• Published: 14 January 2020
  • Today, I'm reviewing the new Dior Forever Skin Correct concealer. I've been wearing it for the past three days and I'm sharing my personal experience with you. Be sure to comment below with your thoughts and observations if you've tried this concealer as well. The more information we can share, the better decisions we can make as consumers. Thank you for watching! xx




    $63 Dior Blue Beat palette:
    $52 Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm:
    $36 Dior concealer:
    $50 Dior coral vibes highlighter:
    $37 Dior rosy glow blush:
    $29 BareMinerals warmth bronzer:
    $22 Brow master:
    $59 TF eye defining pen:
    $32 CT legendary lashes:
    $31 Beige Natural lip liner:
    $38 YSL #70 Le Nu:
    $55 TF lip gloss cristalline:

    Cotton Emporium tee:
    Loren Hope Abba earrings:

    Marc Jacobs brush:
    Duo fiber foundation:
    Highlighting brush:
    Sigma flat top kabuki:
    Sigma F86 tapered kabuki:
    Sigma mini tapered kabuki:
    Sigma tapered powder brush:
    Chanel powder brush:
    Chanel eyeshadow brush:
    Sigma E35 blending brush:
    Sigma E25 blending brush:
    Chanel blush brush:
    Sigma duo fiber powder:
    Sigma highlighting brush:
    Chanel precision brush:
    Sigma flat eyeshadow brush:
    Sigma pencil brush:

    I'm 32 years old with normal/combo skin. I get slightly oily in my T-zone throughout the day.
    Chanel: 30 beige foundation, 10 concealer
    Dior: 300 or 311
    CT: 6N in airbrush flawless, 3 flawless filter

    Neiman Marcus:

    Sigma lens:
    Camera microphone:
    Camera bag:
    Soft boxes:
    Ring light:
    Smaller lights:
    *All videos edited using Final Cut Pro*

    I always purchase the products showcased in my videos unless otherwise stated. I appreciate your support.

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  • Annie Standing-Ngai
    Annie Standing-Ngai  18 hours back

    I was looking at this concealer earlier and am glad I didn't buy it now I've seen you show the lightest shade. I'm really pale and that would be way too dark for me!!

    • Annie Standing-Ngai
      Annie Standing-Ngai  7 hours back

      @Erin Nicole TV Ahh thank you, just checked the UK website and they do have it in 00. I have fine lines under my eyes though, so might still pass as it's bound to crease!

    • Erin Nicole TV
      Erin Nicole TV   17 hours back

      There's a 00 on the Dior website, I ordered it in hopes it would work better for me. It's wayyyyy lighter, but still creases :/ xx

  • Izzy P.
    Izzy P.  3 days back

    Hi Erin, in Europe there is also shade 00, is it not available in the US?
    00 is extra light and is used as an under eye brightener. I’ve just tried it at the Dior counter, it’s fantastic!!

    • Izzy P.
      Izzy P.  3 days back

      Erin Nicole TV great! Let us know how it went! :))

    • Erin Nicole TV
      Erin Nicole TV   3 days back

      I ordered it and it should arrive today! The 00 is only available on the Dior website not at Sephora or counters so I'm going to give it another try :) xx

  • sna ojao
    sna ojao  4 days back

    I love how thorough your review is.

  • Lisa Carbone
    Lisa Carbone  5 days back

    Apparently the trick is to apply and then let me “set” for a bit before blending... cheers Lisa

    • EmmaD1984
      EmmaD1984  3 days back

      I was about to say that to you Erin about the 00 universal shade. I purchased this plus the 0N shade and it gives me such a beautiful brightening affect and I love how luminous and hydrated my under eye is. A new fav for me :) also if you use the Laura mercier secret brightening powder it helps with the creasing big time! It’s specially for the under eye area. Just make sure you smooth out any creases before setting with this powder and only use a little as it’s a white powder. Update us with your results :) X

    • Erin Nicole TV
      Erin Nicole TV   5 days back

      I returned the 0 and order the 00 universal brightener form the Dior website, it arrives Monday so we'll see if I can make it work! xx

