FULL INTERVIEW: tWitch on His Growing Family and More!

  • Published: 12 January 2020
  • Real fam, who’s trying to grow their fam in 2020?
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  • Forever Me
    Forever Me  6 days back

    Who’s he?

    • Jo-ann Blair
      Jo-ann Blair  1 weeks back

      Loni Love Needs to be fired for what she said about black man

      • Phdiva 0890
        Phdiva 0890  1 weeks back

        Another nappy headed man stepping out of his race making confused children.

        • Glitter Mafia
          Glitter Mafia  1 weeks back

          You're a loser. Those children will be showed more love and care by their parents than you have ever been shown. It's clear by your gross and hateful commentary.

      • shashayaway bailey
        shashayaway bailey  1 weeks back

        5 minutes! Honestly congratulations. But we aren't twitch fans we do not. Care!

        • D Wood
          D Wood  1 weeks back

          Boycott LonnieKuun: https://youtu.be/SH2y_H8it7g

          • CoCo Renee
            CoCo Renee  1 weeks back

            He reminds me of Lena Waithe...both good looking ppl😊

            • Sianeh Johnson
              Sianeh Johnson  1 weeks back

              I dont know who these girls stylist is but half the time they look like they're auditioning to be Earrh Wind and fire's background singers!!

              • Sandra77
                Sandra77  1 weeks back

                Damn of course he with a white woman. But we still got Idris Elba!!! Ha!!!

                • Lis !
                  Lis !  1 weeks back

                  👀 love is love come on

              • Kimberly Dillard
                Kimberly Dillard  1 weeks back

                Ok Jeannie Mai does look pregnant on hear her clothes are bigger and she's sitting up on her chair more too the table. they put her there so she can go to too bathroom more often. hmmm

                • Kimberly Dillard
                  Kimberly Dillard  6 days back

                  @Glitter Mafia Wow, calling the pot black . Look at yourself before you judge me. If you pay attention there saying she's pregnant she just haven 't come out and said it. If you watch the show you can tell. BE BLESSED

                • Glitter Mafia
                  Glitter Mafia  1 weeks back

                  Wow, how pathetic to think up rumors of another person. Sick and twisted.

              • khizottt88
                khizottt88  1 weeks back

                Damn he fine

                • Aden's Journey
                  Aden's Journey  1 weeks back

                  Mix babies ok. ❤️He literally on his lunch break over there lol

                • Kenny Rodgers
                  Kenny Rodgers  1 weeks back

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                  • indakut
                    indakut  1 weeks back

                    The real makes me smile inside because you just dont see 5 non white daytime talk show host on a successful show everyday just doing it! Give us 1000+ more episodes to come.

                    • MB
                      MB  1 weeks back

                      Lol, his family picture was so predictable.

                      • REBEL LOGIC
                        REBEL LOGIC  1 weeks back

                        wow that fedora thoughhhhhh.. what a nice hat .. i need it in my life! somebody ..somebody tell me who makes this

                        • Lulu Seatown Getdown
                          Lulu Seatown Getdown  1 weeks back

                          Jeannie looks so fine💗 she’s always in some 🔥🔥🔥 looks

                          • Amber Sue 07
                            Amber Sue 07  1 weeks back

                            When is Amanda going to leave? She’s so bland, it’s like she overstayed her visit😬

                            • Amber Sue 07
                              Amber Sue 07  1 weeks back

                              Yurose Petion just because I don’t like her that doesn’t make me a hater, grow up 🙄

                            • Yurose Petion
                              Yurose Petion  1 weeks back


                          • Jemima Deka
                            Jemima Deka  1 weeks back

                            i loveee amanda but tbh im still not used to seeing amanda not being a guest 😂

                            • Roots
                              Roots  1 weeks back

                              This man is so beautiful.

                            • Adrienne Reed
                              Adrienne Reed  1 weeks back

                              ALABAMA BABY

                            • Jaïm Meïdeax
                              Jaïm Meïdeax  1 weeks back

                              Omg Jeannie look tf GOOD!!! This outfit is fire!!!!

