Teen Says He Wants Dr. Phil To Change His Family’s Views On Marijuana

  • Published: 27 November 2019
  • A teen who admits to smoking marijuana every day says he wants Dr. Phil to change his family’s views on it. His mother acknowledges enabling him.

    Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people.

    The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.
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    subscribe to pewdiepie  2 minutes back

    Dr Phil saying "what's ur buisness bro" is the best thing

    • Bee.
      Bee.  5 minutes back

      you dont have to sell weed to smoke it. this disgusts me. i wrote dr philns i literally smoke from the time i wake up to the time i go back to bed and i donot ave a gun or take pictures with guns or have to sell weed in baggies like that. no sorry. take his car take his phone take it all.

      • maxwell
        maxwell  20 minutes back

        its a blunt

        • taryn shaw
          taryn shaw  27 minutes back

          "bro. Bro. Bro. Ya feel me?". News flash, you do NOT sound cool saying all that

          • shmizzy -
            shmizzy -  27 minutes back

            why has this white shmuck not been assassinated yet

            • osman warsama
              osman warsama  28 minutes back

              i dont understand, how can he say he sells drugs on TV?

              • MrGoldenFresh
                MrGoldenFresh  39 minutes back

                Oh jeez

                • Rosco Frith
                  Rosco Frith  1 hours back

                  I hate people like this making the weed industry look bad

                  • hellaflush49
                    hellaflush49  1 hours back

                    Baby lungs 😂

                    • Joel Gonzalez
                      Joel Gonzalez  1 hours back

                      hes jus snitchin on himself😂😂

                      • Nick dc
                        Nick dc  1 hours back

                        "Addicted" to weed

                        • Dmv stacks
                          Dmv stacks  2 hours back

                          i thought this was young nudy

                          • Dmv stacks
                            Dmv stacks  2 hours back

                            i thought this was young nudg

                            • Finesse YT
                              Finesse YT  2 hours back

                              Smoking weed does not make u a addict

                              • staysolid925
                                staysolid925  2 hours back

                                This is ur normal teen in California sorry doctor phil lol

                                • William Green
                                  William Green  2 hours back

                                  Dr.phil can sometimes make a problem worse then it is. Weed is harmless an not a paper of black b white can prove a death off of smoking weed. Cigarettes an liquor have done an cause far more deaths

                                  • terry maughan
                                    terry maughan  2 hours back

                                    This is how many people like Dr Phil

                                    • Harambre
                                      Harambre  2 hours back

                                      This man basically snitched on himself. I guess this is a so called “hustler” 😂

                                      • SooSwifty
                                        SooSwifty  3 hours back

                                        I’m white and can tell dr Phil got sum against black ppl

                                        • AndrewS
                                          AndrewS  3 hours back

                                          Smh weed is nothing weed is not the problem . Ya don’t understand

                                          • Conor Winston
                                            Conor Winston  3 hours back

                                            Just let him rap 🙄

                                            • Cole McCormick
                                              Cole McCormick  3 hours back

                                              Weed aint bad..

                                              • Mariah Taylor
                                                Mariah Taylor  4 hours back

                                                Dumb kid: they need to understand the effects, the benefits from marijuana

                                                Also dumb kid: coughing his lungs up because of marijuana

                                                • Jamal niner
                                                  Jamal niner  4 hours back

                                                  Weed isnt that bad the only bad thing is how he flex guns and doesent treat his family right. Edit And how stupid can he be to snitch on himself

                                                  • Irma Dorisca
                                                    Irma Dorisca  4 hours back

                                                    He can’t even breathe

                                                    • Mr Rime
                                                      Mr Rime  4 hours back

                                                      Lol this youngman smoking more than he can handle just for tv 😂
                                                      And this isnt the first time ive heard people provide alcohol or whatever for the guests phil went defensive real quick haha

                                                      • Cashfac3ed -
                                                        Cashfac3ed -  4 hours back

                                                        His voice didn’t get deep yet 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

                                                        • Albino Harambe
                                                          Albino Harambe  5 hours back

                                                          Marijuana is a gateway drug

                                                          • Arn Try
                                                            Arn Try  5 hours back

                                                            The effects "coughs" the benefits "coughs" . Yea.... bro..... yea.....

