• Published: 28 February 2019
  • I wanted to talk about my experience with preeclampsia and what signs and symptoms to look out for. Please subscribe to watch our family grow!


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  • J.T.Farrier.
    J.T.Farrier.  6 months back

    I had it with both my pregnancies. You are right it's not to be taken lightly. But there are checks for it built-in to your midwife pregnancy care. It will be noticed, the swelling is the first clue, it's more than the puffiness of normal pregnancy because the skin on your feet will feel tight and hot with the swelling! The main concern is your blood pressure getting out of control so that's carefully monitored too. Others tests to watch for it include looking for protein in your wee!!!If you're healthy and having your pregnancy monitored it isn't something that should keep you up at night worrying about. Even if you become eclamptic, when you've moved into the next stage along, it's not 'Pre'' anymore. Might be time to have baby delivered, l was pre eclamptic for nearly a month with both pregnancies before the boys were born, so it isn't always an emergency situation. If necessary after delivery medication can be given to stabilise blood pressure if needed, l didn't need it. As soon as my babies were born everything settled down. So take a deep breath guys everything will be ok! ♥

    • Kayley Martin
      Kayley Martin  8 months back

      I knew when I had preclampsia but my drs didn’t believe me. They didn’t believer me until I was in the hospital about to have a siezure.

      • Madelyn Daniel
        Madelyn Daniel  9 months back

        Preeclampsia is nothing to play with I had a few mildly high blood pressures, I did a 24 hour urine test. I should have been sent to the hospital that day but my doctors sent me home. I ended up st the hospital the next day rushed back for a emergency csection due to sever preeclampsia. The only symptom I had was the day I delivered and that was my daughter stopped moving I only knew she was alive that day cause she got the hiccups right before I went to the er.

        • Jessica Bucanelli
          Jessica Bucanelli  9 months back

          I had preclampsia but never had any symptoms till after delivery the doctors didnt want to let me leave till they knew i was in the clear

          • Shelley Londry
            Shelley Londry  9 months back

            Where is the birth vlog of Lindy? She's going to be a week old soon....

            • Miss Daisy
              Miss Daisy  9 months back

              Wow that is crucial information. I’m sure you will help someone who is dealing with similar issues but does not want to make a big deal out of it. Love the fact vlogs are so informative and helpful . Hope you are feeling well, you look great Emily.! Really beautiful and glowing💫⭐️👍🏻

            • The Exline's
              The Exline's  9 months back

              I had to be induced at 37 weeks for preeclampsia. I woke up one morning and my face, feet and hands were so swollen. Get to my Dr and my blood pressure was so high, had protein in my urine. It was the wrost.

              • Mollie W
                Mollie W  9 months back

                I had pre-eclampsia with my oldest at the end of the pregnancy. He was delivered just over 34 weeks. With my youngest, I had postpartum pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure started to rise the day I was discharged from the hospital so they sent me home with medication. A week later my skin was grey and I couldn't breathe. Went to the ER and my postpartum Pre-e had sent me into congestive heart failure and fluid had filled my lungs. With my first, swelling was the first and only sign. With my second I didn't have symptoms until it was almost too late. It's a scary, scary thing.

                Glad you're okay and the outcome was positive.

                • Christy Peterson
                  Christy Peterson  9 months back

                  How did you get past the fear of having preeclampsia with another pregnancy and be able to move forward having more children? The fear has me frozen 😔

                  • Maija
                    Maija  9 months back

                    I did have it, my baby did not grow well. The doctor noticed baby did not grow well at week 20 ultrasound. Put they let me go up to 40 weeks, REALLY BAD. 2,5 kg/ 5 lbs. I did not know anything what to do. My Midwife should have done something sooner. At the end. I did have hig blood pressure, stars in eyes, swelling, and that hand thing. My placenta was also small. Next time I know better.

                    • Karen Duller
                      Karen Duller  9 months back

                      Also, congratulations!!!! I hope everything went well and that you and baby are happy and healthy!