                              • May G
                                May G  1 weeks back

                                Amanda you’re new. Stop acting like you’re the main host. You’re not.

                                • May G
                                  May G  6 days back

                                  Jenell Lee I didn’t know growing up had to do with disliking someone in a show. Thanks for your input ms.perfect.

                                • Jenell Lee
                                  Jenell Lee  6 days back

                                  Y’all are ridiculous. She literally didn’t do anything wrong like shut tf up and grow up!

                                • Debs love
                                  Debs love  1 weeks back

                                  Mar ghukas Give Amanda a break , what is wrong with you . She didn’t do nothing wrong and she is part of the show now whether you like it or not

                                • Gugulethu Sithole
                                  Gugulethu Sithole  1 weeks back

                                  Minnie Blue then say that instead of what you said the first time. It made you sound like a hater for no reason..
                                  Go off and watch something else then. I don’t think it will affect these women’s career.

                                • Amber Sue 07
                                  Amber Sue 07  1 weeks back

                                  I agree I don’t like Amanda either. It was fine with just the four of them. Amanda is beautiful but that’s it she has a boring personality and doesn’t fit in to me.

                              • bts army
                                bts army  1 weeks back

                                Sorry I can't I whould have to cancel the show

                                • Amber Sue 07
                                  Amber Sue 07  1 weeks back

                                  bts army with Amanda there, yes I can barely watch it now I just don’t like her.

                              • Rahim Almawri
                                Rahim Almawri  1 weeks back

                                Adrienne needs to switch up that dance move. Ewww. Her contour jet legs get big head. Ugh. Can't stand her anymore

                                • Amber Sue 07
                                  Amber Sue 07  1 weeks back

                                  Rahim Almawri lol what are you even saying ?

                              • jonny davis
                                jonny davis  1 weeks back

                                alot of black men don't know how to build faithful relationships


                                • zanaye clark
                                  zanaye clark  1 weeks back

                                  @Choua Yang I get what you mean. Literally EVERY SINGLE black friend I had from elementary to high school did not have a father in their life. I've dated guys from every background, and I can honestly say, other cultures are more family oriented and put greater emphasis on marriage. Most black men make you jump through hoops before they're ready to put a ring on a BLACK woman's hand.

                                • ixamxmsright
                                  ixamxmsright  1 weeks back

                                  Choua Yang take a chance girl lots of good black men out there. A majority of mixed couples do stay together

                                • South African Caramel
                                  South African Caramel  1 weeks back

                                  @Daily Sipblack people don't want to admit that

                                • Daily Sip
                                  Daily Sip  1 weeks back

                                  lime light black men never stay in a faithful relationship with non-black women . They always end up back with a black woman . Look at the celebs They marry white women and then divorce and the white woman gets all of their money and then marry a White man 😂😂.

                              • Jonah Ge
                                Jonah Ge  1 weeks back

                                Hard working black men always gives back to the white community lmao

                                • Treasure Clemons
                                  Treasure Clemons  1 weeks back

                                  LMAO!!! That right there LOL! Well said!!

                                • Mr. Nyce Guy
                                  Mr. Nyce Guy  1 weeks back

                                  Jonah Ge 👈 Little d!ck pink male troll alert.

                                • N.W.A.
                                  N.W.A.  1 weeks back

                                  ​@Sharon Don't even dignify the comment with a response.

                                • Sharon
                                  Sharon  1 weeks back

                                  Guess what? They both met while they were WORKING. This grown man is not giving back to anything he is involved in a partnership with a grown woman. They both equally work just as hard regardless what the color of their skin is. Just because you’re ignorant doesn’t make you right.

