Is hockey inclusive?

  • Published: 16 November 2019
  • How pervasive is racism in hockey? Adrian Ghobrial takes a closer look at intolerance on the ice.

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  • Edward J
    Edward J  3 weeks back

    I suppose the real question is is CityNews an objective media organization or are they biased?

    • Ro Williams
      Ro Williams  3 weeks back

      Luca Doncic is on fire in the NBA right now. He is gifted and is white. Luca gets respect, support and high praise from black players and fans all over the NBA. If Luca was equally gifted black hockey player he would never never never be as respected or supported. As history has shown black Luca would be bullied, mocked, get called a monkey and never given the chance to truly show his full potential. That is reality....sad black reality.

      • Updated8SecondsAgo
        Updated8SecondsAgo  3 weeks back

        Crying about everything nowadays

      • The Canadian guy
        The Canadian guy  4 weeks back

        how about who cares fake news

        • MR MAGOO
          MR MAGOO  4 weeks back

          No Country for White Men.
          This is ethnic cleansing.

            LAMOND HAUGHTON  4 weeks back

            The powers and big companies behind hockey will go with the change . More money making opportunities and possibly more vicrories.

            • westwood123x
              westwood123x  4 weeks back

              I think they are a bit late with that. Before 1994 you guys had an opportunity to do that after Major League Baseball canceled their season. What did you guys do with your new commissioner Gary Betman (AN NBA DOPE HEAD PRODIDY OF DAVID STERN) do. He went on a lockout and it killed your minor chances of gaining new fans who were discussed with Baseball. That killed it. Then you guys had another lockout and canceled you’re whole season. So the missed that boat. Now they are spreading it a bit too late and made that sport a regional game worse than baseball. That’s what killed it for you.

          • Priscilla Raeburn
            Priscilla Raeburn  4 weeks back

            Hockey is dead. Very rasicm sport.👈👀

          • FS150HZ
            FS150HZ  4 weeks back

            People keep mentioning Don as part of a racism problem. Nationalism doesn't imply racism. Many individuals of colour have Canadian family roots back to before the first World War. All Don says is he's for Canada first. That doesn't mean only white people.

            • Sam195
              Sam195  4 weeks back

              lol Canada first is a racist phrase referring to old stock Canadians. These bigots think anyone who earned their Canadian citizenship legally but weren't born on Canadian soil aren't equal to those who are. And their children despite legally being born on Canadian soil are dubbed anchor babies another racial slur. People like Cherry need to experience a public hanging so we can modify the behavior of his low IQ supporters.

          • So What
            So What  4 weeks back

            lets talk about homophobia in men's locker room

            • day1971
              day1971  4 weeks back

              People don’t realized that Don Cherry just put the first nail in hockey’s coffin, a sport without populate base will eventually die, with that comment he pushed millions of potential hockey fan away.

              • westwood123x
                westwood123x  4 weeks back

                In the USA 🇺🇸 yes because you have MMA. Basketball 🏀. And Baseball. Along with the immigrants coming to cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and other areas Soccer has seen some growth. Where is Hockey 🏒.

                On a separate not without the racism you have had deadbeat commissioners before Gary Betman and the current commission Gary Betman who is a BASKETBALL GUY BEFORE DAVID STERN who is running the sport. And he has no vision other than a basketball vision which makes no sense.

                You also went to markets in the mid 1990’s that weren’t ready for hockey like Phoenix or Atlanta. Not good along with racism just kills it. Canada seems like it has its core fans but not a growth. You have that along with this past June with the Raptors winning the NBA title with a nice GM and that brought people together. Hockey may go the way of boxing 🥊. We shall see

            • OSCAR
              OSCAR  4 weeks back

              Hockey is not inclusive I never like it anyway Bunch of guys without teeth Punching each other I never see the atracción for this sport 👎👎👎👎

              • Alan.Johnson JLB
                Alan.Johnson JLB  4 weeks back

                The problem is not that there aren't enough minorities. To me it's how ppl treat minorities who play the sport. Just look at all the awful tweets in the thumbnail of the video. Why the f does it matter who's playing? You all have a love for the sport just like the next guy. At the very least you can come together in the name of Hockey.

                • Simon C
                  Simon C  4 weeks back

                  Ban hockey . Problem solved

                • parker Melville
                  parker Melville  4 weeks back

                  The idea of inclusiveness is absurd,so we should what make sure that the NHL has an equal number of every shade of the rainbow ridiculous and I don't see anyone calling for the same for the NFL or NBA.

