Marvel NOW! Cable & The X-Force Trailer

  • Published: 21 December 2012
  • Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca unite the outlaw X-Men in this new series!
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  • Marco Romano
    Marco Romano  7 months back

    They deserve their own movie!

    • fireflame62
      fireflame62  8 months back

      Phase 4 of the mcu

      • Zeratul
        Zeratul  2 years back

        "I love that gun"

        • Chuck Wesner
          Chuck Wesner  2 years back

          X _ men fan

          • Chuck Wesner
            Chuck Wesner  2 years back

            Stan Lee the man

            • Peter Vakulchik
              Peter Vakulchik  2 years back

              Please make a Xforce or Cable movie. Both are my favorite series and in my opinion really need movies. Make sure a fan of the one you'll make if you make one is a fan cause people who really are there only for the money ruin movies for their fans

              • Peter Vakulchik
                Peter Vakulchik  2 years back

                Also make sure it's the original XForce team cause that was the best one

            • UNIVERSAL T.V.
              UNIVERSAL T.V.  4 years back

              Cable going to be on dead pool 2

              • chris hargrove
                chris hargrove  4 years back

                wheres my man ripclaw and the rest

                • jared struyde
                  jared struyde  2 years back

                  chris hargrove ripclaw and cyberforce belongs to image comics not marvel.

              • chris hargrove
                chris hargrove  4 years back

                i would love to play as cable in a movie

                • MG16NCP
                  MG16NCP  5 years back

                  Forge is back!

                  • boxertest
                    boxertest  5 years back

                    So now Cable can use all of his psyonic ability? I hope the make a motion comic and put it on youtube

                    • Ammar Napata
                      Ammar Napata  6 years back

                      Cable VS Solid Snake!

                      • MG16NCP
                        MG16NCP  6 years back

                        @Ammar Napata Hope's future self is She-Stryfe. 

                      • Ammar Napata
                        Ammar Napata  6 years back

                        @Shane Leonard
                        And Stryfe as commentary

                      • Shane Leonard
                        Shane Leonard  6 years back

                        with Ocelot as referee

                    • Savage Tilley
                      Savage Tilley  6 years back

                      CABLE IS MY FAV!!

                      • Zorianff9
                        Zorianff9  6 years back

                        Please let the future X-Force movie have Cable as the main character, and no Wolverine like First Class
                        And may people get to know how special Cyclops & Jean Grey really are, and realize they were terribly mistreated in the movies because of Wolverine

                        • Kaka Man
                          Kaka Man  6 years back

                          I don't give a go make me a sammich!!!

                          • frankensteinmoneymac
                            frankensteinmoneymac  6 years back

                            Uh.....This isn't an animated movie....It's a trailer for a comic book series!

                            • Kaka Man
                              Kaka Man  6 years back

                              couldn't they have made this into a fuckin normal animated movie...fuckin idiots...DC is destroying you dumbfucks in stupid fucks at marvel don't realize you got a diamond in the rough here.....fuckin idiots...

                              • Cococrash11
                                Cococrash11  6 years back

                                Great Trailer.

                                • colonforsecs
                                  colonforsecs  6 years back

                                  To take down onslaught.

                                  • Henry Pym
                                    Henry Pym  6 years back

                                    Shatterstar was never gone? He is Longshot's son....but also his father as Longshot was made out of parts from Shatterstar.

                                    Comics are so complicated these days...

                                    • Djchrisberg
                                      Djchrisberg  6 years back

                                      is shatterstar ever coming back?

                                      • Pram De Rooy
                                        Pram De Rooy  7 years back

                                        cable animated movie would be so awesome

                                        • Ori Klein
                                          Ori Klein  7 years back

                                          I'm intrigued.

                                          • ASDhero
                                            ASDhero  7 years back

                                            I like the summer's family

                                            • Nathan Garcia
                                              Nathan Garcia  7 years back

                                              No. She only has the 'Summers' last name because Cable raised her as his own daughter after he saves her. It says this in the video.

                                              • LTGonline
                                                LTGonline  7 years back

                                                I fuckin love em, hope they do a bunch of series like Astonishing X-men. I have seen all the marvel motion comics. love every one. I love how violent they are. I want an Age of Apocalypse one, or a Garth Ennis Punisher one.

                                                • KABLE MUSIC
                                                  KABLE MUSIC  7 years back

                                                  Cable needs an animated movie asap!

                                                  • TheArmaldo
                                                    TheArmaldo  7 years back

                                                    And it ain't so good.

                                                    • ™ᙠ uɐqnƆ ˙˙˙ssǝ⅄

                                                      Not feeling this so far. Hope the next issue picks up a little more. Looking forward to the new UXF. Trying not to have my expectations in the stratosphere out of fear of being insanely disappointed but am intrigued to see what happens when Bishop comes back.

                                                      • Bulbous
                                                        Bulbous  7 years back

                                                        I prefer chimichangas, but tacos are also good :)

                                                        • Javier Vazquez
                                                          Javier Vazquez  7 years back

                                                          I think this could be the best x-force ever...

                                                          • metal220
                                                            metal220  7 years back

                                                            comics have really went down hill. i liked the x force killing team but they ruined it with uncanny x force. ruined deadpool after issue 13 or around issue 13 last series. x men after the big story line with bastion, punisher with frankencastle, spider man since 2007 its been good off and on, last good story line was dr octopus destroying the world, dredevil hasnt been good since the 70s or 80s. iron man hasnt been good since early 80s, etc

                                                            • Juan Alberto Porras
                                                              Juan Alberto Porras  7 years back

                                                              one of my favorit comics

                                                              • daour
                                                                daour  7 years back

                                                                Eeehh... nope

                                                                • Mav Sol
                                                                  Mav Sol  7 years back

                                                                  where'd you see that

                                                                  • Mav Sol
                                                                    Mav Sol  7 years back


                                                                    • Тимур Курбанов

                                                                      Always being bad-ass.

                                                                      • Spirito2008
                                                                        Spirito2008  7 years back

                                                                        Hope Summers? Is this Scott (Cyclops) and Jean Grey's daughter? Wouldn't that make Cable her brother?

                                                                        • Mult1killer
                                                                          Mult1killer  7 years back

                                                                          la otra noticia es que bajo su nivel marvel

                                                                          • ForeverExtreme03
                                                                            ForeverExtreme03  7 years back

                                                                            I hate people who Killed Spider-man (616) and i said Fuck them.

                                                                            • Тимур Курбанов

                                                                              Marvel, bring back Peter Parker, NOW!

                                                                              • AlexPrime
                                                                                AlexPrime  7 years back

                                                                                hes probly eating pancakes with maple syrup, not giving a shit.

                                                                                • damon fong
                                                                                  damon fong  7 years back

                                                                                  wheres deadpool ?!

                                                                                  • I quit Youtube
                                                                                    I quit Youtube  7 years back

                                                                                    cable is cool.

                                                                                    • Darnell Cromer
                                                                                      Darnell Cromer  7 years back

                                                                                      I'll do dat but im still a fan bcuz im a artist myself. It'll b a shame if his skills did drop but as a fellow artist ima hope it improves n da new yr...

                                                                                      • daour
                                                                                        daour  7 years back

                                                                                        Sadly Salvador's art has decreased... just compare how we drew Invincible Iron Man #1 to how he drew Invincible Iron Man #527 (final issue by him and Fraction) :/

                                                                                        • daour
                                                                                          daour  7 years back

                                                                                          Nah, that's Deadpool's hobby

                                                                                          • daour
                                                                                            daour  7 years back