FUNNY SCHOOL SUPPLY HACKS || Useful Life Hacks With School Supplies by 123 GO!GOLD

  • Published: 04 November 2019
  • How to have fun at school to surprise your classmates and shock your teachers😱? The answer is right here in our brand new school supply hacks!

    Find out how to solve math tasks like you're Einstein or something! Awesome ways to use simple school supplies will help you to survive any trouble in class and will save you from awkward moments on your lessons📝

    Transform your clothes with funny clothing hacks using school supply! Decorate a t-shirt and make a trendy print from coffee you just spilled. Or use an ordinary pen and shock your friend with crazy school prank or magic trick with a marker!

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    00:20 Math tricks for smart students without cheating
    02:43 Marker prank to see shoked faces of your friends
    03:19 Decorate white t-shirt with coffee stains
    04:00 Clothes hacks for clever girls to enhance beauty
    07:35 Hot glue life hacks
    09:08 Funny bloopers

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  • Renu Ravi
    Renu Ravi  14 minutes back

    In India vicky is a boy name 😂😂😂😂

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      Gracie Gough  1 hours back

      i love this song

      • My name is on my profile

        This is made me lose brain cells

        • CJ Rebel
          CJ Rebel  6 hours back

          So epic

          • Jackomantlern Does dumb stuff

            So if I rip a hole in my pants and then turn it into a shirt I have two shirts and no pants?

            • HaroonKhalid Qazi
              HaroonKhalid Qazi  1 days back

              I tried the hack when Emmy don’t have sccisor and she does it with scale but it didn’t work 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

              • Amy love
                Amy love  1 days back


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                  Rjstarz  1 days back

                  I'm here from Giofilms

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                  • crystal colon
                    crystal colon  2 days back

                    I did the pants shirt thing

                    • Bridget McDaniel
                      Bridget McDaniel  2 days back

                      But where is the pants!?! ya just can't wear won clothing girl 8:42

                      • Tina Mayes
                        Tina Mayes  2 days back

                        Thx xx desdsfxccxvmijfoig

                      • Pamela Maya
                        Pamela Maya  4 days back

                        Some yellow teeth they have

                        • John Marstin
                          John Marstin  4 days back

                          and why don’t they just talk and not communicate with telepathy

                        • John Marstin
                          John Marstin  4 days back

                          what’s that face 😂 4:50

                          • Lilly 200612
                            Lilly 200612  5 days back

                            This is just troom troom

                          • Viktor Wistrand
                            Viktor Wistrand  5 days back

                            The coffe hack but when you wash it will come off ._.