                              • Maddie A
                                Maddie A  1 weeks back

                                Adrienne is obsessed with everyone’s show 🙄 lol

                                • Haniyyah Thomas
                                  Haniyyah Thomas  1 weeks back



                                • Victoria McIver
                                  Victoria McIver  1 weeks back

                                  O my goodness Love those images they are beautiful Congrats to Twitch on his new baby she's beautiful!💖

                                  • Donice Chappell
                                    Donice Chappell  1 weeks back

                                    twitch is fine

                                    • Isatou Jallow
                                      Isatou Jallow  1 weeks back

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                                      • Manophere. com
                                        Manophere. com  1 weeks back

                                        Shouldn't house work women do really be considered Rent. It seems women to Entitled an accustomed to privage. She even said it

                                        • Manophere. com
                                          Manophere. com  1 weeks back

                                          @Glitter Mafia your so entitled you don't even know what Rent is. Your father most be proud

                                        • Glitter Mafia
                                          Glitter Mafia  1 weeks back


                                      • Javi Ruiz
                                        Javi Ruiz  1 weeks back

                                        He has a beautiful family!!!

                                      • Angel M
                                        Angel M  1 weeks back

                                        The twitch is wearing the same exact outfit in Ellen's game of games

                                        • Neysia Payton
                                          Neysia Payton  7 days back

                                          He not that rich he can rewear clothes

                                        • Mantsi Artilia
                                          Mantsi Artilia  1 weeks back

                                          Someone said he was on a lunch break😂😂

                                        • Surya
                                          Surya  1 weeks back

                                          @Rene Williams Rene gurl youre a lil too pressed hahah chill

                                        • Rene Williams
                                          Rene Williams  1 weeks back

                                          Shut up...You jealous, you probably don't have a ring on your finger. Shut about about his clothes, that's Allisons concern his wife.

                                        • Joyce Coetzee
                                          Joyce Coetzee  1 weeks back

                                          Yea Ellen is next door to the real

                                      • iTamZz
                                        iTamZz  1 weeks back


                                        • L D
                                          L D  1 weeks back

                                          I like how Adrienne has spunk when she speaks and it’s natural... but when Jeannie speaks with her little ghetto talk she has been doing its FORCED! And she sounds so stupid! Jeannie be your damn self! Sounds like an asian girl trying to act black with a white persons voice. She is confused! I liked her when she was with her husband when she was herself. Now she’s like an immature wannabe black girl. Cut Jeannie off!! There are enough black girls on this show. They don’t need a black girl wannabe! She does not represent Asians at all! Might as well replace “homegirl” with Brenda Song!!!! Someone who’s proud to be asian!

                                          • Precious Colon
                                            Precious Colon  1 weeks back

                                            Love Amanda, this man is handsome idk who he is tho but we dressed

                                            • Mr. Nyce Guy
                                              Mr. Nyce Guy  1 weeks back

                                              @Gugulethu Sithole no im judging a self hating fat ugly bedwench that's mad because no BM wants her.

                                            • Mr. Nyce Guy
                                              Mr. Nyce Guy  1 weeks back

                                              @Lis ! No loni fat ass eats more in a day then I do in a month. So stfu b!tch.

                                            • Lis !
                                              Lis !  1 weeks back

                                              @Mr. Nyce Guy youre acting like Loni doesnt make more money in a month than you make in a year.

                                            • Agatha z
                                              Agatha z  1 weeks back

                                              @J L as they say.

                                            • Gugulethu Sithole
                                              Gugulethu Sithole  1 weeks back

                                              Mr. Nyce Guy Jesus Christ! 😳 So you just gon judge another person that harshly without knowing them?You must be projecting.

                                          • Hannah Berry
                                            Hannah Berry  1 weeks back

                                            When I was in 5th grade I went to a dancing convention and I wasn't allowed to drink coffee bc my mom said it stunted your growth but tWitch offered me a cup of coffee in the hall and I drank it. That moment changed my life lol

                                          • Kevin Putra Chandra
                                            Kevin Putra Chandra  1 weeks back

                                            Amanda is on every thumbnail eventhough twitch is the guest?

