Brampton dad accused of killing 2 boys appears in court

  • Published: 15 November 2019
  • Edwin Bastidas, the Brampton man accused of killing his two young sons, made a court appearance Thursday. Momin Qureshi with what’s expected to happen next in the 52-year-old’s trial.

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  • S
    S  4 weeks back

    2 Beautiful Boys !
    Breaks my heart !
    God bless their sweet souls!!🧸

    • Nita Bote
      Nita Bote  4 weeks back

      OMG, I think this father have a mental problem....all my prayers for the soul of the two kids.May they RIP in the bussom of Our Maker.

      • Hishram Cifford
        Hishram Cifford  4 weeks back

        If he wasn't white it would be anything but a mental problem lol

    • Tim White
      Tim White  4 weeks back

      Hi I feel bad for him.iam a father too .i can not under stand what
      Made him do this.only thing we
      Can do is say prayer for the family.

      • M M
        M M  2 weeks back

        You Feel ‘BAD’ for this POS child killer? Why would you sympathize with a child killer? He is a piece of trash who should get worse in his jail cell.

      • P Bebnowski
        P Bebnowski  4 weeks back

        He's a monster, don't feel bad

      LAMOND HAUGHTON  4 weeks back

      Where is the diversity is our strength crew.

      • Bigz v
        Bigz v  4 weeks back

        Looks about white.

      • Bonnie Cull
        Bonnie Cull  4 weeks back

        @parker Melville hes white they are greek dumb hick

      • zewtuube
        zewtuube  4 weeks back

        They mostly hate blacks, indians and muslims. If it ain't one of these three communities then they don't get mad and comment. The guy in the video is Latin so they won't comment any hate comments.

      • MR MAGOO
        MR MAGOO  4 weeks back

        The perp looks White to you?

      • user123 user421
        user123 user421  4 weeks back

        I guess this is the first time watching the news huh .....check back in an hour im sure one of you ppl will be on

    • Sammy _ YT
      Sammy _ YT  4 weeks back