  • bookers
    bookers  6 days back

    Have seen a few reviews ( a o Mel) saying you need to wait a bit before blending. Letting it set for a bit before blending provides more coverage

    • Erin Nicole TV
      Erin Nicole TV   5 days back

      This shade isn't my favorite, but I ordered the 00 from the Dior website so I'll give it another go and see what happens :) xx

  • Holly Dean
    Holly Dean  1 weeks back

    Thank you very much/this was so helpful. I am looking forward to your concealer round-up video. I have such a hard time finding a concealer. I like more of a dewy finish but high coverage (cannot stand anything that looks dry and cakey-Tarte Shape Tap is my arch nemesis). I don't even mind a bit of creasing as long as I can pat it out. I find it almost impossible to find what fits my criteria. Best I've found is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye. I have tried so many. I don't mind breaking the bank if I can find myself a miracle :) An interesting note is the foundation you pair it with makes a huge difference (not just texture but also colour). LOL it is far more complicated than one might think. Okay, enough rambling :) Thanks again.

    • Holly Dean
      Holly Dean  5 days back

      @Erin Nicole TV If I find a miracle concealer I'll let you know! What I have noticed is that sometimes if I go a little darker than what I think I need it actually covers better/does that make any sense?

    • Erin Nicole TV
      Erin Nicole TV   5 days back

      It sounds like we are in the same boat! I want hydration, if I have to pat a little fine because I have fine lines and that's just physics lol, but there are very few formulas that work! I completely agree about the foundation too, it makes a huge difference. xx

  • Angela Markopoyloy
    Angela Markopoyloy  1 weeks back

    maybe you need to moisturize well before applying

    • Erin Nicole TV
      Erin Nicole TV   5 days back

      I use a great moisturizer, I think this just might not be ideal for my skin concerns... I ordered the 00 from Dior and it arrives Monday so i'm going to give it another shot! xx

  • Donna J
    Donna J  1 weeks back

    Thought it looked too light on application but as you blended it out, it looked very good from my position. Everyone is talking about the oxidation and since this will be my first Dior concealer, I may order two shades O=N and O=1. If they match too much and as it dries down, it looks dry. Will see how this goes. Thanks Erin for all the testing you do for us. :)

    • Donna J
      Donna J  7 days back

      @Erin Nicole TV I understand that color to be more for highlighting but give it a go. Can you address the previous question about the Hourglass having micropowder in it and that it is waterproof? That is probably why it looked too dry under my eyes. Ordered the Dior today which is stated as more skincare friendly and moisterizing. Thanks for addressing this, Erin. :)

    • Erin Nicole TV
      Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

      I ordered the 00 from the Dior website, I'm going to try that out and see what happens :) xx

  • Donna J
    Donna J  1 weeks back

    Hi Erin: No one has mentioned that the new Hourglass concealer is waterproof and has micro powders in it.......thus the reason it looked so dry under my eyes. Am going to try the new Dior one which appears to be more moisterizing and skincare friendly. Can you comment of this observasion? Thanks. :) If you could do swatches of at least the lightest to medium shades like you have done the full spectrum swatches of Tom Ford Luxe Lip Glosses that would be very helpful....thanks again.

    • minnie saab
      minnie saab  1 weeks back

      • Dimitra Gerogianni
        Dimitra Gerogianni  1 weeks back

        Very interesting video :) I have older skin than you and my favorite concealers are sisley and cle de peau. They are expensive but they don't crease on me at all and I dont have to set them with powder which to me is important as I dont want to dry out my under eyes even more. I also like nars concealer from the more affordable range. The chanel one creases on me unfortunately and so does the armani...

        • Erin Nicole TV
          Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

          It's such a tricky product, very personal! I wish I didn't have to set my concealer but I do otherwise it creases terrible, I really love the Cle de Peau as well! I ordered the Dior in 00 directly from the website to see if maybe that works better... fingers crossed! xx

      • Dianne Rocco
        Dianne Rocco  1 weeks back

        Thank You So Much, Erin. I can save money.

