Monday on 'The Real': Paola Núñez

  • Published: 10 January 2020
  • Paola Núñez joins us, and we share our favorite crushes in “Man Crush Monday.”
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  • Jocelyn Ramirez
    Jocelyn Ramirez  2 weeks back

    I love her 😍 Paola Nunez!!

    • NIVEA
      NIVEA  2 weeks back

      omg i remember watching paola nunez in the novela amor en custodia, and mientras haya vida. i wish i could rewatch them again with english subtitles

      • Rosemarie Chiappetta
        Rosemarie Chiappetta  2 weeks back

        I love The Real it's good I just started watching it about six months ago. It's funny too the girls are all good and they seem like they all get along well. I hope they last a long time on television!

        • Buenrostro 2020
          Buenrostro 2020  2 weeks back

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          • Ja Nique
            Ja Nique  2 weeks back

            Did they switch seats?! Omg !!

          • Alejandra Moreno
            Alejandra Moreno  3 weeks back

            I'm happy to see. (or can't wait to see) Paola Nuñez with all of you ladies!

            • Alma Chronicles
              Alma Chronicles  3 weeks back

              TGIF everyone! Looking forward to Monday's show. If you like lifestyle and travel content, check out @almachronicles on IG, TikTok and Instagram. Besos!

              • Sky Walker
                Sky Walker  3 weeks back

                I need to see it my favorite Mexican actress come to the show 😀😀

                • courtenei salmon
                  courtenei salmon  3 weeks back

                  I love Jeannie but her smile looks hella fake in the thumbnail

                  • Serenity Dominique
                    Serenity Dominique  2 weeks back

                    No fr 😭

                  • Myronn Coleman
                    Myronn Coleman  2 weeks back

                    courtenei salmon they do promos... and sometimes if they mess up they have to do it over and over she was like “ aight this all y’all gon get ‘ 😂😂

                  • Celeste Badillo
                    Celeste Badillo  3 weeks back

                    courtenei salmon oh my goodness I was thinking the same thing

                • Solecito
                  Solecito  3 weeks back

                  Lmao I panicked when I got the notification bc my name is also Paola Núñez

                  • Alma Chronicles
                    Alma Chronicles  3 weeks back

                    LOL. I know a Paola as well. Must be a popular name!

                • Christine Mk
                  Christine Mk  3 weeks back

                  Love you ladies

                  • Diamond 💎
                    Diamond 💎  3 weeks back