🔥 The TRUTH about Sentry Safes!!!🔥

  • Published: 08 November 2017
  • This "safe" is pure trash & you should absolutely not trust that it can or will safeguard your valuables.

    In this video I not only show you what you are getting --- I also will show you how quickly someone can break into one of these using nothing more than a screwdriver.

    Do you own one? How do you like it?

    Leave a comment below with YOUR thoughts on the Sentry Safe!

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Comments • 282

  • Lance Westveer
    Lance Westveer  1 weeks back

    That ladder climb and nonchalant drop had me dying.

    • Liam Jerkins
      Liam Jerkins  2 weeks back

      I broke into my own safe (I lost the key) with a Rubber mallet and a chisel in the gap, 2-3 hits

      • SuzAnne Moore
        SuzAnne Moore  3 weeks back

        That kind of a safe is mainly meant to keep documents from burning. A thief isn't going to clean you out for some documents.
        SentrySafe makes larger ones you can't open with a screwdriver. You need a crowbar.
        By the time they get that far, Alexa already has the cops called and waiting at the front and back entry. LOL

        • Michael Wescott
          Michael Wescott  1 months back

          maybe you could buy the save and use it as a decoy? nice video though.

          • Moongang 786
            Moongang 786  3 months back

            Good bait..hide the valuables else where

            • Oliver Browne
              Oliver Browne  3 months back

              Worth it for 20$. Keep it hidden.

              • A. LOFANO
                A. LOFANO  3 months back

                Which safes would you buy ?????????????

                • A. LOFANO
                  A. LOFANO  3 months back

                  @Real Tool Reviews You didn't answer my question Sir ! Says alot about you and your opinion if you can't answer a simple question.

                • Real Tool Reviews
                  Real Tool Reviews   3 months back

                  Not these.

              • Patrick Heinen
                Patrick Heinen  3 months back

                No one buys these to protect gold from robbers. People buy them to protect documents from fire. Just looking to shame sentry for whatever reason.

                • Real Tool Reviews
                  Real Tool Reviews   3 months back

                  You’d be surprised. People also put $10 doorknobs on their house to protect against thieves....also not wise.

              • Itzik beja
                Itzik beja  3 months back

                Not worth the money... Thank you!

                • Jestoni Sevilla
                  Jestoni Sevilla  4 months back

                  All safe can be open none safe 100 percent security if you have the rigth tools time and knowledge anything safe can be open thats the truth but the sentrysafe is the best fire froof in the market

                  • anonymous hell1980
                    anonymous hell1980  4 months back

                    Literally just lost my key to that and poped the thing open the same way

                    • James cash
                      James cash  5 months back

                      Lol. I want to keep my drill safe.

                      • Ric Thompson
                        Ric Thompson  5 months back

                        The key for the one I have opened my parents bigger safe.

                        • highjix
                          highjix  5 months back

                          I actually own a file safe version of that, and that is all I keep in it, paper work I don't want to lose in case of fire. I haven't even bothered to lock it in I don't know how long now.

                          • Red Pill
                            Red Pill  7 months back

                            It's not meant to keep ppl from breaking inside. I see it as a secure file cabinet for everything that doesn't fit in my file cabinet, or something temporary to stash your shit. Nothing special when it's 20 bucks. Thnx for the video.

                            • TheFordtrucknut
                              TheFordtrucknut  7 months back

                              looks like HF watches your videos, this safe is no longer available.

                              • The Armed Realtor James Tiberius

                                I met your dad at the spring getting water on Thursday and he recommended me to your channel... new sub here :-)

                                • Plutonius X
                                  Plutonius X  9 months back

                                  Its a good safe for fire protection and to keep the honest man out. In the end, its a fire safe.

