Philadelphia Union 4-3 New York Red Bulls | HIGHLIGHTS | MLS Playoffs

  • Published: 21 October 2019
  • Marco Fabián le dio la victoria y el boleto a la siguiente fase de los playoffs al Philadelphia Union en el tiempo extra del partido.


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Comments • 28

  • SnipeShotKill
    SnipeShotKill  2 months back


    • Mxyzptlk
      Mxyzptlk  2 months back

      This match was hella nice , philly held it down 👍... go LAFC

      • B List
        B List  2 months back

        Imagine being a red bulls fan talking ish to Atlanta and not being able to make it out of round 1 🤣

        • Jorge Campos
          Jorge Campos  2 months back

          Fabián 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

          • Bernardino Caal
            Bernardino Caal  2 months back

            Con el portero , su equipo no llegará a más

            • Morgan Ritson
              Morgan Ritson  2 months back

              Atlanta looking on and pretty happy. I'd prefer Philly to NYRB

              • B List
                B List  2 months back

                Morgan Ritson i was looking forward to bouncing red bulls again. Josef martinez made their goalie his bitch

            • LEANDRO G GONZALEZ
              LEANDRO G GONZALEZ  2 months back

              Philadelphia Union 4 - 3 Philadelphia's Goalkeeper gone wrong

              • LEANDRO G GONZALEZ
                LEANDRO G GONZALEZ  2 months back

                Philly goalkeeper makes mistakes as if he was playing Argentina's 4th division -

                • jose luis montalvo
                  jose luis montalvo  2 months back


                  • jsmarty
                    jsmarty  2 months back

                    Did someone put something in Andre’s morning cereal or something? That was tragic. Very uncharacteristic of him

                    • Johnathan Patrick
                      Johnathan Patrick  2 months back

                      Whatever he had that fouled him up wasn't nearly as horrible as what Bill Hamid may have had. 4 goals in the first half of extra time?! 🤦🤦

                  • Freeman Tong
                    Freeman Tong  2 months back

                    Crazy, dudes you never heard of before getting their first goals in an important game like this

                    • carlos arredondo
                      carlos arredondo  2 months back

                      Phili got the last laugh lol 😝

                      • hector mercado
                        hector mercado  2 months back

                        Trash ass league and with trash ass goalies and defenders

                        • Alex fregosi
                          Alex fregosi  2 months back

                          Fabian the Drunken master

                        • Ricky Manuel
                          Ricky Manuel  2 months back

                          Let's go Union!! Keep it up!!

                          • Javi Mendoza
                            Javi Mendoza  2 months back

                            No cabe duda que los mexicanos vinieron a ponerle sabor a esta liga

                            • Jerry Hsu
                              Jerry Hsu  2 months back

                              What a disaster of goalie!

                              • TRK_Wolf
                                TRK_Wolf  2 months back

                                He’s actually a great goalie. Just a very uncharacteristic game for him. Usually a wall of a goalie though.

                              • Johnathan Patrick
                                Johnathan Patrick  2 months back

                                But he (Andre Blake) got another crack in Atlanta coming up...unlike Bill Hamid of D.C. United. 🤦🤦

                            • beatstork
                              beatstork  2 months back

                              Marco Fabián...nada mal para un borracho.

                              • Miguel O
                                Miguel O  2 months back

                                Chinguen a su madre los 2 weyes de arriba 😎

                              • El dandy somoza
                                El dandy somoza  2 months back

                                Me ganaste el comentario...🥂🍻🍺🍹🍸🍷🍾.....😂😂😂😁😁😁

                            • Ivann Zavala
                              Ivann Zavala  2 months back

                              Es Gol Es Gol

                              • Martin Martinez
                                Martin Martinez  2 months back