Hornet VS Yellow Jacket - Whats The Difference? | Inside Wasp Nests | Wasp Nest Removal

  • Published: 22 November 2019
  • Hornets VS Yellow Jackets: Whats the difference between these two sub-families of Wasp? Clarifying some misinformation I find a lot on YouTube and on Google searches pertaining to "Bald Faced Hornets".
    "Bald Faced Hornets" are a "Yellow Jacket", more specifically, and Aerial Nest Bulilding Yellow Jacket- aka Dolichovespula Maculata.

    So in this video, I and comparing and contrasting a Bald Faced Hornet nest, with a Dolichovespula Arenaria Nest, and a European Hornet Nest, with the goal to break the confusion between these sub-groups, and offer some tips in identifying.
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  • Jboy Ortega
    Jboy Ortega  2 days back

    get a trip to japan. and try to remove a nest of japanese hornets it would be an achievement and a great content

    • William Alger 3rd
      William Alger 3rd  5 days back

      Such a beautiful TED talk, thank you for the information!!

      • TheDavid22
        TheDavid22  1 weeks back

        Watching this guy makes me kind of become a wasp removal person. Seriously, this is so interesting and nice, it looks like an awesome job to have

        • Gurken Pudding
          Gurken Pudding  2 weeks back

          That upside down ladder really made me feel uncomfortable...

          • rwed _
            rwed _  2 weeks back

            It's Friday night and i can't find anything to watch

            Son of a bitch, I'm in!

            • Tai Chi Guy
              Tai Chi Guy  2 weeks back

              Thank you for the video. You provided really good content and explanation between the hornet and yellow jackets.

              • gokblok
                gokblok  2 weeks back

                Are you from PA or MD?

                • Seventh Mist
                  Seventh Mist  2 weeks back

                  Actually, Hornets play for Charlotte and Yellow Jackets play for Georgia Tech.

                  • William
                    William  2 weeks back

                    6:15 WITCH!

                    • Gustavo Miranda
                      Gustavo Miranda  2 weeks back

                      6:17 using infinity stones to open combs... yes they can do anything... only $9,99 get then NOW!

                      • blip cat
                        blip cat  3 weeks back

                        We have Cicada Killers in Texas, that are the size of humming birds and can fly so fast that you haven't a chance to escape. Lucky their normal prey is cicadas........ the sound they make while they are in flight is a good warning for you to watch out for them and keep clear......what I see here that you are showing are pip squeeks compared to what I'm calling Cicada killers ........Geez, what you are showing as a huge hornet is a midget  compared to the size of our Texas Cicada Killers..........all I know is that that little vacuum you are using won't work for these big ass flying whatcha macallits we have.

                        • Hornet King
                          Hornet King   2 weeks back

                          @blip cat Credit me or not, but you no longer call cicada killers "ground hornets". The true success of this interchange is that you learned the difference.

                          Word to the wise: Continuing to be a prick to me while I'm trying to help you will only land you being blocked from commenting.

                        • blip cat
                          blip cat  2 weeks back

                          Sorry smart guy you aren't as intelligent as you presume you are......your comment help no one but your own ego.

                        • Hornet King
                          Hornet King   3 weeks back

                          @blip cat I didnt misunderstand. You changed your initial comment. You initially called them "Ground Hornets", which we dont have in the US. Just an FYI, Cicada killers are also a type of wasp and are categorized in the Vespidae family.

                          European Hornets are significantly larger than cicada killers. The cicada killers you have in Texas are the exact same we have in PA; so calling them "North Texas Cicada Killer" means nothing. There is no differentiation between what you are referring to, compared to what I have already shown in my earlier video, comparing different wasp subspecies.

                          I hope this helps. Stay tuned for a comparative video showing the difference in size and mass of different wasp species we have here in the US.

                        • blip cat
                          blip cat  3 weeks back

                          You misunderstand....what I see in you vids are wasps and hornets....what I'm talking about are Cicada killers, that burrow underground..........like I said the queen hornet you show is a midget compared to North Texas Cicada Killers which I have seen some over two inches long and wingspans about the same length.

                        • Hornet King
                          Hornet King   3 weeks back

                          I dont know what you think you're seeing, but the only Hornet (vespa) in the United States is the European Hornet (Vespa Crabro) which is also the largest wasp in the US. You're probably mistaking the Cicada Killer wasp as a "hornet" which it's not. Also, trust me when I say, wasps flying look a lot larger than when you see a dead one.
                          Leave the wasp identification to us professionals 🙂

                      • Edward Pate
                        Edward Pate  3 weeks back

                        I remember being stung as a kid by a hornet right between my shoulder blades. Felt like I was hit by a rifle bullet!