                  • CanMan1000
                    CanMan1000  4 weeks back

                    This news network is getting more sad by the day. Why don't you see any East Indians in sports? because they aren't good athletes. Blacks are the best overall athletes and whites are the second best.

                    • CanMan1000
                      CanMan1000  4 weeks back

                      @iGlesias Beats Latinos are great baseball players, most of them have high levels of European dna in them.

                    • CanMan1000
                      CanMan1000  4 weeks back

                      @parker Melville Blacks are exceptional athletes no doubt about that. How isn't basketball a gold standard or track and field? Btw most baseball players are white.

                    • parker Melville
                      parker Melville  4 weeks back

                      Blacks aren't the best athletes you sheep and the basketball and baseball aren't the gold standard for athletic ability.

                  • STEVE
                    STEVE  4 weeks back

                    CityNews is turning itself to a far-left propaganda activism outlet, soon it gonna turn to communist news outlet like CCTV

                    • Bonnie Cull
                      Bonnie Cull  3 weeks back


                  • MrBrational
                    MrBrational  4 weeks back

                    Jesus Christ.

                    • Jonni Martinez
                      Jonni Martinez  4 weeks back

                      As a Latino male I played hockey and I saw the clasism, racism and bigotry in the locker room. This isn't new, and you see it anytime you go to a Leaf game etc .... this will only change once more minorities go professional and bring a change like soccer and basketball which are affordable sports for all newcomers.

                      • MR MAGOO
                        MR MAGOO  4 weeks back

                        @Jonni Martinez
                        You're delusional if you think you have any valid arguments. 😂

                      • Jonni Martinez
                        Jonni Martinez  4 weeks back

                        Sam Hyde get out of what? Canada? Hahahahaha this just proves your a racist and clown! You can’t tell a Canadian to get out

                      • Jonni Martinez
                        Jonni Martinez  4 weeks back

                        MR MAGOO thank you for proving others right. Clown!

                      • MR MAGOO
                        MR MAGOO  4 weeks back

                        Jonni Martinez
                        Latinos are very racist.
                        I hope your daughter marries a black man.

                    • Peter Almeida
                      Peter Almeida  4 weeks back

                      City news is garbage.

                      • mrpotatohead and hisfantastic eyebrows

                        Thin skinned losers, grow up!

                        • Roy P
                          Roy P  4 weeks back

                          Making a big deal out of nothing.

                          • mrpotatohead and hisfantastic eyebrows

                            Who got offended when white men cant jump was a thing?

                            • Kollads kid
                              Kollads kid  4 weeks back

                              nazem kadri doesnt find don offensive. just these white people

                              • Kollads kid
                                Kollads kid  4 weeks back

                                try being a black soccer player in eastern europe XD its the most diverse sport...

                                • Mike smith
                                  Mike smith  4 weeks back

                                  Why is nobody talking about that racist loudmouth b**** on the social

                                  • Mike smith
                                    Mike smith  4 weeks back

                                    Hockey is a white game is basketball a black game

                                    • Mike smith
                                      Mike smith  4 weeks back

                                      @Medicinal Blood and what problem is that

                                    • Medicinal Blood
                                      Medicinal Blood  4 weeks back

                                      Mike smith you’re a part of the problem 🤦🏼‍♂️

                                  • Mike smith
                                    Mike smith  4 weeks back

                                    So what you're saying is that white people and black people can both be racist

                                    • gus black
                                      gus black  4 weeks back

                                      As white as school board staff

                                      • Captain Argonut 24
                                        Captain Argonut 24  4 weeks back

                                        = for all

                                        • MURTLE FOOT
                                          MURTLE FOOT  4 weeks back

                                          LOL hockey A white sport and basketball A black sport ! Who knew !.lolloLloLOL !!!!!!.

                                          • Greg Rogers
                                            Greg Rogers  4 weeks back

                                            Lololololo. I laugh at my own lame jokes & reply to myself.

                                            Wow, can you possibly be any more of a dork?

                                          • MURTLE FOOT
                                            MURTLE FOOT  4 weeks back

                                            Exactly 👍.

                                        • JogBird
                                          JogBird  4 weeks back

                                          White sports: Hockey, mountain biking, road cycling, sailing, golf, equestrian, triathlon, 'crossfit'... Basically anything that costs money