                                  • Matthew Madsen
                                    Matthew Madsen  9 months back

                                    They show cds and flashdrives in their ad for this model implying it wont break under their UL certified conditions. However, cd's break at 125F and they are rated for inside temperature of 350F. False advertisement

                                    • Blahblah
                                      Blahblah  9 months back

                                      Right, but those safes are for fire/water protection up-to 30min. The 'lock' is only to secure it against opening during transport. It isn't a 'safe' to protect valuables from theft... I mean, you can literally just pick it up. Want to open it even faster without the key? Drop it onto one of its corners. But again, that isn't what it was designed for. ;)

                                      • Blahblah
                                        Blahblah  9 months back

                                        @Real Tool Reviews I've noticed that more companies are removing the word 'safe' from these 'boxes' and instead calling them 'fire/water resistant storage containers' and identifying the locks as 'privacy locks' instead of 'security.' I guess there were a lot of complaints, as you highlighted. BTW I did find this review helpful. I went with a Honeywell unit, which had some fantastic reviews - similar in size, and not for 'security' purposes. That's what a safety deposit box is for. ;) Thanks.

                                      • Real Tool Reviews
                                        Real Tool Reviews   9 months back

                                        It’s junk. Should be called a fire resistant box....maybe. Anything with “safe” written on it is a pure lie when it comes to this thing.

                                    • Heinzkitz Velvet
                                      Heinzkitz Velvet  9 months back

                                      What do you really expect for 20 bucks?
                                      You don't put 1200 bucks cash in a $20 plastic box and assume it's safe. DUH!

                                      • Heinzkitz Velvet
                                        Heinzkitz Velvet  9 months back

                                        @Real Tool Reviews BTW, u have completely sold me on HF tools. Thanks for the work you do.

                                      • Heinzkitz Velvet
                                        Heinzkitz Velvet  9 months back

                                        @Real Tool Reviews I agree.

                                      • Real Tool Reviews
                                        Real Tool Reviews   9 months back

                                        Some people do. This box is pure trash.

                                    • Red Devil
                                      Red Devil  10 months back

                                      They make better safes but you gotta pay more than 20 bucks. There not gonna put a lot into a 20 or 40 dollar safe. It's a business they want to make the dough not waste it.

                                      • Tara Osborn
                                        Tara Osborn  10 months back

                                        of corse it is not going to keep you stuff safe it is 20 dollars

                                        • Nate CofGa
                                          Nate CofGa  10 months back

                                          We bought one of those safes from wal-mart and it was for fire protection and kept it hidden in the house. Once I got my gun safe I put the sentry in there.

                                          • Phenomenal P
                                            Phenomenal P  10 months back

                                            I only bought it for fire protection but hopefully no one steals it

                                            • Casey Phalen
                                              Casey Phalen  10 months back

                                              Just put a child proof lid on it.

                                              • Greg Corkern
                                                Greg Corkern  11 months back


                                                • Cruz A. Lopez
                                                  Cruz A. Lopez  11 months back

                                                  I was going to buy it till I seen this video so I cancelled my order THX bro

                                                  • Aerix Dev
                                                    Aerix Dev  12 months back

                                                    That’s the truth about that safe not all of them lol ha

                                                    • bigjohn22
                                                      bigjohn22  12 months back

                                                      I hate them I can pick them in 5sec and relock it done a lot of them that people have asked me to open

                                                      • Ian Johnson
                                                        Ian Johnson  1 years back

                                                        Man, why couldn’t you leave my false sense of security alone?

                                                        • Vosh Sahaal
                                                          Vosh Sahaal  1 years back

                                                          Good for fires, crap for security. Secure the house and get the fire proof filing cabinet.

                                                          • Trenton Taylor
                                                            Trenton Taylor  1 years back

                                                            Yet another, no bs review!

                                                            • Tyler Bogaard
                                                              Tyler Bogaard  1 years back

                                                              I have one of these and I'm fully aware that it is very easy to open if it was taken. I mostly bought it for the fire rating and store important documents in it.

                                                              • Mister Hat
                                                                Mister Hat  1 years back

                                                                If it'll survive a fire, it's worth $20 to protect documents or a backup harddrive. As for security, it's plastic...

