Former USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann's final four claim is ludicrous - Herculez Gomez | ESPN FC

  • Published: 10 January 2020
  • Former USMNT player Herculez Gomez reacts to former coach Jurgen Klinsmann's claim he could've taken the United States to the semifinal of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, calling the claim "ludicrous" and unnecessary. Gomez says Klinsmann is correct that no one could've foreseen the "disaster" in Trinidad and Tobago, but feels the former coach is attempting to rid himself of culpability in the team failing to qualify for the tournament. Gomez also questions why Klinsmann is attempting to make this claim now instead of showing this intensity while he was in the qualification process.


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Comments • 31

  • Londronable
    Londronable  1 weeks back

    Ah, damned, well, you got my click I suppose but seriously, some more honest journalism would be nice if you ever got the time.

    • christian gonzalez
      christian gonzalez  3 weeks back

      I thought Jurgen klinsmann was going to be coaching a MLS team by now, like the L.A. Galaxy or something.

      • Tony Stark
        Tony Stark  3 weeks back

        I think that was his goal.
        To at least reach a semi final.
        That would've been a success.
        So to say he couldn't do that.
        You never know given more time.
        I believe he could of one day.
        Despite the poor results lately.
        I blame the players more honestly.

        • Alex Cruz
          Alex Cruz  3 weeks back

          Lost respect for Gomez. Doesn’t address ANY of the issues with the US team right now. Look at the US squad right now, to when Jurgen was in charge. The answer to a better team is NOT hiring MLS coaches. No disrespect to them, but they don’t understand the level of soccer that is needed on an international scale. They don’t know the Europeans kind of football. How the game is played in England or Spain or Italy or even South America. They’re restricted to their knowledge of only US kind of play. It’s one thing to watch film and try to understand your opponent but you’ll never ever replace experience. They NEED a coach from overseas that can transform this US team. The quality of players isn’t there, the kind of football they’re playing isn’t there, and more important the coach they need isn’t their. Until they acknowledge this, they’ll never get to the semis or finals of a World Cup.

          • Anthony Tinaj
            Anthony Tinaj  3 weeks back

            news must be really slow because Jurgen literally said this at least a few times in past few years

            • Cory F
              Cory F  3 weeks back

              The level of revisionist history by fans leaving comments is astounding.

              • alex1vid
                alex1vid  3 weeks back

                Hearing it... Wow... Do better, ESPNFC. That's not what he said and you're deliberately misrepresenting the very video you used!! It's true I disagree they were almost in Russia when he was boss because the side had lost 2 games badly. IMO JK was out of touch with the climate and moment in 2016. But the guy does give hard truth bombs. Like how irrelevant the side is today. Face it... the US side isnt nearly as relevant and the Berhalter team does nothing to energize fans or believe they are moving forward. The hiring process was a total sham and a year wasted while they played politics. Its a shame because the US does have some nice talents but the federation is an even bigger mess than it was with JK... or even Arena!

                • Dylan James Chang
                  Dylan James Chang  3 weeks back

                  USA would have been able to thrash Japan....

                • omega marketing
                  omega marketing  3 weeks back

                  ESPN Y R U twisting what Klinsmann said. Listen carefully what he said. U R making news out of nothing. Anyhow it is upto Americans that they have to decide if they really wanted to be coached by world class player like K'smann. You should remember he is a world cup winner and he is a very kind person. He did great job with American team taking them 2 last 16. U know that it is very difficult to coach them may be due to their mentality b'cos they think as if they know everything.. Why American Pundits R criticizing K'smann which is to me is bad.

                  • Marwan Monajjed
                    Marwan Monajjed  3 weeks back

                    Some still claim they lost on purpose so they don't play in Russia

                    • The NDstructible1
                      The NDstructible1  3 weeks back

                      Jurgen Klinsmann was the last time the US was relevant.

                      • Jeffrey Hall
                        Jeffrey Hall  3 weeks back

                        @Lockjaw And they're also known for starting unnecessary wars

                      • Lockjaw
                        Lockjaw  3 weeks back

                        @The NDstructible1 Germans are the smartest country among Europe. Look at Klopp, Klinsmann and others. They are known for their crazy Intelligence.

                      • John Barnes
                        John Barnes  3 weeks back

                        @The NDstructible1 AGREE with you 100%

                      • The NDstructible1
                        The NDstructible1  3 weeks back

                        @alex1vid I know the end was rough but being honest he is the best manager we had and should have stuck with him. The federation should have listened to him as he had a plan not just for the team but the youth development. Now we are a joke

                      • alex1vid
                        alex1vid  3 weeks back

                        This. Its a shame too but true. I dont see so many fans caring as much. But I think its more the fault of the shambolic federation.

                    • William Munny
                      William Munny  3 weeks back

                      _Jurgen: " know It was progressing, I said, you know I take that team in Russia to the final eight or even in the final four !"_

                      _ESPN FC Commentator: "I take this team in Russia to the final four !"_

                      • Harry Moorehouse
                        Harry Moorehouse  3 weeks back

                        haha, Americans know absolutely nothing about football. stick to touchups and home walks!

                        • Jonathan Arroyo
                          Jonathan Arroyo  3 weeks back

                          Jeffrey Hall my guy ur embarrassing

                        • Ramiro Valdez
                          Ramiro Valdez  3 weeks back

                          @Jeffrey Hall i think he meant soccer. For the rest of the world football is american soccer.

                        • Jeffrey Hall
                          Jeffrey Hall  3 weeks back

                          America dominates football bro we have the best league in the world NFL

                      • ryan smith
                        ryan smith  3 weeks back

                        1:00 That's not what Klinsmann said. Twisting his words.

                        • alex1vid
                          alex1vid  3 weeks back

                          @Eric Johnson no they took their own clip out of context. He said "quarters or even semis". Yeah its a stretch, personally I dont think that US side would've been good enough to go beyond group stage. To me the bigger thing is he's looking back on something in either an arrogant or optimistic way. The US was so poor in his last two matches. But it goes deeper than just him and into the federation, MLS and mostly the bizarre attitudes of the players. They werent that good. And they didnt want to push themselves. And they didnt totally respect their opponents. End of the day he can say whatever he wants and I get it - fans dont like that he can say "I wouldve gotten them there" because he has an easy out, but it is what it is and means nothing at all.

                        • Eric Johnson
                          Eric Johnson  3 weeks back

                          Except he did say that. And he's responsible for the US not qualifying for 2018 so to say he would've gotten us to the quarters or semis, ludicrous. Klinsmann was a joke to many of us fans. Apparently people have forgotten that, but I certainly haven't.

                      • AndresAimar
                        AndresAimar  3 weeks back

                        Lol at American football experts.

                      • Wilson23
                        Wilson23  3 weeks back

                        Why? Why now? Yells loud American. What why? Klinsmann was just asked question, so he answered. What's the big deal, geez?

                      • Sports Analytics
                        Sports Analytics  3 weeks back

                        Americans guy was loud

                        • patitoduck123
                          patitoduck123  3 weeks back

                          Jurgen had a decent thing going when he was with the US. Those last few months weren’t the best but he had a plan in place for not only the USMNT, but the youth ranks too. Shame it didn’t all work out in the end. I actually liked him and thought had we stuck with him things would have worked out in the long term.

                          And before anyone says anything bad, obviously the move with Arena didn’t work lol. Even now the jury is still out on Berhalter.