107 - Djokovic vs Federer - SF Paris 2018 - Extended

  • Published: 29 November 2018
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Comments • 537

  • Amari Zinou
    Amari Zinou  5 days back

    Un des meilleures match de novak devant le jaloux veteran

    • Ricky Lu
      Ricky Lu  4 weeks back

      great highlights, thank you!

      • Samation
        Samation  1 months back

        7:25 - 7:27

        • NikeSoccerTennis
          NikeSoccerTennis  1 months back

          2:16 please stop killing zombies in the middle of the game

          • Sameer Singh
            Sameer Singh  2 months back

            ON THE HOL, WINER IS WINER......................

            • Justin Webster
              Justin Webster  2 months back

              Djokovic won with 2 tiebreaks, but he was the better player throughout and deserved the win. the same can NOT be said for Wimbledon

              • Stuewz
                Stuewz  3 months back

                Federer humiliated by Nadal at the begining of his career, Federer humiliated by Djokovic at the end of his career.

                • Enrique López
                  Enrique López  2 months back

                  @Boris Lemeshev At least Nadal keeps winning slams, and beating Djokovic on clay, which Federer can't do on grass.

                • Boris Lemeshev
                  Boris Lemeshev  2 months back

                  Stuew And now Nadal is being humiliated by Federer and Djokovic, Federer by Djokovic, while Djokovic is humiliating both of them. That means Djokovic is better than Federer and Nadal 😀

              • REAL FX
                REAL FX  4 months back

                Djokovich is the most arrogant player in the tour no doubt about it...

                • Jimnosnow 4
                  Jimnosnow 4  4 months back

                  I was there 😁

                  • Ertugrul Körpinar
                    Ertugrul Körpinar  2 months back

                    Jimnosnow 4 is Paris Bercy near to the centre of Paris ?

                  • Jimnosnow 4
                    Jimnosnow 4  2 months back

                    Ertugrul Körpinar, Was visiting my bro in Paris and he bought the tickets so idk sorry man

                  • Ertugrul Körpinar
                    Ertugrul Körpinar  2 months back

                    Ticket Price ?

                • Sibling cat
                  Sibling cat  4 months back

                  Federer just too weak in his baseline backhand. And Novak Know it well.

                  • Boris Lemeshev
                    Boris Lemeshev  4 months back

                    Ryan Groocer Federer actually improved his backhand a lot. Please give the guy some respect. He won 20 slams and is almost 38 years old and still gave the 32 year old Novak Djokovic the run for his money during Paris and at Wimbledon. Djokovic is the beast for saving two match points on Federer's serve. I have never heard of anybody else do that - saving two match points on three separate occasions against Roger Federer to win the matches. Djokovic is possibly the GOAT being just 4 slams shy of Federer and 6 years younger than him, but please give Federer some respect, the guy has been at the top of the world for over 300 weeks throughout his career.

                • ABDUL KHADER
                  ABDUL KHADER  4 months back

                  Djoko in this match is far better than the Djoko in Wimbledon 2019. Still Federer beat him in style in four. Wimbledon 2019 was unlucky. Just one elusive point decided the match. All these hype about Djoko would have vanished into thin air if Federer came up with one more Federer special winner at match point. I am still crying. One of my worst nightmares, Wimbledon 2019.

                  • Sibling cat
                    Sibling cat  4 months back

                    Lost is a lost. Win is a win. Djokovic win without breaking any role of tennis. And Federer can"t complaint about the lost.

                  • Matt Polzkill
                    Matt Polzkill  4 months back

                    Hahaha, delicious. Luckiest guy in the world...

                • Boris Lemeshev
                  Boris Lemeshev  4 months back

                  Who came here after 2019 Wimbledon?

                  • Ciprian Ghenghea
                    Ciprian Ghenghea  4 months back

                    Who's here after Djokovic beat Federer at wimby 2019 ?? Djoko's tiebreaks are magical guys

                    • uranfaggit
                      uranfaggit  2 months back

                      For some reason whenever it's tiebreak between the two of them Rogers serve just drops from S tier to a mere B tier whereas Novaks Returns stay S+ tier...

                  • Vassili Stanislav
                    Vassili Stanislav  4 months back

                    Jews are curse on earth

                    • Evan Nole
                      Evan Nole  4 months back

                      I was at this match and as a fan of Novak, I trembled. The audience was stressing me, they were all for Roger, not for catching each other. The level of play was incredible, I never saw that. As a French fan of Djokovic, I hated the audience of Bercy who even booed Novak right after he threw his racket on the ground. In any case, I am proud to have attended this match, which is perhaps the biggest indoor match of all time.

