North Carolina Tar Heels vs Duke Blue Devils Full Game 10 03 17

  • Published: 11 March 2017

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  • Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man  1 months back

    You going to tell me at 39 minutes in, that's wasn't a foul?

    • Gustav The Great
      Gustav The Great  2 months back


      • Nick Tucker
        Nick Tucker  7 months back

        Go Duke

        • Cars/rRacing
          Cars/rRacing  1 years back

          1:12:30 and on is a crazy sequence

          • Tariq Underwood
            Tariq Underwood  1 years back

            awesome the duke brotherhood

            • Krispy krunch
              Krispy krunch  2 years back

              Thats not me, just some random weirdos

              • Orrling
                Orrling  2 years back

                sad how it ended

                • Greg Stephens
                  Greg Stephens  3 years back

                  UNC was cruising in this one until Berry fouled out. OH well. We got the big prize ;)

                  • Eric Hall
                    Eric Hall  10 months back

                    OK, Greg, you didn't play for UNC (we) for one. And Duke has a few prizes also.

                  • Billy Kalgary
                    Billy Kalgary  2 years back

                    Greg Stephens so we still beat you

                  • Tristan covington
                    Tristan covington  2 years back

                    Greg Stephens

                  • Greg Stephens
                    Greg Stephens  2 years back

                    Aight, foul trouble then.

                • Caleb Clark
                  Caleb Clark  3 years back

                  go heels

                • Nyfancam01
                  Nyfancam01  3 years back

                  I'm a UNC fan but I like Jay Bilas. He KNEW that was a BULLSHIT call on Jackson. Jackson should've been shooting FT's.

                  • Nowhere Man
                    Nowhere Man  1 months back

                    I know right before the half, Jason Tatum should had been shooting FT's.

                  • Ramar Wright
                    Ramar Wright  2 years back

                    lol wut

                • smokethisgt
                  smokethisgt  3 years back

                  GO DUKE