                      • Wendell Monster
                        Wendell Monster  9 months back

                        I can’t wait to meet Lindy 💕

                        • Maria Casella
                          Maria Casella  9 months back

                          Every time a video goes up I'm like baby's here!!!but not yet!!take your time Moma,rest,we will be here for all your content ❤️

                          • Esmeralda Cartagena
                            Esmeralda Cartagena  9 months back

                            Baby baby 😜can’t wait to see your new little queen 👑 blessings

                            • Laura Williams
                              Laura Williams  9 months back

                              Can i just say Emily, please don’t discredit yourself regarding how much attention you brought to your symptoms at your doctors appointments when you were pregnant with your twins & had pre eclampsia. I know ‘it’s in the past’ but I distinctly remember watching those videos & you were practically in tears of worry, pain & frustration. I can’t tell you how much as a viewer (& well.. y’know.. I felt like I’d known you guys for so long at that point, you really felt like long distance friends, probably sounds a bit daft!) I felt frustrated & upset on your behalf. You literally went to every appointment telling her your hands were completely numb & swollen, you’d had to remove your watch which you’d never done before, I was so concerned with the flashing lights & headaches; they were all HUGE red flags for pre eclampsia ! Massive! Even I became a bit pushy I think in my comments, begging you to go back. I think it’s natural to trust your doctor but I was so worried about you back then.
                              I know she’s still your doctor now (from what I recall you saying) & I do hope this doesn’t upset you, but i still feel even after all this time it was negligence on her part. You were in grave danger & thank goodness for modern medicine & that you’re all safe & well now. Had that happened here a midwife would have admitted you straight away, monitored you & likely induced labour, if symptoms had worsened during labour they’d have given you an emergency c-section (to prevent the haemorrhaging / post pre-eclampsia symptoms as best as possible).

                              I’m so glad you’ve made this video to raise awareness of it! I know how it truly affected you, not just physically but mentally / emotionally too. You’re strong lass Emily ❤️ xxx

                              • Kura Marie
                                Kura Marie  9 months back

                                I had preeclampsia with my son, it was horrible. I was on bedrest for 10+ weeks:/

                                • Karen Duller
                                  Karen Duller  9 months back

                                  I had it BAD with my first baby. Wound up with strep b as well. I was miserable! Went into labor early and they had to stop it. Delivered a week later and was so relieved it was over with and my baby was just fine!

                                  • Karen Duller
                                    Karen Duller  9 months back

                                    @Kiki Robinson slowly, but, yes.

                                  • Kiki Robinson
                                    Kiki Robinson  9 months back

                                    Karen Duller
                                    Did your preeclampsia go
                                    Away after birth?

                                • k&D hair sqaud andrews and Swearingen

                                  Thank you for the videos. Much appreciated ❤

                                  • Linda Onash
                                    Linda Onash  9 months back

                                    Oh, Emily - I'm so glad you mentioned these were pre-recorded. Here we are waiting on birth vlog and you're feeding us preeclampsia, at least that's what I was thinking, was gonna have to smack you (not really) would never have complained LOL, but now I totally understand, thinking "good idea!" - of course. You're so wonderful....sorry for the negative thoughts going round in my head. We will be patient, hope everything is going well at home and you have much much help. Take Care.

                                    • Mama bear tribe plus
                                      Mama bear tribe plus  9 months back

                                      I had it with our first and it hit me all of a sudden. I had not been feeling well but I started throwing up and lot and my ear hurt really bad. I thought it was just an ear infection lol finally after I talked to my mom and she convinced me to go, after my husband begged me to just go to the ER, lol. Went in threw up all the way walking into the ER after they checked my BP they worried! Bc lights were making me feel even more sick. I had it bad! So at 37wks 2days 7 am they did an emergency csection bc they had to basically knock me out to keep me from throwing up and bc of my BP. He was a tiny little 4lb 7.7oz baby! He was perfectly healthy, I on the other hand ended up with H.E.L.L.P and was in the hospital for a wk almost died but hey I breastfed and don’t remember much of the first week of his life 😩🤣