                        • Robert
                          Robert  3 weeks back


                          • kenzie -
                            kenzie -  3 weeks back

                            this man deserves anything he wants
                            I love him
                            he is my wholesome chaotic king

                            • Hornet King
                              Hornet King   3 weeks back

                              Awe thank you so much, Kenzie! Love you too!

                          • Doran Ziegler
                            Doran Ziegler  3 weeks back

                            I have yellow jackets, brown wasps, and carpenter bees in and around my house.
                            I let them all do their thing for the most part. I did haveto eliminate a yellow jacket 
                            nest because it was right next to our patio and they were flying past us when they 
                            left the nest - I hated to do it. I can't tell you how many btimes I have been stung
                            and it usually isn't one sting. I have been stug up to 10n times in one attack. It "stings"
                            but it isn't that painful. Hornets are another story -- they are bigger and meaner.

                            Also, he did not mention that the same wasp, yellow jacket, ect., can sting you multiple
                            times.Not so with bees which can only sting once and then they die. With carpenter bees,
                            only the female can sting, which is rarely and she does all the wood boring. The males 
                            just fly around all day fighting with each other and making general nuisances of themselves.

                            • Doran Ziegler
                              Doran Ziegler  3 weeks back

                              @Hornet King --Thanks for clarifying that -- I was under the impression all bees died after stinging. As stated, I have been stung numerous times, always by yellow jackets. I have never been stung by a bee. My nephew has a few hives of honey bees. One of them was particularly nasty and stung him a lot. He said the queen sets the mood of the hive. Is that true? Love your videos.

                            • Hornet King
                              Hornet King   3 weeks back

                              Honeybees are the only bees with a barbed ovipositor that disembowel them when they sting. Bumble bees, carpenter bees etc can sting over and over.

                              Just remember this isnt a bee channel.

                          • Wulv Runninghappi
                            Wulv Runninghappi  3 weeks back

                            Fantastic vid, You should feature one on the Japanese Hornet, definitely a species straight out of a horror movie.

                            • Grant Hutchins
                              Grant Hutchins  3 weeks back

                              I’ve never heard the term “bald-faced hornet” before this video.

                              • Tactical Wombat
                                Tactical Wombat  3 weeks back

                                Squirrel: Mmmm cheez-its and they are so good i dont care if the camera records me stuffin my face. Lol

                                • Charles W Jansen II
                                  Charles W Jansen II  3 weeks back

                                  Such amazing architects.

                                  • pork n beans
                                    pork n beans  3 weeks back

                                    THE ENDING GOT REAL GAY...REAL FAST

                                    • Hornet King
                                      Hornet King   5 days back

                                      Paying homage to a dead pet hardly qualifies as "Gay". Despite the thousands of comments I get, I am still baffled by the few I read that are tactless and shamelessly use terms like "gay" attacking someone is compassionate or caring towards animals. In this day an age too, Shame on you.

                                  • Paul Beall
                                    Paul Beall  3 weeks back

                                    Are ground bees a yellow jacket species?

                                  • SEX MONEY DRUGS
                                    SEX MONEY DRUGS  3 weeks back

                                    that nest was beautiful ,i've never seen one like that .

                                    • J3tzt bassman
                                      J3tzt bassman  3 weeks back

                                      I give them all the same amount of respect as an open electric line.

                                      • Whyme123
                                        Whyme123  3 weeks back

                                        they have discovered Asian hornets in the PNW now . wonder how long till they spread all over the west


                                        • AesopsRetreat
                                          AesopsRetreat  3 weeks back

                                          Be careful of those birds. They'll take out you eye without hesitation.

                                        • maigretus1
                                          maigretus1  3 weeks back

                                          UR a great thing for this UR (University of Rochester) alumnus to see. Go Yellow Jackets!

                                        • Thomas Long
                                          Thomas Long  3 weeks back

                                          In the book 1984, Winston Smith finally cracked when subjected to rats. Mine would be wasps.

                                          • Stuart Sullenbarger
                                            Stuart Sullenbarger  3 weeks back

                                            I have a question....I live in Memphis, tenn...we have a large bee nest in our back yard,it's in the ground,the the bees are huge,,,at least 2 inches long and very agressive,,what are they?

                                            • Hornet King
                                              Hornet King   3 weeks back

                                              We don't have ground Hornets in the US. More than likely you are witnessing cicada killers if they are truly as large as you're describing them.