        • AnneP makeupandmore
          AnneP makeupandmore  1 weeks back

          Hi Erin thank you so much for sharing this review. I agree I love the Chanel corrector. It's not enough for me so I use the Chanel corrector and on top I use the Lancome Magnificent on top and blend it and it works for me. 😘

          • Erin Nicole TV
            Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

            Nice! I've never tried that one but I also have the Lancome teint idole concealer and I like it, very full coverage! xx

        • Barbara Manning
          Barbara Manning  1 weeks back

          Because of you, I use the Chanel Le Correcteur. And, because of your (most appreciated) honest reviews, I think I'll stick with that for now. You have no idea how much your honesty is appreciated - thanks so much, and, you look beautiful as always!

          • Erin Nicole TV
            Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

            Thank you so much Barbara! I ordered the 00 last night from the Dior website, my hope is that if it's brighter and I use less it won't crease... the concealer search continues! xx

        • Siddique Uzma
          Siddique Uzma  1 weeks back

          Can you plz do a comparison video on Cle de peau concealer and Hourglass concealer? Plz it’s a request. Thank you

          • Julie Kerr
            Julie Kerr  1 weeks back

            Hey Erin, have you been using your new t3 irons? The hair looks grrreat. Great review thank you always for your honesty gorgeous girl

            • Erin Nicole TV
              Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

              LOL YES! I love the wand so much! I'm not used to my hair texture without using the straightener but I'm getting the hang of it and I love the extra wave and volume! xx

            • Julie Kerr
              Julie Kerr  1 weeks back

              Haha, I commented before the end

          • Jenny Jenny
            Jenny Jenny  1 weeks back

            Womp womp. If it’s not light enough for you, it’s not going to work for me. I’ll check out clé de peau when I get the chance. Thanks, Erin!

            • Erin Nicole TV
              Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

              I ordered the 00 last night from the Dior website, I will be sure to keep you posted :) My hope is that if it's a bit lighter and I use less, maybe it won't crease so let's see what happens :) xx

          • Error 707
            Error 707  1 weeks back

            I just bought this concealer and have had it for a few days now
            So the first day i used the 00 shade and thought it didn't have enough coverage but just kept building up
            The 2nd day i found out for me that you can layer it on a LOT to get to the coverage you desire, as well that the 00 shade is great for mixing in into other concealers, foundations
            For me it lasts the whole day without creasing so for me it's definitely my favourite:)!
            (Btw i saw you didn't know that there is a 00 shade, their forever glow and matte version also have a 00 shade as well as a 0.5 shade, but i don't think it's available everywhere)

            • Erin Nicole TV
              Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

              I ordered the 00 from the website! I'm hoping it works better for me! xx

          • Brittany Myers
            Brittany Myers  1 weeks back

            I got she shade 1n and I wish it was brighter but I've been telling myself I want to quit using such a light concealer so now's my chance. I love the formula though very smoothing and the coverage is good for me I don't need coverage under my eyes but I do it more for looks. I prefer a hydrating radiant finish. It does crease on me but so do all my concealers.

            • Brittany Myers
              Brittany Myers  1 weeks back

              @Erin Nicole TV I wore it today and set it with my hourglass veil powder and I only got one crease so not to bad actually. Hope the lighter shade works out for you it's such a deal for the amount of product you get.

            • Erin Nicole TV
              Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

              I ordered the 00 last night from the Dior website, I want to give it another shot! I think if it's a bit lighter then I can use less and maybe it won't crease as much... fingers crossed because I also love the radiate finish! xx

          • Annemarie Timmerman
            Annemarie Timmerman  1 weeks back

            Thanks for the nice and very helpful info again, Erin 👍 and you look amazing, with the pink eyeshadow also!🤩 Have a nice day!🖐🎉😘

            • Aida Mulalic
              Aida Mulalic  1 weeks back

              Big NO to Dior concealers

              • Becky Piel
                Becky Piel  1 weeks back

                I LOVE your hair! Absolutely beautiful!