                            • Laila Kennedy
                              Laila Kennedy  5 days back

                              1 ᵞᴼᵁ ᶜᴼᵁᴸᴰ ᴶᵁˢᵀ ᴸᴱᴬᴿᴺ ᵀᴴᴱᴹ
                              2 ᵞᴼᵁ ᶜᴼᵁᴸᴰ ᴶᵁˢᵀ ᴬˢᴷ ᶠᴼᴿ ˢᶜᴵˢˢᴼᴿˢ ᶠᴿᴼᴹ ˢᴼᴹᴱᴼᴺᴱ ᴱᴸˢᴱ
                              3 ᴶᵁˢᵀ ᵁˢᴱ ᴵᵀ ᴬᴺᴰ ᵀᴴᴱᴺ ᴳᴵᵛᴱ ᴵᵀ ᵀᴼ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᵀᴴᴱᴿ ᴳᴵᴿᴸ
                              4 ᴶᵁˢᵀ ᴳᴼ ᵀᴼ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴮᴬᵀᴴᴿᴼᴼᴹ ˢᵀᴿᴬᴵᴳᴴᵀ ᴬᵂᴬᵞ ᴬᴺᴰ ᵂᴬˢᴴ ᴵᵀ ᴼᶠ ᵂᴵᵀᴴ ˢᴼᴬᴾ ᴬᴺᴰ ᵂᴬᵀᴱᴿ
                              5 ˢᴱᵂ ᵀᴴᴱᴹ ᵁᴾ ᴳᴬᵂᴰ ᴺᴼᵂ ᵞᴼᵁ ᴴᴬᵛᴱ ᴺᴼ ᴾᴬᴺᵀˢ
                              6 ᴼᴹᴳ ᴵᵀ ᴰᴼᴱˢᴺᵀ ᴱᵛᴱᴺ ᴸᴼᴼᴷ ᵀᴴᴬᵀ ᴮᴬᴰ ᴶᴱᴱᶻ
                              7 ᵞᴼᵁ ᴴᴬᵛᴱ ᵀᴼ ᴮᴱ ᴬ ᴬᴿᵀᴵˢᵀ ᵀᴼ ᴰᴼ ᵀᴴᴬᵀ
                              8 ᵞᴼᵁ ᴰᴼᴺᵀ ᴺᴱᴱᴰ ᴹᴼᴺᴱᵞ ᴵᴺ ᵞᴼᵁᴿ ᴮᴿᴬ
                              9 ᵀᴬᴷᴱ ᴼᶠ ᵞᴼᵁᴿ ˢᴴᴼᴱˢ ᴬᴺᴰ ᵂᴬᴸᴷ

                              • Debbie the Dog
                                Debbie the Dog  5 days back

                                Actually, 2:51 doesn't work because the person in front of you can still see it if you dropped it in any direction.

                                • Cricket Sutherland
                                  Cricket Sutherland  5 days back

                                  I love you

                                  • ClassicCody Kman
                                    ClassicCody Kman  5 days back

                                    5:28 You don’t have a shirt

                                    • HenryUltra
                                      HenryUltra  5 days back

                                      I love school so much

                                      • Carrie N
                                        Carrie N  5 days back

                                        I love ur hacks

                                        • chantal d
                                          chantal d  6 days back


                                          • Alexx Sk
                                            Alexx Sk  6 days back

                                            The nines table (from 1- 10) me : umm it’s 1-9

                                          • AnimeFanGirl AnimeFanGirl

                                            That was such a good coffee spill

                                            • Tana Nata
                                              Tana Nata  5 days back

                                              Baš si cool video ali ono što je kao stavila u usta nije stavila nego ga ostavila i onda je pao dolje baš ono sunku vide ja sam Sara volim vaše vide volim lutkice volim valut Kića sa Sara lol

                                          • Keorapetse Matsheng
                                            Keorapetse Matsheng  6 days back

                                            Sophia is so mean

                                            • Carla Hernandez
                                              Carla Hernandez  7 days back

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                                              • Lily Gibbs
                                                Lily Gibbs  7 days back

                                                Them:If you have glue ready........
                                                Me:And if we don't?

                                                • Jo Adams
                                                  Jo Adams  7 days back

                                                  Can you make crop tops

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                                                    • Millie Thomas
                                                      Millie Thomas  7 days back

                                                      This might be worse than Troom troom

                                                      • •lørenx•
                                                        •lørenx•  1 weeks back

                                                        7:55 Vicky should've taken her heels off and put them on when she gets there.

                                                        • Hey Say chocolate
                                                          Hey Say chocolate  1 weeks back

                                                          How much you say mall

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                                                            I got a brain

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                                                                  AniyahHasADHD 409  1 weeks back

                                                                  My teacher told me about the 9 times table trick

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                                                                    Giulia Moreno  1 weeks back

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                                                                      loveydovey Sun  1 weeks back

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                                                                        • Rozei AW
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                                                                          Rozeimah Abdul Wahab

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                                                                            But then you have no pants 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                                                            • Jarica25
                                                                              Jarica25  1 weeks back

                                                                              I know the multipulse table of 3,4,5,7,9,10,11.

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                                                                                Hi I am new

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