                      • Michael Walker
                        Michael Walker  4 weeks back

                        @Enrique López A little 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                      • Enrique López
                        Enrique López  2 months back

                        Ok, you got a little excited in the last line.

                    • Cerph
                      Cerph  5 months back

                      I had to turn it off after 3 minutes- very sloppy playing from both players- (unforced errors galore).

                    • Seantube123
                      Seantube123  5 months back

                      9 ads in 50min video? R u out of your mind?

                      • Nikola Ramic
                        Nikola Ramic  5 months back

                        Djokovic dominates Federer over tie breaks too much...

                        • TransurLifeawai
                          TransurLifeawai  4 months back

                          @Max: Dude, they're called unforced errors for a reason.

                        • Max
                          Max  4 months back

                          @TransurLifeawai And what causes Federer to make so much unforced errors against Djokovic specifically you think? You think it's just a coincidence or do you actually have any notion what it's like to play against a good defensive player in tennis?

                        • TransurLifeawai
                          TransurLifeawai  4 months back

                          @Radivoj Maric: Read my previous comment slowly and carefully Radivoj.

                        • Radivoj Maric
                          Radivoj Maric  4 months back

                          @TransurLifeawai You mean Djokovic dominates federer in tie breaks ?

                        • TransurLifeawai
                          TransurLifeawai  4 months back

                          Federer's nerves and unforced errors dominate Federer in tie breaks.

                      • Renê Franco
                        Renê Franco  5 months back

                        NOLE-MAN THE BEST

                        • TOP MOWGLI FRANCE
                          TOP MOWGLI FRANCE  5 months back

                          I'm here after the defeat of roger at wimby, and i see all their past confrontations and I from what I see, Roger loses always the same type of point with same errors.

                          • springfield03sniper
                            springfield03sniper  5 months back

                            235deer Federer needs to start going for his shots like he used to do on big points.

                          • 235deer
                            235deer  5 months back

                            Djokovic just too clutch

                          • non_face
                            non_face  5 months back

                            If you want to watch a match where they both played extremely well, then watch any of Wimby 2014 2105, US Open 2015, Australian Open 2016, French Open 2011, Indian Wells 2015, or any of their matches at ATP world tour finals

                          • non_face
                            non_face  5 months back

                            You have to keep in mind that this match in Paris against Roger Novak was sick with fever... and just like in Wimby he didnt play even close to his best tennis, maybe 50-60% of it and still beats Federer solely on his IMMENSE mental strength!

                        • Rebecca Bode
                          Rebecca Bode  5 months back

                          Djokovic looks like a kid in his pyjamas

                          • Mark Woodward
                            Mark Woodward  5 months back

                            Just enjoy watching the most gifted tennis player vs the most hard working tennis player

                            • drtash21
                              drtash21  4 months back

                              @GTS 😂 I see what you did there. (I like it)

                            • GTS
                              GTS  4 months back

                              Agree, Fed for sure is most hardworking player.

                          • Andrew & Jessica Christians & family

                            Yes djokovic is superman except he doesn't know kryptonite yet! he is superman!

                            • adil seddiqi
                              adil seddiqi  6 months back

                              Ils sont a ta portée roger il fautcsausir ses occasions

                              • adil seddiqi
                                adil seddiqi  6 months back

                                Dommage Federer c quoi ca au moment de conclure le.point tu le perds

                                • FRANCESC BRUGUERAS
                                  FRANCESC BRUGUERAS  6 months back

                                  I WAS THERE

                                  • ChrisByBacon
                                    ChrisByBacon  6 months back

                                    This court is so slow... it gives me the sleepiness

                                    • Sidhanth Mishra
                                      Sidhanth Mishra  5 months back

                                      True, but the tennis balls seemed to be lighter. So it was not like ATP London finals

                                  • Saaamy Elbanhawy
                                    Saaamy Elbanhawy  6 months back

                                    فيدر اعظم لاعب في التاريخ

                                    • Marcelo Maeta
                                      Marcelo Maeta  6 months back

                                      Federer é o jogador que tem o melhor controle sobre a bolinha!!!

                                      • roter13
                                        roter13  6 months back

                                        why don't I remember this match happening?

                                        • Shanmuga Sundaram
                                          Shanmuga Sundaram  6 months back

                                          federer's slices too much on the backend..