                                      • Janelle Bell
                                        Janelle Bell  9 months back

                                        I had preeclampsia with 3 out of my 4 pregnancies it was very scary ... Headaches and pain below your ribs is also a sign .. my oldest was born at 33 weeks from it. It's very scary but like you said best to consult your Dr right away

                                        • Kiki Robinson
                                          Kiki Robinson  9 months back

                                          Janelle Bell
                                          Do you have any encouraging advice for someone who is recently diagnosed with mild preeclampsia? I’m 35.3 weeks with twins and my doc kept me one night due to high Blood pressure and a small trace of protein and swollen feet and after further testing said It all looked fine and he would see me at me next week to re check. I am really nervous and have suffered with anxiety before and I really want to trust my doc and enjoy this time.

                                      • Kelly Reed
                                        Kelly Reed  9 months back

                                        ❤I can't wait to see the birth vlog for Lindy. 💜

                                        • The Beaird Fam
                                          The Beaird Fam  9 months back

                                          My preeclampsia came on really sudden as far as the high blood pressure and protein in my urine. I kept after my doctor every appointment saying I had spots in my eyes all the time and I was so swollen I had to wear house shoes because that’s the only thing that would form to my feet and my swollen feet still ruined my house shoes. The night I went into labor in the ER triage the man took my blood pressure and trying to sound as calm as possible with his eyes bulged out of his head he jumped up and said one moment I’ll be right back and I could hear him talking to labor and delivery. At this point I looked at my husband and was like 180/110 is really high I hope the baby is ok to which he replied you’re ok babe it’s cause you’re in pain what he didn’t know was he looked just as concerned as the worker. Anyways I’m excited for your birth Vlog of Lindy I follow you on Instagram and she is an absolute doll.❤️

                                          • The Beaird Fam
                                            The Beaird Fam  9 months back

                                            Kiki Robinson I had to be on blood pressure medicine after that for around two months and it took the swelling a couple months to go away once all that went away I was back to normal. Best wishes to you.

                                          • Kiki Robinson
                                            Kiki Robinson  9 months back

                                            Emily Beaird
                                            Did your preeclampsia go away after birth? I have a mild case of it and I’m praying after delivery I don’t get worse like some people.

                                        • misty Castillo
                                          misty Castillo  9 months back

                                          Birth vlog! Birth vlog! Birth vlog! Lol take all the time you need to. Can't wait to see the newest addition to your family.

                                          • Rachael Ferguson
                                            Rachael Ferguson  9 months back

                                            I am excited to see Lindsay's birth vlog! Welcome Lindsay!!

                                          • weenieboys 2
                                            weenieboys 2  9 months back

                                            Lindy is almost a week old! I am waiting for the birth vlog.

                                            • jamie Bluemel
                                              jamie Bluemel  9 months back

                                              Geeze 😂😂 give the lady some time! Her 6 kids and her health are more important then The birth vlog. These are prerecorded

                                            • Naca Kadrispahic
                                              Naca Kadrispahic  9 months back


                                            • Rachael Ferguson
                                              Rachael Ferguson  9 months back


                                          • PJ Dudinetz
                                            PJ Dudinetz  9 months back

                                            Stephanie from Our Landing Crew just had postpartum preeclampsia.

                                            • Jena Bradley
                                              Jena Bradley  9 months back

                                              Welcome to world Lindsay
                                              You have the best and Beautiful family hope all is well

                                              • Wendell Monster
                                                Wendell Monster  9 months back

                                                Jena Bradley it’s not Lindsay it’s Lindy but I feel like it’s going to get confused as Lindsay all the time

                                            • This Functional Family
                                              This Functional Family  9 months back

                                              I had it after my pregnancy. It's crazy and scary

                                              • Kim A
                                                Kim A  9 months back

                                                This Functional Family, me too! My daughter was a week old, my pressure shot up, and I was swollen! Thank God I went to the doctors.. I had a headache that just wouldn’t stop!!! That’s what made me go get checked! Out of 5 pregnancies and deliveries, it only happened that one time, thankfully!! 😧