Nanny Dressing Up Pandas For Photo Shoot | iPanda

  • Published: 29 November 2019
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Comments • 24

  • Wehz Ish
    Wehz Ish  1 months back

    Now I need too see these photos, where are they??

    • Did you know
      Did you know  2 months back

      watch my last vid about pandas

      • Margarita López Gómez
        Margarita López Gómez  2 months back

        Lo siento. No me gusta ese tipo de interacción con los pandas, a que está acostumbrado el cuidador Yang. Los pandas son graciosos, simpáticos y lindos sin necesidad de que les pongan lazos ni sombreros.Su belleza es natural y única. Debemos amar, cuidar y respetar a los pandas que no están en ningun circo para agradar a la gente.

        • Subhash Chand Sharma
          Subhash Chand Sharma  2 months back

          oh my gkd i want to see the pic shots😁😂😃😄😅😊

          • priyanka bulbul
            priyanka bulbul  2 months back

            Love u Pandu 😘😘😘😘😘😘

            • Моника Гаджиева


              • Gary Moh
                Gary Moh  2 months back

                A lot of nannies take care these cuties when they were babies and treated them like their own and will feel sad if anything happens to them.

                There was one nanny who take care of a Panda cub from young, eventually the cub was moved to another Panda facilities, but she did take time visit her whenever she can.

                The problem is, the Panda was eventually moved to a Korean zoo and the nanny is unable to visit her anymore and she cried talking about it.

                • xhehfdl
                  xhehfdl  2 months back


                  • Haripriya M
                    Haripriya M  2 months back

                    So cute pandas.

                    • Ramya N
                      Ramya N  2 months back

                      Please post those photos 😊

                      • Kiranmai Chaithanya
                        Kiranmai Chaithanya  2 months back

                        Nannies getting your kids for fancy dress competition😊😊👍soo cute

                        • Yanzra Guerres
                          Yanzra Guerres  2 months back

                          ¡No pueden ser mejores!: Elija visitar a un Panda, elija animarse a Observarlos...1' diario, será saludable.-

                          • Maria Aparecida de Andrade Lagassio Maria

                            Amo oooooooooooooooo

                            • Oz oz
                              Oz oz  2 months back

                              Awww😍,, lady BingBing with tiara flower

                              • MzMysterious2 U
                                MzMysterious2 U  2 months back

                                Omg how cute was this photo shoot! Lol Panda happy with photos & a snack! Love all of you sweet precious Pandas!❤😍❤

                                • Denise Garcia Lemos
                                  Denise Garcia Lemos  2 months back

                                  Poxa, ninguém viu!
                                  Tem que postar essas imagens!
                                  Adoraria poder ver....

                                  • Eva Ortega Vázquez
                                    Eva Ortega Vázquez  2 months back

                                    Los Amó 💞🐼💞🐼🌐🇲🇽👍🍀

                                    • modathna mn
                                      modathna mn  2 months back

                                      Nanny our followers love us without any decoration or make up

                                      • Judith Jermark
                                        Judith Jermark  2 months back

                                        Giant Panda Models are happy that Nanny is dressing them up to pose for photos, but they say that new modeling contracts need to be signed first. Contracts must say that bamboo can be eaten by models during shooting.♥️🐼🐾😲😯😀🐼🐾😮😇🤔😍🌿🌿♥️

                                        • EL一一
                                          EL一一  2 months back

                                          侮辱了熊格 🤪

                                          • LongTimeTTFan
                                            LongTimeTTFan  2 months back

                                            Hey nanny, I need NO dress up or make up. I already have the best B/W clothing money can buy.

                                            • Karen Teo
                                              Karen Teo  2 months back

                                              Nanny want to capture a beautiful and perfect shot of two lovely models! So cute and adorable pandas!😍🐼

                                              • diyah_ link
                                                diyah_ link  2 months back


                                                • Jeremy Naraine
                                                  Jeremy Naraine  2 months back

                                                  🐼🐼💖❤ say chesse