AMAZON Favorites | 2019

  • Published: 04 July 2019
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    AMAZON FAVORITES (Part 2) | Amazon Winter haul 2019


    LOVE me some Amazon and here are some of my go to products. Happy shopping :)

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    Laundry detergent:
    Carpet Cleaner:
    Lazy Susan:
    Cell phone case:
    Laptop case (Color is White Marble 4):
    Keyboard cover: (Color is Pink Marble):
    Fabric shaver:
    Travel perfume atomizer:
    Purse Organizer:
    Travel jewelry organizer:
    Diamond ring (gold):
    Earring organizer:
    Silicone straws:
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Comments • 35

  • Debra Norris
    Debra Norris  3 days back

    I got the spot bot when it first came out and I hated it. Threw it away. Maybe it’s better now.

    • carley costa
      carley costa   9 hours back

      @Debra Norris It's funny you say that because I loved my first one but the second one I ordered did that as well. I figured it was a defect so I exchanged it for another one and it works fine. Stinks you had a bad experience with it because I use mine SO often :/

    • Debra Norris
      Debra Norris  13 hours back

      carley costa
      It didn’t suck anything up it just swirled the dirt around and left a dirt ring. I tried everything with it.

    • carley costa
      carley costa   3 days back

      Oh no! I love mine SO much. Why did you hate it ?

  • Helen Monaghan
    Helen Monaghan  2 months back

    That earring holder is lovely but if you want one where ypu can hang larger hoops I think the Beautify Foldable holder is amazing - it might work better cos you can open it up and keep it open :)

    • carley costa
      carley costa   2 months back

      Oh wow, that’s great! Thank you for sharing, I’m definitely getting one 😍

  • Good Girls Mom
    Good Girls Mom  3 months back

    Um, that's a rectangle case.

    • Holly Grail
      Holly Grail  3 months back

      I clicked the video because you are gorgeous! And stayed along because there is great content! Great video! 💕

    • Amy M
      Amy M  3 months back

      New subscriber! Please do more of these! I have the fabric shaver, purse organizer and travel organizer. Great minds! Have you thought about doing "pack with me" videos?

      • carley costa
        carley costa   3 months back

        Hi Amy, welcome! I have another Amazon video coming very soon, and am also going to be doing a pack with me as well. I have two trips coming up. One to Europe and then another short weekend trip so it it be for one of those !

    • Rachel Christensen
      Rachel Christensen  3 months back

      I really wish you could get that laundry detergent in Australia – if you’re watching Amazon come on.… Amazon only really started in Australia a couple years ago prior to that I would just buy from the American Amazon and pay a fortune for freight I’m talking 30 US$40 for something small. To get that bottle it’s in your hand would cost me US$100. Yes I’m sure it’s great but I don’t think I should have to pay that much just for a wee bit of luxury of right now and then... But I really really want it! One day I will give in and just go onto the American store and pay fortune for delivery and get it!

      • carley costa
        carley costa   3 months back

        Oh wow that’s crazy! I’m so obsessed with Amazon I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t in my life lol. I would go online and google ‘Glamorous Wash’ or the ‘Tyler candle company’ ( that’s who makes it) you may be able to find a store near you or somewhere that sells it. Goodluck! xoxo

    • Jamie Jamie
      Jamie Jamie  4 months back

      this is the best amazon video i've seen in a while

      • carley costa
        carley costa   4 months back

        Thank you so much ! I have another coming soon :)

    • Meli S.
      Meli S.  4 months back

      You are INSANELY gorgeous! ☺️

    • Charles Fillipone
      Charles Fillipone  5 months back


      • Isb Studios
        Isb Studios  5 months back

        Love love love your videos. Great work👍

        • Brie Shermett
          Brie Shermett  5 months back

          What size purse organizer did u get for that bag? Medium or Large?

          • carley costa
            carley costa   5 months back

            Hi Brie! I got a size large because I have the neverfull MM. So just make sure you get the correct size for whatever size your purse is! If you scroll down to the product description the seller tells you exactly what size you would need for whatever bag you have. Goodluck xoxo

        • Leah Saylor
          Leah Saylor  6 months back

          Wow awesome favs video! What kind of carpet shampoo do you use with the carpet cleaner?

          • Leah Saylor
            Leah Saylor  6 months back

            @carley costa You're so sweet! Thanks for the detailed reply.

          • carley costa
            carley costa   6 months back

            Hey Leah, thank you! It depends on the stain. For pet accidents ( I have a marker on my hands) I have literally tried EVERYTHING and nothing works as good as the homemade concoction I make. I first soak the accident up with a paper towel then pour white vinegar on it and let it sit for a couple hours. The vinegar pulls the urine scent out of your carpet. Before the next step it’s a good idea to use a paper towel to soak up what you can of the vinegar, but honestly I don’t always and it works just fine either way. Then I put a thin layer of baking soda over the vinegar and wet the baking soda with peroxide and rub it in then and let that sit as well. The duo pulls the vinegar scent out. Then I plop the Bissel machine right on top and let it go to work. I also always add a tiny bit of dawn dish soap to the fresh water you add to the machine because it’s gentle and really cleans well. I don’t love really strong scented carpet cleaners and I just think that remedy works the best because it doesn’t have any scent at all which I love because it just smells
            Clean after! Bissel makes multiple cleaners for the machine as well if you are Just using it in a normal spill or stain, but again sometimes I still just use dawn and it normally works great. Make sure to have a light hand! :) good luck!

        • Always Danielle
          Always Danielle  6 months back

          I'm getting that fabric shaver! Amazon videos are my fav!

        • Anne R
          Anne R  6 months back

          Great selection of products!

          • carley costa
            carley costa   6 months back

            Thank you! I can’t wait to do another Amazon favs video

        • Jane Marion
          Jane Marion  6 months back

          I have used the laundry detergent for many things. When I go to the laundry mat to do throw rugs, and I just put a dab on a piece of fabric and put it in my Dyson vacuum...your whole house will smell amazing.

          • carley costa
            carley costa   6 months back

            Omg that is such and amazing idea, I’m def gunna try that ! Thank you xoxo

        • Dan
          Dan  6 months back

          Nice Video Carley well done!

          • Reb Ruc
            Reb Ruc  6 months back

            I did enjoy this video cuz you had an a lot of different things. Thx&see ya😁

          • Lisa
            Lisa  7 months back

            How do you not have a million subscribers?!! Really loved this video!

            • carley costa
              carley costa   7 months back

              Aww, you’re so sweet, thank you!! I’m just starting out, and having a lot of fun ☺️