                                            • Under Dawg
                                              Under Dawg  3 weeks back

                                              Stuart Sullenbarger ground hornets

                                          • FreeThinking TruthSeeker

                                            I got stung in the nipple once by a yellow jacket.. hurt like a mother 😡

                                            • rags15061
                                              rags15061  3 weeks back

                                              @Hornet King Are you from Pittsburgh by any chance...you sound like you have a Pittsburghese accent! I too suffer from this accent...but I learned to love it lol

                                              • Joe Parker
                                                Joe Parker  3 weeks back

                                                Yes good info

                                                • CAMCORDER NONSENSE
                                                  CAMCORDER NONSENSE  3 weeks back

                                                  A stopped up vacuum then? That would suck

                                                  • Catherine Mendel
                                                    Catherine Mendel  3 weeks back

                                                    Amazing little engineers!

                                                    • SpaXpert
                                                      SpaXpert  3 weeks back

                                                      Where's my military grade flame thower? hmmm.

                                                      • D Gibson
                                                        D Gibson  3 weeks back

                                                        Awesome video! I subscribed and love the love you have for animals!

                                                        • Hornet King
                                                          Hornet King   3 weeks back

                                                          Thank you so much for the love and Sub!

                                                      • E. C. jr.
                                                        E. C. jr.  3 weeks back

                                                        Great information.

                                                        • f15sim
                                                          f15sim  3 weeks back

                                                          This video misses an important question - what's the optimal drop height for a nuclear weapon in order to remove the nest? :D

                                                        • Randy Felts
                                                          Randy Felts  3 weeks back

                                                          Some 35 years ago my partner at the time were in the tape bed and texture business We were asked to work on a house that had been sheet rocked, and had been setting for awhile. When we walked in to do the work there were yellow jacket nest in many of the corners of the interior of the house. To make a long story shorter. We went to work. We worked very slowly skipping the areas were the nest were. The critters never got stired up, and neither of us got stung. I guess that Bible verse that says "Be ye kind one to another..." really is true.

                                                          • max webster
                                                            max webster  3 weeks back

                                                            Last summer it was dry and the ground cracked here. We had a nasty nest inside the ground under my blackberry bushes. I filled a garden hose with dish soap and then connected to water but couldn't seem to flush the nest out due to the crack running along our foundation in clay. Is there a better way? I got bit and couldn't walk for near 2 weeks.

                                                            • Norman Buchanan
                                                              Norman Buchanan  3 weeks back

                                                              wow that part with the squirrel and chicken is the coolest thing 👍👍

                                                              • Charles Tredway
                                                                Charles Tredway  4 weeks back

                                                                What type of hornet builds it’s nest in the ground?

                                                                • Bruce Rulz
                                                                  Bruce Rulz  4 weeks back

                                                                  What camera are you using to film the squirrel and hen? It’s amazingly crisp.

                                                                  • Hornet King
                                                                    Hornet King   4 weeks back

                                                                    It's either my canon Vixia 4k or my Samsung Note 10+

                                                                • Jeannie Michaels
                                                                  Jeannie Michaels  4 weeks back

                                                                  This video was so interesting. Thank you for uploading.

                                                                  • Christopher G
                                                                    Christopher G  4 weeks back

                                                                    I love your passion and your knowledge. You're not so much an exterminator, as an entertaining scientist who happens to help people get rid of invasive/dangerous species of wasps and hornets. Your videos are engaging and interesting, and I always feel like I've learned something new.

                                                                    • Hornet King
                                                                      Hornet King   4 weeks back

                                                                      Thank you so much! That's how I look at it too! ❤❤❤

                                                                  • Joe Add
                                                                    Joe Add  4 weeks back

                                                                    What kind of fluid do you put in the vacuum?

                                                                    • Martin Eastburn
                                                                      Martin Eastburn  4 weeks back

                                                                      Is there any relation to the ground living green hornet ? Nasty. In Texas.

                                                                      • Scott Warmbier
                                                                        Scott Warmbier  4 weeks back

                                                                        I still think that wasps are "A$$HOLES" BUT I'm learning something watching these videos. I'm totally cool with bees in general but can't handle a wasp in my shed or flying around me when I'm on my back patio... I really have respect for those who can put one's fears aside and study these insects. I have to watch more to learn more about the longer black iridescent ones that seem to be more aggressive than what was outlined in the video. Great video and love the chicken content too!

                                                                        • Snoop Catt
                                                                          Snoop Catt  4 weeks back

                                                                          Crazy how you can just pick up all those little insects like that