly doesn’t see how she’s acting and isn’t thinking clearly. She said she’s homeless because someone forced her but she confirmed with her son she chose to leave her job AND her apartment. I hope she gets help because I can’t imagine living that paranoid or anxious.

                      • Angel Heart
                        Angel Heart  1 weeks back

                        Should she be even driving in this unstable state ?

                        • Disiam Theillusion
                          Disiam Theillusion  1 weeks back

                          She seems like most people over age 50 in cali

                        • Sondra Allen
                          Sondra Allen  1 weeks back

                          You can't go back to your apartment until you get a job to pay rent unless you are unconscious everybody know as an adult you have to pay rent bipolar people live in apartment somebody pays the rent

                          • Maja Škrinjar
                            Maja Škrinjar  1 weeks back

                            This woman is not harming anyone but herself, she does need help like acceptance,love and support. Her kids are mean. They should have taken her in, given her the love and support she needs until she feels better,that's it. And it's true when you are weak and vuneranle people pray on you like beasts...I feel sorry for her honestly...may god help her 🙏♥️

                            • Msgoody 2shoes
                              Msgoody 2shoes  1 weeks back

                              Psych drugs make people crazy. Psych drugs cause brain damage that can last for years, once stopped. But going back on it, will not heal you, only make you sicker. Taper off, and never look back.

                              • Msgoody 2shoes
                                Msgoody 2shoes  1 weeks back

                                psychiatry is a cult. It is not science, it's a religion. The drugs are toxic.

                            • Sara Romero
                              Sara Romero  1 weeks back

                              Ugh her accent is so annoying.

                              • Rahman
                                Rahman  1 weeks back

                                The daughter is disgusting for saying no to her when her mother wanted to stay with her. Whats with white people leaving their parents out on streets or retirement homes? Smh

                              • ABoo 32
                                ABoo 32  2 weeks back

                                Everybody is most certainly weird. Especially the super weird ones

                                • Steven M
                                  Steven M  2 weeks back

                                  I take medication to deal with psychosis and this lady reminds me of me.

                                  • Hg Tudor
                                    Hg Tudor  2 weeks back

                                    DR PHIL I S HUGE WHITE AND SCARY

                                    • ADamage 17
                                      ADamage 17  2 weeks back

                                      The way she talks to her kids is dispicble. They are trying to help her but, you know she is filled with hate. She needs help and she is unwilling to except it.

                                      • Mark Durando
                                        Mark Durando  2 weeks back

                                        She seems pretty normal put anybody in the street and they will have some anxiety you live inside a house and then you go to live on the street I understand you feeling like you're always being watched you have no privacy

                                        • Intentional Idea
                                          Intentional Idea  2 weeks back

                                          What's more fun than feel of rejected and disrespected. She is gifted, she can control her anger and manners in her bad seasons.

                                          • Literally Nothing at all

                                            When you're paranoid, sometimes you get auditory hallucinations. Maybe she is hearing the people around her say things that they are not actually saying? Maybe the girl in her apartment above her actually wasn't making noise, she was hearing it in her head? And that's why she says people were acting "differently" everywhere...just a thought..

                                            • TheRussianBear
                                              TheRussianBear  2 weeks back

                                              She leaves her job*

                                              Her: 'im homeless because someone gave it to me'

                                            • Quichawna Bryant
                                              Quichawna Bryant  2 weeks back

                                              Call me crazy but she doesn’t seem mentally ill to me. I think she’s just emotionally strained and probably a little jaded.

                                              • Slide Girl
                                                Slide Girl  2 weeks back

                                                Quichawna Bryant yes, you are crazy

                                            • Annika Ge
                                              Annika Ge  3 weeks back

                                              In my country it's illegal to live in your car^^

                                              • Madison Brown
                                                Madison Brown  3 weeks back

                                                Honestly it’s so hard for mentally ill people to be on a medication routine, and I feel that the medical system makes it much worst. Hopefully we have more doctors and nurses who are committed full knowledge of mental illness

                                                • Yokai Pie
                                                  Yokai Pie  3 weeks back

                                                  I feel like they should be treating her for schizophrenia, not bipolar

                                                  • Yokai Pie
                                                    Yokai Pie  1 weeks back

                                                    @Angel Heart it seems like it could be several things, none of which have perfect treatment plans :(

                                                  • Angel Heart
                                                    Angel Heart  1 weeks back

                                                    She may have lewy bodies or dementia

                                                  • Lauren
                                                    Lauren  2 weeks back

                                                    I read this in another comment but it makes the most sense I think she has early onset mild dementia

                                                • WillBuildsStuff
                                                  WillBuildsStuff  3 weeks back

                                                  They honestly need to drug their mom into going to the hospital or something. Sounds super wrong but It would probably fix her up a bit.