                                          • Luis
                                            Luis  6 months back

                                            What a shit is the Paris bercy camera...makes that court be flatten...

                                            • Robby Wright
                                              Robby Wright  6 months back

                                              gotta love all the people coaching federer and djokovic in the comments. arguably 2 of the best players to walk the planet and we have 14 yr old scoobs in the comments saying their backhand is too passive lmaooooo

                                              • Aleksa Teemo
                                                Aleksa Teemo  1 months back

                                                @Rafael Mertin They cant.

                                              • Rafael Mertin
                                                Rafael Mertin  5 months back

                                                So? You're literally saying because they're arguably the 2 best players on earth, their backhand could not be passive...

                                                I mean, damn, logic fail if there ever was one, Robby. Try to be better.

                                              • Angejo ‘
                                                Angejo ‘  5 months back

                                                cr7 my ideal India meri Jan. army mare San wtf how has this got to do with this comment
                                                Rafa isn’t even in the fucking video

                                              • cr7 my ideal India meri Jan. army mare San
                                                cr7 my ideal India meri Jan. army mare San  6 months back

                                                Haha Rafa is better then both of them. 24-15 against Roger, 10-3 in slams, 26-28 against Novak, 9-6 in slams still playing great even with so many injuries, keep hating he will end up with most slams

                                            • Cole Mctarmach
                                              Cole Mctarmach  7 months back

                                              Fed did not play well. Way too passive in the first set.

                                              • viet anh nguyen
                                                viet anh nguyen  7 months back

                                                to much reliance on the slide and puny backhand topspin. man? you shoulda hit with pushy manner hahaha

                                                • Lewis
                                                  Lewis  7 months back

                                                  Federer lack confidence on the one handed backhand.

                                                  • alexandre Assaf-Page
                                                    alexandre Assaf-Page  7 months back

                                                    two god of tennis

                                                    • dhana laxmi
                                                      dhana laxmi  7 months back

                                                      NOVAK THE KING OF TENNIS

                                                      • Mirko M
                                                        Mirko M  7 months back

                                                        Federer had luck, magic and unlucky and a bit ill Novak... But was not enough.

                                                        • Nikhilesh Krishna
                                                          Nikhilesh Krishna  7 months back

                                                          Everyone uses Federer's backhand.

                                                          • Katerina Patiniotis
                                                            Katerina Patiniotis  4 months back

                                                            bajaSplit Exactly.

                                                          • bajaSplit
                                                            bajaSplit  4 months back

                                                            @Katerina Patiniotis so called GOAT with such a weak backhand...

                                                          • Katerina Patiniotis
                                                            Katerina Patiniotis  6 months back

                                                            Nikhilesh Krishna Because is Chokerer's one handed backhand is his worst shot, and most players know this and they attack his backhand side.

                                                        • Jeffrey Kaufmann
                                                          Jeffrey Kaufmann  7 months back

                                                          An average match with 2 guys past their prime.

                                                        • Bowiththeflow !!
                                                          Bowiththeflow !!  8 months back

                                                          Both players were no where near their best. Djokovic really passive and Federer not hitting his forehand like he usually does and his backhand was terrible as well. Besides the close score I don't get it why people say that this was an amazing match. Djokovic losing the next day in straight sets to a next gen player proves my case

                                                          • Daniel Karpinsky
                                                            Daniel Karpinsky  7 months back

                                                            Djokovic himself called this match as a hightest quality match of 2018 together with W SF vs Nadal. You need to understand tennis little bit more and, this was actually very high level, competetive, and couple of points decided the outcome of this match. Fed serve vs Nole return at its best here. Shame Fed lost that tiebreak so easily...

                                                        • Au Batino
                                                          Au Batino  8 months back


                                                          • federico tanzi mira
                                                            federico tanzi mira  8 months back

                                                            The Magician against Terminator who do you prefer ?

                                                          • Robert Marston
                                                            Robert Marston  8 months back

                                                            One of the matches of 2018 anyone else agree??

                                                            • VIRGIL PRTZ
                                                              VIRGIL PRTZ  8 months back

                                                              Classy tennis with lots of variations vs Robotic/ WTA tennis style . Guess who the crowd is supporting???....

                                                            • MyChannel
                                                              MyChannel  8 months back

                                                              When Novak wins, he wins in strings, three slams at a time, geez he is an all time great

                                                              • Joe505 Mc
                                                                Joe505 Mc  8 months back

                                                                Djokovic is a prick