Morbius,2020,First look at Matt Smith and Jared Leto,New video!

  • Published: 28 March 2019
  • Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead.

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    LORDOFTIME58  1 weeks back

    No bow tie

    • Bubbles The Kitty
      Bubbles The Kitty  1 weeks back

      A doctor who venom crossover

      • Garumon
        Garumon  2 weeks back

        Best Doctor 😍

        • Willowy13
          Willowy13  2 weeks back

          I am a vampire nuts. I am waiting for this. I hope Matt Smith has his time to shine this time (contrary to Disney's starwars fanfictions).

          • V J
            V J  3 weeks back

            What is the city this is supposed to be? I know some was filmed in Manchester, they built a subway.

            • KalexKhan
              KalexKhan  3 weeks back

              Imagine, one of Morbius' post-credit scenes:

              (Dr. Morbius, after walking for awhile through the streets, goes through a dark alley trying to hide from a patrol, with it's red and blue siren echoing in the distance. As he goes deeper into the darkness, you stop when you hear the following:
              EDDIE: Hi Cullen!
              (He is surprised, pop references aside, it's kinda obvious that the stranger is adreessing him considering the alley it's a one way path. He slowly turns around to distinguish, in the dark of the night, nothing more, AND ONLY NOTHING MORE than, for now, 2 WHITE EYES And finally A SPIDER SYMBOL !!)
              VENOM: (he stays like that for a few seconds, Then he shows his teeth) Care for a Bite...?
              (Fast Zoom to the Symbol, similar movement to the end of the Spider-man 3 Venom transformation) (Cut to Black)(no pun intended)

              (Tribute to his first appearance in the comics when he traumatizes Mary Jane, a teaser for THE black suit and, in my humble opinion, a good way to introduce the spider symbol <--- Yeah, About that --->, my theory is that, eventually, all pseudo-villains of the Sony Cinematic Universe Co-adhered to the MCU Spider-Man Trilogy are gonna meet after each of their individual films, BUT, In the case of Eddie and Venom, between (after) Venom 2 and this meeting, neccesarily and officially, Venom has to meet MCU Peter Parker to placate the fans. And it's only after that, that the pseudo-villains, at first will fight for a while, like the MCU main trio in Avengers 2012 (HENCE this encounter) just to join forces in a super crosover against a major threat.
              Yes, yes, call me crazy, deranged, lunatic and idiotic, but at least while you do that, please, give me your opinion of this little post-credit scene concept of my creation. You guys thinks that it's at least plausible?)

              • moon man rx
                moon man rx  4 months back

                love how people think jared leto is a good actor lol

                • Street fighter vs Xenoverse
                  Street fighter vs Xenoverse  6 days back

                  @Philip Tucker Don't watch it then, Jared Leto was a perfect choice..

                • Korr Kazerath
                  Korr Kazerath  2 weeks back

                  Yeah just keep hating you hater!!

                • Philip Tucker
                  Philip Tucker  2 weeks back

                  Terrible fucking choice for this movie, killed all my excitement the moment I saw him in the trailer :/

                • cj 101
                  cj 101  3 weeks back

                  All right you're not wrong you're most definitely not wrong I mean Jared Leto as Joker is damaged rain along with other bad rules people thought actors would get along with but the guy's not absolutely positively horrible I mean he's had one or two improvements in his career

                • anastasia
                  anastasia  3 months back

                  He's done good work before. People just like to jump on the bandwagon to trash him for suicide squad.

              • Destination Random
                Destination Random  4 months back

                footage is a little grainy but that looks like Sid Haig in the first clip

                • FaB92 N
                  FaB92 N  4 months back


                  • Cole Edits
                    Cole Edits  4 months back

                    Matt Smith looks more like Morbius than Jared

                  • Mythical Entertainment
                    Mythical Entertainment  5 months back

                    Morbius will probably be working for the Life Foundation in the beginning to connect it to the Venom movie

                  • marian el
                    marian el  6 months back

                    the camera woman's response was the best part \m/ lol

                    • Gustavo Idiot
                      Gustavo Idiot  6 months back

                      Can’t wait this movie is going to completely introduce blade and spider man teaming up in the phase 4 lineup

                    • NoX#
                      NoX#  7 months back

                      Perfect choice for Morbius! 👌

                      • SHINKAMII
                        SHINKAMII  2 weeks back

                        Philip Tucker nigga that’s what he’s talking about

                      • Weapon H
                        Weapon H  2 weeks back

                        Philip Tucker he actually looks pretty good for the role.

                      • Philip Tucker
                        Philip Tucker  2 weeks back

                        He’s not morbius, Jared Leto is 🤮

                    • Sabrina Ali-Bakari
                      Sabrina Ali-Bakari  7 months back

                      That’s me crossing the road with the braidsss!!

                      • V J
                        V J  3 weeks back


                    • Rakib Meah
                      Rakib Meah  8 months back

                      Uh it’s my house so f’ off lol 😂😂😂

                      • W.B S.
                        W.B S.  7 months back

                        Caught that to

                    • Parker Peter
                      Parker Peter  8 months back

                      So pumped for this Morbius is my favourite comic character apart from spidey, would be great to get a Midnight sons/Nightstalkers kind of theme Netflix show

                      • John Santos
                        John Santos  1 months back

                        Wait, who's gonna be the voice of Morbius?

                    • Quincy Croft
                      Quincy Croft  8 months back

                      He still looks like the 11th Doctor.

                    • j p
                      j p  9 months back

                      ‘It’s our house so fuck off’. I love it

                      • Enzo Productor
                        Enzo Productor  10 months back

                        Like crack

                        • islvy
                          islvy  10 months back

                          that girl fuck off xD

                          • scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life

                            That lady was a fucking savage holy shit lol