ZOMBIE SOCCER SKINS (Fortnite Chapter 2)

  • Published: 27 October 2019
  • ZOMBIE SOCCER SKINS (Fortnite Chapter 2)

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Comments • 23

  • Antonio D
    Antonio D  1 months back

    No Spock

    • Spyforce
      Spyforce  1 months back

      can you play with slick again?

      • Guilmene Bazile
        Guilmene Bazile  1 months back

        You're welcome 👶 and you have the right

        • besser mobbs
          besser mobbs  1 months back


          • TSM_Ash TSM
            TSM_Ash TSM  1 months back

            It’s a 6.8

            • TSM_Ash TSM
              TSM_Ash TSM  1 months back

              I bought this skin just for the fun of it

              • Slippery Slip
                Slippery Slip  1 months back

                I brought the one of the girl soccer skins the one that fresh wore in the tournament

                • Soe
                  Soe  1 months back

                  Avxry what's your setup?

                  • Elijah Lopez
                    Elijah Lopez  1 months back

                    Im 6.3 like if you are

                    • EnderBender
                      EnderBender  1 months back

                      Elijah Lopez your 6 years old. Oh sorry I meant 6 3/10. You’re too young for YouTube go get YouTube kids or something. You have to be 13 for YouTube. Get off

                  • FaTe Lambic
                    FaTe Lambic  1 months back

                    I think this skin is going to be rare

                    • aidanGaming YT
                      aidanGaming YT  1 months back

                      I have the soccer skin but I’m too poor for the zombie soccer skin

                    • AbdiItsabdim
                      AbdiItsabdim  1 months back


                  • Oriochi Spamms
                    Oriochi Spamms  2 months back

                    what if I wanted to play with you

                    • 日本ビデオブログChama

                      I like your voice man it’s so funny
                      And i like style play Fortnite.

                      • C.I .A
                        C.I .A  2 months back

                        I wish they added variants for the actual soccer skins for Halloween other than these skins

                        • C.I .A
                          C.I .A  1 months back

                          aidanGaming YT sir we are both poor

                        • aidanGaming YT
                          aidanGaming YT  1 months back

                          C.I .A yea I have the soccer skins but I wanted to buy the zombie versions but I’m too poor :(

                      • Keira Armstrong
                        Keira Armstrong  2 months back

                        I love the boy skins

                        • Aaron Cox
                          Aaron Cox  2 months back

                          Yo yo

                          • James Dwyre
                            James Dwyre  2 months back


                            • Sans The skeleton
                              Sans The skeleton  2 months back


                              • Gerald Walls
                                Gerald Walls  2 months back