                                                • blacky boo
                                                  blacky boo  3 weeks back

                                                  I would love to know if this poor woman had a flu shot ( compulsory when working in a hospital) before her mental state went spiraling out of control ???? When it doesn’t have a side effect for some it can be very dangerous for others and sadly the big pharmaceutical companies cover these side effects up ! It’s just a thought

                                                  • Call me C.O.P
                                                    Call me C.O.P  3 weeks back

                                                    BRILLIANT THANK YOU DR PHIL FOR MY DAILY DOSE OF STUPID PEOPLE THANK YOU

                                                    • Chief Handler
                                                      Chief Handler  3 weeks back

                                                      Look up "gang stalking" or "targeted individuals" on YouTube. Mental health is a serious issues in this country.

                                                      • Melissa Edsall
                                                        Melissa Edsall  3 weeks back

                                                        Omg Long Island !!! Now it all makes sense I totally get her now ... she’s right !!!! She is totally right I believe her 11000000 percent !

                                                        • Jus- Sayin
                                                          Jus- Sayin  3 weeks back

                                                          What's this " Young man " doing with her ? He can't be after her money, she's homeless, so what is it ? I just can't think he loves her but does she buy him drugs, food, what ? This is strange. Why Momma ? Why? What happened ?

                                                          • Kimberly Sss
                                                            Kimberly Sss  3 weeks back

                                                            People with bipolar usually deny they have it. My mom did too.

                                                            • only1MasterShake
                                                              only1MasterShake  3 weeks back

                                                              Omg - this woman could be my sister. It's so heartbreaking and I don't know what to do for her, she's currently living in her car in Ashland, Ky.

                                                            • Rck Keller
                                                              Rck Keller  3 weeks back

                                                              She is very intelligent. Many if not most of the people who slip into paranoia are on the higher intelligence spectrum

                                                              • C. F.
                                                                C. F.  3 weeks back

                                                                Something about her reminds me of a disheveled sister Jude from AHS Asylum...maybe it's partly the accent, haha.

                                                                • Leah and Harley's Great Adventures

                                                                  I went through this with my mother. She had OCD and was bipolar. I let her live with me and her paranoia ran her life and mine. Couldn't have friends over and she wouldn't leave the house. Even at the end, she refused to go to get help when she was having a mild heart attack. She would've survived had she gone, but she refused to get in the car. By the time the ambulance arrived 20 mins later, she was gone. I feel a lot of guilt, even though it's not exactly my fault. It's very hard to get power of attorney over someone who is still cognitively there.

                                                                  • TheRisky9
                                                                    TheRisky9  1 weeks back

                                                                    @Leah and Harley's Great Adventures It takes at lease two people to help someone through mental illness: the person suffering and the person who loves them. One person alone won't be able to, no matter how much they know. And you were just one person.

                                                                  • Leah and Harley's Great Adventures
                                                                    Leah and Harley's Great Adventures  3 weeks back

                                                                    @Susan Ender She was in my care, so I feel responsible. Even though I tried pulling her into the car and pleaded with her. Even though I'd attempted to get power of attorney over her, but was denied. I still feel guilt. Was there something I could've done, but didn't? I couldn't afford a lawyer, so I didn't go down that road. Maybe I should've so she could have gotten the help she needed. Now, I have my life back, but I don't know what to do with it. So, I go on a lot of trips.

                                                                  • Susan Ender
                                                                    Susan Ender  3 weeks back

                                                                    How can it be your fault? Forgive yourself.

                                                                • Peyton Connor
                                                                  Peyton Connor  3 weeks back

                                                                  Why would anyone want to quit their job and leave their apartment to become homeless? It doesn't make a lick of sense. Who in their right mind wants that??

                                                                  • amal zuhair
                                                                    amal zuhair  1 weeks back

                                                                    Peyton Connor well she’s not in her right mind clearly

                                                                • Dee Lee27
                                                                  Dee Lee27  3 weeks back

                                                                  She had Harry Potter in her “library”

                                                                  • Brittany Ward
                                                                    Brittany Ward  3 weeks back

                                                                    This is so sad. When your own children are more rational then the parent.

                                                                  • Rory Rooster
                                                                    Rory Rooster  3 weeks back

                                                                    Did she really say "everyone is weird"? She's literally naming different seats in her car as 'rooms'. I don't blame her kids for not wanting her to live with them. She needs help. I'm not one for medicating EVERY problem, but it's necessary in many situations. This woman is sick, and not thinking clearly.

                                                                    • Suzie Q
                                                                      Suzie Q  3 weeks back

                                                                      There was a homeless woman that used to sleep in the parking lot of my old job that acted just like this. Turned out she was bipolar and adhd. I believe she is still there because I see her car every now and then but its going on 4 plus years. She refuses any kind of help from family or women's shelters

                                                                      • ღSwnsasyღ _
                                                                        ღSwnsasyღ _  3 weeks back

                                                                        This woman is absolutely toxic.. Go back to work!!

                                                                        • Nee Nee O
                                                                          Nee Nee O  3 weeks back

                                                                          It would break my heart if my mom was homeless living in her car.

                                                                          • goduskychris Chris Godusky
                                                                            goduskychris Chris Godusky  6 days back

                                                                            Nee Nee O my parents wanted me to live homeless in my car it was horrible I have no idea how I coped anxiety sucks

                                                                        • Ditto Didus
                                                                          Ditto Didus  3 weeks back

                                                                          Why don't they just leave her alone?