                • Donna J
                  Donna J  1 weeks back

                  @Erin Nicole TV Waiting for your review on the T3, Erin. :)

                • Erin Nicole TV
                  Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                  Thank you Becky! I'm becoming a pro using my T3 lol I really love changing up the style! xx

              • sweetangel Lilly
                sweetangel Lilly  1 weeks back

                I like Chanel concealer and I keep repurchasing it...I don't have dark circles and I like how natural it looks, I buy the shade 10

                • Gael Sandoval
                  Gael Sandoval  1 weeks back

                  5:28 earrings are gorgeous on you!!

                  • Erin Kelley
                    Erin Kelley  1 weeks back

                    You are perfection 💋💋

                    Ig: erin.kellz

                    • Екатерина Федорова

                      Thank you for honest review! 😘

                      • Mirella B.
                        Mirella B.  1 weeks back

                        🌸🌸🌸💖 you look stunning, really beautiful, thank you Erin 💖🌸🌸🌸

                        • Gianna S
                          Gianna S  1 weeks back

                          Hi Erin, this video was definitely helpful for me thank you. I use the Chanel corrector and I quite like it as long as I don’t use too much as it will crease, however i am 50+ and all concealers crease. If you say that the Dior is hydrating and creamy then I think I will try it. I don’t have dark under eyes so the coverage should be fine.

                          • SusanG
                            SusanG  1 weeks back

                            Thank you for such an honest and balanced review, Erin. Once you finish testing, do you think you could rate the concealers you use, perhaps on a scale of 1 to 10? I think that could be very helpful to many of us.

                            • Jocelyne L-Fab
                              Jocelyne L-Fab  1 weeks back

                              Thank you for the review. It's unfortunate it didn't work out. It's a delicate balance to create a formula that: matches several skin tones; works with all skin textures; can mask various shades of undereye circles; can stay put for 8 hours; can resist creasing and is suitable for sensitive eyes. Improvements are being made continuously in the cosmetic industry, so I am always on the lookout for a better concealer. The new Armani concealer has a nice texture but it is too warm for my neutral skin tone. So far, my favourite is the new Shiseido concealer.

                              • Janni D.
                                Janni D.  1 weeks back

                                I still have a hard time beating Cle de Peau however I liked that better before sunscreen was added. I also use the Sisley one in the tube.

                                • N K
                                  N K  1 weeks back

                                  Thank you for a thorough review. Always glad that you find some positive aspects for even products that don't work out. I like the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Concealer and Tatcha's The Pearl (for under eye brightness). Look forward to your concealer roundup!

                                  • Gita G
                                    Gita G  1 weeks back

                                    Thanks for your very helpful and in depth review... I will be sticking with my Cle de Peau concealers... they are very hard to beat!

                                    • Maddy Madrid
                                      Maddy Madrid  1 weeks back

                                      Actually this concealer lasted all day with me once I set it with loose setting powder. Also if there is a shade 00 available at I prefer this concealer to Nars Radiant Creamy and Tarte Shape Tape.

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        I definitely prefer it to Nars and I've never tried Shapetape but you just blew my mind because I had no idea there was a 00 online! That could be a game changer... I think I'll order it and see if it makes a difference! Half of the problem I'm sure is that I can't get the application right because I can't tell if I'm applying too much, maybe a lighter/brighter shade will be the key :) THANK YOU! xx

                                    • Stiljan Pela
                                      Stiljan Pela  1 weeks back

                                      Thank you so much for this review! 🥰💕 I’ve been really on the fence about this concealer because my Jeffree Star concealer is pretty much my holy grail and it fixes my under eyes and redness so beautifully and the way it blends into to my complexion is flawless, it almost enhances my makeup lol but the thing is I have dry under eyes and I do like a moisturizing creamy formula because I have really dry combination skin, so I think I’ll get it because it’s radiant and achieves the radiant daily dewy coverage I want 😍💕💕

                                      • Stiljan Pela
                                        Stiljan Pela  1 weeks back

                                        Erin Nicole TV I agree with that! The JSC magic star concealer is only 3.4 ml and I purchased back in April and bought a new one in November! I couldn’t imagine how long the Dior one will last because it’s 11ml! Probably for about over a year with light application and weekly wear. 😄

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        You may love this then! It's worth trying out that's for sure, especially if you love radiance! It's such a great value too for the amount of product you get. xx

                                    • An Kn
                                      An Kn  1 weeks back

                                      Try shape tape and deny. They are really good.