                                                                • YTRulesFromNM
                                                                  YTRulesFromNM  1 years back

                                                                  If you keep it in the cardboard box you bought it in, you'll double its security rating.

                                                                • MrKirby365
                                                                  MrKirby365  1 years back

                                                                  My dad taught me at an early age to use this safe as a distraction leave about 40 $50 in the safe some documents that might look importent and hide your good stuff elsewhere

                                                                  • Joe Garofalo II
                                                                    Joe Garofalo II  1 years back

                                                                    That's disappointing to see. I saw a fire test video on this safe and it held up really well. I think one of the other comments was right when they said to use to protect important papers from fire that are ultimately replaceable if needed

                                                                    • Joe Garofalo II
                                                                      Joe Garofalo II  1 years back

                                                                      Real Tool Reviews truth

                                                                    • Real Tool Reviews
                                                                      Real Tool Reviews   1 years back

                                                                      They should call it the “Sentry Fire Box” then.....the word “SAFE” implies actual security.

                                                                  • MM2 0
                                                                    MM2 0  1 years back

                                                                    Manufacturer already robbed you $20😅

                                                                  • Ultraviolet420
                                                                    Ultraviolet420  2 years back

                                                                    I just want something to hide my porn and weed

                                                                    • Anonymous-1135
                                                                      Anonymous-1135  2 years back

                                                                      This is a dumb review. 1, if your buying this safe your buying it to keep valuables from buring in a fire. I got ones of these safe inside my gun safe because a gun safe well it says it's fire resistance up to a certain degree it's won't protect against documents catching on fire.

                                                                      • Real Tool Reviews
                                                                        Real Tool Reviews   2 years back

                                                                        Oh, I didn’t realize that you should take $20 “safe” & then put it inside of a huge gun safe....that’s what I was doing wrong.... 🤔

                                                                    • Gage Pine
                                                                      Gage Pine  2 years back

                                                                      Getting a new garbage bag to open up seems harder than that safe

                                                                      • jacek truskawka
                                                                        jacek truskawka  2 years back

                                                                        Garbage handle broke off when opening by hand unlocked.

                                                                        • Morahman7vnNo2
                                                                          Morahman7vnNo2  2 years back

                                                                          The look on his face when he gets on the latter and drops it.


                                                                        • Tom Fortin
                                                                          Tom Fortin  2 years back

                                                                          I have one similar to that one that works great as a safe place to keep my medications out of the hands of anyone who should't be in there. I bought it when all my kids had friends over and we had a couple of different cleaning ladies coming in. Can it be defeated with a screwdriver? Yes. Will it protect from fire or a drop onto concrete? No. Works great for what I bought it for though.

                                                                          • The Plow Guys
                                                                            The Plow Guys  2 years back

                                                                            Use it as a decoy safe. let them rob that one thinking they got it all.... 20 dollars well spent.

                                                                            • SuperMisterManager
                                                                              SuperMisterManager  2 years back

                                                                              I have a very similar one of these and I keep it to hold a few sentimental items and passports IDs, and a hard drive of my data (I also back up to the cloud) and have insurance for these things. I use it purely for the fire prevention. I agree with Daniel it's crummy for theft prevention. Most of my valuables are actually outside. I don't own any real jewelry. I think from his perspective, I think he is a firearm owner, that firearm safe is a lot more substantial. I was considering one especially during these times, but the laws and test in CA are mind numbing coming from a family that has never owned one. I'm working on it slowly though. To each his own I guess.

                                                                              • Bivens PC
                                                                                Bivens PC  2 years back

                                                                                Also if you put the tip of the screwdriver right in the seam where the case meats the front panel on top. if you just apply pressure the whole front pops off.... lol. Found that out when I was a teenager and the lock was damaged from opening it with the screwdriver for so long.

                                                                                Never have been able to keep up with keys.....