Tubular Locks & Picks tutorial

  • Published: 17 July 2008
  • Just walking people through using a tubular Pick, not the best tutorial in the world, but enjoy. In this case I am using a 7 pin pick and lock.

    I have to appologise for the abrupt ending, my battery died.
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  • Chante Pants
    Chante Pants  2 years back

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      Çocan Pom  2 years back

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              SenseiM3  3 years back

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              • papinbala
                papinbala  3 years back

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                • Jorge R. Gaete Graiff
                  Jorge R. Gaete Graiff  3 years back

                  I lost many of my keys and have this locks without keys... Is this tool useful to re-configure the tubular pins to be functional with other keys ? thanks

                  • exodiathree 45
                    exodiathree 45  4 years back

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                    • exodiathree 45
                      exodiathree 45  4 years back

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                      • mowax UK
                        mowax UK  5 years back

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                        • John Hill
                          John Hill  5 years back

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                            OpusBerlin  5 years back

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                              punstress  5 years back

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                                Jordan Fritz  6 years back

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                                  • Richard mitchell
                                    Richard mitchell  6 years back

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                                    • Wess
                                      Wess  6 years back

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                                      • ASLICKSTER97
                                        ASLICKSTER97  7 years back

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                                        • paul fred
                                          paul fred  7 years back

                                          HAVE YOU EVER CONVERTED A 8 TO A 7 PIN?>>???IS IT POSS PLEASE

                                          • dave dee
                                            dave dee  7 years back

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                                            • James Banner
                                              James Banner  7 years back

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                                              • Dee Deedz
                                                Dee Deedz  7 years back

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                                                • John Carr
                                                  John Carr  7 years back

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                                                  • Metube
                                                    Metube  7 years back

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                                                    • Nick Hall
                                                      Nick Hall  7 years back

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                                                      • edwin paz
                                                        edwin paz  7 years back

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                                                        • Cory Hatch
                                                          Cory Hatch  7 years back

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                                                          • Barry B
                                                            Barry B  7 years back


                                                            • knoxville363
                                                              knoxville363  8 years back

                                                              the hell w the pick....just smash it and grab what you want.....saves you 6:00 :)

                                                              • morgan erp
                                                                morgan erp  8 years back

                                                                can i buy 1 from you

                                                                • kyle shea
                                                                  kyle shea  8 years back

                                                                  your doing it wrong buddy your supposed to make them flush then loosen the washer and stick it in slowly then pull it out slowly then tighten the washer and stick it back in and it should open

                                                                  • Duchessandhammer
                                                                    Duchessandhammer  8 years back

                                                                    Press F13 Trolololol

                                                                    • Hungrydog Productions
                                                                      Hungrydog Productions  8 years back


                                                                      • Justin Womack
                                                                        Justin Womack  8 years back

                                                                        Using a jackknife lock pick set as a pointer...nice touch.

                                                                        • LegitVibe4
                                                                          LegitVibe4  8 years back

                                                                          you have a sexy voice =)

                                                                          • braducsb2
                                                                            braducsb2  8 years back

                                                                            Nice video - thanks for the information. The sad thing is that I'm watching this becuase I want to steal dog poop bags from my homeowners association that are in a locked box that only allows you to get one at a time, but I want a whole roll of bags. They used to have a crappy key lock that I could open with my pocket knife, but they switched it out with a tubular lock. Dammit - I'm sure picking these locks takes some practice and is harder than it looks. Alas - I guess I'll have to buy bags

                                                                            • london simons
                                                                              london simons  8 years back

                                                                              is that your good hand

                                                                              • Volkovoi
                                                                                Volkovoi  9 years back

                                                                                successful troll is successful!

                                                                                its just a video calm down, no need to hate

                                                                                • angelface22322
                                                                                  angelface22322  9 years back

                                                                                  Maybe you should make a script before you start any such "explanations".
                                                                                  Your constant "filler sounds" and desperate search for appropriate or at least suitable words make this useless "explanation" hardly bearable.
                                                                                  Furthermore, these tools come with comprehensive manuals, and nobody is going to waste their lockpicking time listening to your silliness.

                                                                                  • Gunnar Larsen
                                                                                    Gunnar Larsen  9 years back

                                                                                    where in hell did u buy that ? :O pm me or sumthing :D

                                                                                    • Ben Grace
                                                                                      Ben Grace  9 years back

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                                                                                      • MRalphabetomofo
                                                                                        MRalphabetomofo  9 years back

                                                                                        @MrDeadfatty Salad? but yea, it is.

                                                                                        • Stormandfire
                                                                                          Stormandfire  9 years back

                                                                                          Your bracelet is really cool. /random

                                                                                          • StealthMute Entertainment

                                                                                            @Phrantix08 only pop machines have those kinds of locks, also the laundry place down the block from the pop machines so basically i wouldnt be stealing money if i get it from the laundry place and put it in the pop machine for a pop, cuz it still benefits ppl, and the landlord that owns the laundry place wouldnt miss 50 cents lol

                                                                                            • StealthMute Entertainment

                                                                                              @Phrantix08 why else do you think ppl look up these videos for lol i never said anything about breaking the law i just personally dont find the whole get up theyve made for sphere locks im sure if someone owns a safe that has a sphere lock they would find this useful but technically not referring to your video doesnt it still take too long to pick?, despite my sarcastic comment earlier this video was worth watching to get a sense on how they work but where i live,

                                                                                              • StealthMute Entertainment

                                                                                                so what your teaching us here is for example, if we wanted to pretty much break into a pop machine is to get caught by anyone who happens to come passing by when we spend up to 20 minutes or longer just to pick the lock.....