                                      • An Kn
                                        An Kn  1 weeks back

                                        All you need is a bit

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        I've heard shape tape is dry which is the only reason I haven't tried it yet but it's about time I take the plunge! lol xx

                                    • Lora Lee
                                      Lora Lee  1 weeks back

                                      Thank you for your honest review on this concealer. I’m so glad you reviewed & did wear test so you could compare to other concealers. Sounds like there are better concealers out there than this one. I’m interested in trying the hourglass concealer.

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        For me the Hourglass was shockingly great, very unexpected! Concealers aren't like eyeshadows, I don't need to have multiple products in rotation, I'd rather find one that WORKS and is reliable in every scenario. I can't justify the price otherwise... for me the Hourglass and Cle de Peau pen are much smoother :) xx

                                    • Catnip 4
                                      Catnip 4  1 weeks back

                                      Saw the title and I am scared😱

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        Don’t be scared! We are separating the good from the great in 2020, sadly this falls into the good category... was hoping for great! Xx

                                    • Luxe Beauty
                                      Luxe Beauty  1 weeks back

                                      Erin, did you ever have any experience with the now discontinued Diorskin Nude concealer? That was my holy grail concealer and I am wondering if you think this one might be similar to the discontinued one? Thank you so much for the review! Everything creases on me so I know this would be a hot mess haha

                                      • Luxe Beauty
                                        Luxe Beauty  1 weeks back

                                        @Erin Nicole TV Actually it came in a tube and was radiant kind of like this one 😜

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        Was that the stick? With the logo in the middle? This might actually be similar to that... it’s such a fine line, on the one hand you want moisture, but if it’s too creamy it settles. Very few brands get it right! Xx

                                    • Tricia Cooper
                                      Tricia Cooper  1 weeks back

                                      Better than Armani? How do you think it will work on mature skin? Will you use it on your mature clients?

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        Yes, I think it’s more soft and radiant than the Armani... I think it could work for mature clients because they under eye could be more dry. The only problem could be the creasing... I’d need to use it on someone else to be sure! Xx

                                    • Jenny Cooper
                                      Jenny Cooper  1 weeks back

                                      Hair do looks good Erin!

                                      IG: jennycooper2020

                                    • Alisa Sepe
                                      Alisa Sepe  1 weeks back

                                      I love the By Terry Concealer

                                    • Alisa Sepe
                                      Alisa Sepe  1 weeks back

                                      Thank you for your review it looks too radiant I will pass on this thx

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        Yeah, I really wish I loved it... not my favorite :/ xx

                                    • Erin Nicole TV
                                      Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                      Good Evening babes! Don’t shoot the messenger but this concealer falls into the “good not great” category for me 😭😭😭 I had high hopes, especially after having so much success with the new Hourglass, but this concealer is far too inconsistent to confidently recommend. That being said, I think if you have very dry under eyes you may love this! Let’s use this comment as a chain for people who have used it to share their experience, I would love to hear from all of you and I think that would be really helpful to anyone considering purchasing it! 💕💕💕

                                      • kmrnnj1
                                        kmrnnj1  1 weeks back

                                        Thank you for your honesty! You have saved me money and frustration once again! I'll stick with the other concealers you've recommended as I am very pleased with them.

                                    • Gaynor Witts
                                      Gaynor Witts  1 weeks back

                                      Relieved to see this video, I love lots of Dior products though some don’t work for me and your information was both helpful and relevant!

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        I do too! Some Dior is amazing and some of it is alright but not great... concealers in particular have never worked for me :/ xx

                                    • Pink Pink
                                      Pink Pink  1 weeks back

                                      First comment (:

                                    • nadiadncr
                                      nadiadncr  1 weeks back

                                      Hi Erin! Haven’t tried it and not gonna after your review 😂 love the pink on you 😘 I used to own the previous formula and I agree with your observations. What was the lip colors you are wearing to your date night?

                                      • Erin Nicole TV
                                        Erin Nicole TV   1 weeks back

                                        The date night lipstick was Blaze of Noon! 💕😘