                                            • Minnie Blue
                                              Minnie Blue  1 weeks back

                                              @Amber Sue 07 she wants to be tamar so bad

                                            • Yurose Petion
                                              Yurose Petion  1 weeks back

                                              @Minnie Blue I don't even think she has ass

                                            • jenbk2 bk2
                                              jenbk2 bk2  1 weeks back

                                              Yeah, not a fan of her at all.

                                            • Amber Sue 07
                                              Amber Sue 07  1 weeks back

                                              They’re trying to show that they have a new host, like? Okay woop de doo but ugh she’s so bland I really wish they would stop shoving her down our throats 🙄

                                            • Minnie Blue
                                              Minnie Blue  1 weeks back

                                              Wtf is with them sucking Amanda's ass? Shes annoying tbh she doesnt fit

                                          • Shandaece Alexander
                                            Shandaece Alexander  1 weeks back

                                            Tam really gave him the church hug 😂😂😂

                                            • FaithTV
                                              FaithTV  4 days back

                                              I think it's just an attempt to be respectful.

                                            • Purple Cow Movement
                                              Purple Cow Movement  1 weeks back

                                              @Angel M lmaoo

                                            • dd1ee2vv3oo4nn5
                                              dd1ee2vv3oo4nn5  1 weeks back

                                              @Angel M I agree it ain't that serious.

                                            • Angel M
                                              Angel M  1 weeks back

                                              She did not do a full on hug at all ... Like we get it Adam is ur hubby but chill

                                          • RosefrmVenus
                                            RosefrmVenus  1 weeks back

                                            Amanda always has a weird piece of hair on her head. Fix it Jesus.

                                            • lime light
                                              lime light  1 weeks back

                                              @Queen Butterfly smthng is wrong with your skin though 🤔 #bronzer

                                            • Minnie Blue
                                              Minnie Blue  1 weeks back

                                              She should just get off the show

                                            • Mr. Nyce Guy
                                              Mr. Nyce Guy  1 weeks back

                                              Its how she gets her blakkk girl magik

                                            • Queen Butterfly
                                              Queen Butterfly  1 weeks back

                                              @JodyNanci yes there is

                                            • RosefrmVenus
                                              RosefrmVenus  1 weeks back

                                              eys292 I SAID what I SAID.

                                          • Joshua Otusanya
                                            Joshua Otusanya  1 weeks back

                                            Peace love and prosperity to whoever is reading this ❤️

                                            • Sobu Pun
                                              Sobu Pun  1 weeks back

                                              Thank you..
                                              Just what I needed ❤️

                                            • natasha mckay
                                              natasha mckay  1 weeks back

                                              Thank you wishing you the same ✌💕 from down under Australia

                                            • justice dhemby
                                              justice dhemby  1 weeks back

                                              God bless you

                                          • Young Lyric
                                            Young Lyric  1 weeks back

                                            She's a new host

                                            • Minnie Blue
                                              Minnie Blue  1 weeks back

                                              @Yurose Petion you just said in a previous post amanda doesnt have an ass

                                            • Minnie Blue
                                              Minnie Blue  1 weeks back

                                              @Amber Sue 07 exactly she just talks over everyone like it's the amanda show

                                            • Yurose Petion
                                              Yurose Petion  1 weeks back

                                              @Minnie Blue hater

                                            • Nat Divaz
                                              Nat Divaz  1 weeks back

                                              @Amber Sue 07 Tamar - Obnoxious
                                              Amanda - Realness

                                            • Amber Sue 07
                                              Amber Sue 07  1 weeks back

                                              Minnie Blue I agree I don’t like her either, Adrienne is the talker, Jeannie brings the laughs, Loni has her sarcasm, Tam is the sweet one and Amanda...? Ugh she’s just there, I wish she would leave, at least Tamar had a personality.

                                          • Conor George
                                            Conor George  1 weeks back

                                            Starting to forget what the other girls look like when it comes to the thumbnails 😂 we get it guys you have a new host