                                                            • ANGELIQUE
                                                              ANGELIQUE  6 hours back

                                                              Now I've seen it all. A drug dealer who rats himself out on national tv OMG

                                                              • Michelle Dawkins
                                                                Michelle Dawkins  6 hours back

                                                                Wow he's a drug dealer omg

                                                                • Matt R
                                                                  Matt R  6 hours back

                                                                  Weed isn’t the problem I smoke every day all day and I’m still at the same job 10 years and counting making $20/h framing houses I still have my house that’s almost paid off my wife’s car is paid off my kids have everything they need ect people got to stop making weed such a bad thing it’s not that big of a deal it’s funny how people that drink have no problem cracking open a cold one in front of there kids and nothing gets said about it but if someone smokes weed oh god look out geez people weed isn’t the issue come on it’s the pills cocaine excessive drinking etc.

                                                                  • Myers Myers
                                                                    Myers Myers  7 hours back


                                                                    • Clint Stapleton
                                                                      Clint Stapleton  7 hours back

                                                                      Dudes coughing and barley getting words out as he’s saying marijuana doesn’t have any affects lmao

                                                                      • Richard Nickles
                                                                        Richard Nickles  7 hours back

                                                                        Thats every one un highschool

                                                                        • Trashboi Ty 原始の
                                                                          Trashboi Ty 原始の  7 hours back

                                                                          He gone end up like juice world watch

                                                                          • peter David
                                                                            peter David  8 hours back

                                                                            You can’t get addicted to weed

                                                                            • Justin Seward
                                                                              Justin Seward  8 hours back

                                                                              Clearly it’s oppression that is keeping this young man down, if it wasn’t for white people he would already be an astronaut

                                                                              • Dipz FN
                                                                                Dipz FN  8 hours back

                                                                                This is how many times he said bro 👇🏻

                                                                                • Emma Gardner
                                                                                  Emma Gardner  8 hours back

                                                                                  You literally can not be addicted to weed. You can be addicted to how it makes you feel but the drug itself does not have addictive properties

                                                                                  • DM3 Official
                                                                                    DM3 Official  9 hours back

                                                                                    Like that I'm seeing alot of people defend bud. We live in a different time, there plenty of legitimate reasons to smoke bud. Maybe as a kid yeah you shouldn't, but once you leave the house or graduate high school it's all fair game from there.

                                                                                    • Victor Finé
                                                                                      Victor Finé  9 hours back

                                                                                      I’m tryna smoke

                                                                                      • Leah ‘s Universe
                                                                                        Leah ‘s Universe  9 hours back

                                                                                        Those pills are the pills juice wrld died from.

                                                                                        • Kev Oksy
                                                                                          Kev Oksy  9 hours back

                                                                                          With no male role model at home. Is no surprise young males end up like this

                                                                                          • Straya Mate
                                                                                            Straya Mate  10 hours back

                                                                                            Nothing wrong with smokin weed, I been doin it since I was 14, it never hurts me, I’m still the dam same

                                                                                            • xolela cakathiso
                                                                                              xolela cakathiso  11 hours back

                                                                                              What kinda weed is he smoking? I know its not the one I'm smoking though

                                                                                              • Ben
                                                                                                Ben  12 hours back

                                                                                                Weed isn't that bad but if he's taking other people's money for it, that's bad. The pills should be the main focus. They could kill him.

                                                                                                • Modern Wealth
                                                                                                  Modern Wealth  12 hours back

                                                                                                  Either way, dude is damaging his brain. Not even fully developed yet