Is Amazon Basics Motor Oil better than Penrite? Let's find out!

  • Published: 01 June 2019
  • Amazon vs Penrite & Quaker State vs Schaeffer's 5W-30 synthetic motor oils. Only 2 brands will advance. Oil analysis test results also included in this video. I am not sponsored by any of these brands or by the oil testing lab. I paid the "bulk price" of $35 per test sample for oil analysis.

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    The testing methods outlined in this video are my own and not performed using expensive oil lab testing equipment or following the ASTM, SAE or API testing standards. The three tests outlined in the video include tests for viscosity at varying temperatures, film strength, and evaporative testing. In my opinion, the testing approaches used in this video provide consumers with valuable information on choosing the right motor oil for their specific application. Hope you enjoy the video and thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   8 months back

    I'll post the next oil series episode on Monday at the usual time. Amsoil will compete against Kendall and Red Line will compete against Pennzoil. Hope you enjoy the video!

    • Tsar Bomba
      Tsar Bomba  7 months back

      Randy Chavez 5w30 oil is designed to operate at temperatures as low as -22F (-30C). Block heater and different oil would be used in climates that get down to -40. Also the oils may of performed differently changing results of previous round.

    • Nuriddin Nuriyev
      Nuriddin Nuriyev  7 months back

      why not do Royal Purple in the mix?

    • Shahab Ud Din Khan
      Shahab Ud Din Khan  7 months back

      @drysori To be true, I was expecting that in the showoff between the elite eight. Maybe the semi finals PROJECT FARM!

    • Shahab Ud Din Khan
      Shahab Ud Din Khan  7 months back

      Todd please test out the Liqui Moly motor oil saver. It claims to ever so slightly swell rubber and plastic to stop oil leaks. I am dealing with a vvt cam adjuster for which the part number has not been refreshed and is plastic inside from where it slightly leaks, would be really helpful to see the video ASAP.

    • Tj Mcdonald
      Tj Mcdonald  7 months back

      Love your vids. Thank you so much for the work you do. If you ever decide to make shirts I definitely want one. Thanks again sir.

  • Justin Reynolds
    Justin Reynolds  6 days back

    Have you ever tested the Kirkland brand motor oil from Costco

    • James69888
      James69888  4 days back

      Project Farm Costco Kirkland full synthetic oil is $12 for 5 quarts.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   6 days back

      Thank you for the video idea!

  • fishhead1227
    fishhead1227  2 weeks back

    I would really love to see a comparison of conventional motor oil vs synthetic motor oil. Have not seen that yet.

  • Santana Lor
    Santana Lor  3 weeks back

    Test Costco's "new" motor oil

    • Sherman Leung
      Sherman Leung  3 weeks back

      Pleasure do a test on Walmart oil (super tech)

      • Joe Takacs
        Joe Takacs  3 weeks back

        What about Kirklands oil at Costco? Any test on that one yet? I know it's extremely inexpensive, but can it be good and effective?

        • Joe Takacs
          Joe Takacs  3 weeks back

          It seems like a tremendous deal at $25 for two 5 quart jugs. I would just be a little leary of using it in my truck until it has your seal of approval stamped on it.

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   3 weeks back

          Great test idea! Thank you

      • Cool Guy Here
        Cool Guy Here  4 weeks back

        thank you so much for adding your few cents towards the end about how you use the amazonbasics in your vehicles. i don't live in a normally cold climate (north texas) and usually go for 2 short drives a day. i'm satisfied to hear i bought into a decent motor oil (amazonbasics).

      • Derek aka Derek
        Derek aka Derek  2 months back

        why would lower viscocity be objectively better? That implies that the cooked oil is somehow superior to fresh

        • Carl Covey
          Carl Covey  2 months back

          Years ago my uncle bought a brand new white freight liner because he was an over the road driver. He changed his oil regularly and always put the old fashion STP in his oil. He put a million miles on his truck! Ever since, I still use STP with every oil change but I still change my oil every 3,000 miles! Have you ever tested STP with oils to see if it really works? Thank you!

          • Mac A.
            Mac A.  2 months back

            still buying Amazon.. much cheaper and it's a great oil.

          • Arthur Smith
            Arthur Smith  2 months back

            Consumer Reports tested oils in New York taxis. No wear difference in the engines synthetic or conventional after tear down.

          • kingsnake2010
            kingsnake2010  2 months back

            @projectfarm not totally related but would Lucas transmission stop slip act differently in cold weather...

            • kingsnake2010
              kingsnake2010  2 months back

              @Project Farm no problem I really enjoy those oil test videos, driving a 10 year old Subaru so I like knowing which brands hold up..

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   2 months back

              Thank you for the video idea!

          • Colton Sanford
            Colton Sanford  3 months back

            People's thoughts on Castrol 0W-20 vs competition like Mobil & Valvoline? Competition as in what you can buy at Walmart. Wondering for commuter car to elongate life as long as possible. Thanks!

            • Dave Collins
              Dave Collins  4 months back

              I know it would be tough but would love to see a test on slotted disc brake rotors vs regular oem for stopping power, brake dust, etc. Love the videos as always!

            • Matty Mccolgan
              Matty Mccolgan  4 months back

              1:48 wow see how much the hotplat3 warped on time lapse

              • christian romero
                christian romero  5 months back

                Amazon? Amazon Has oil???

                • Thilo
                  Thilo  5 months back

                  Video Ideas. Air filter test, coolant tests , air con gas efficiency tests

                • Revolver SAA
                  Revolver SAA  5 months back

                  Both SuperTech and amazon basics motor oils are made by Warren Oil Co. I rank then 2nd class but definitely worth what they cost. Cheap and API certified.

                • Snoitseuq Pi
                  Snoitseuq Pi  5 months back

                  My winters hit -40C/-40F.... or lower... My car recommends 5W-30. Should I switch to a 0W-30 for winter? I have a 2015 1.4L Ecototec Turbo. It runs hot. So I want the least evaporative loss, when motor is up to temp, and the 30 denotes it should have the same viscosity once warm weather 0W-30, or 5W-30, but it seems that it would benefit from a lower viscosity at the extreme temps. But in the SUMMER, I hit +40C, (like weeks at a time it will be 35+ humidex, feeling over 40C. HOT AS HELL. There is an 80 degree difference in cold starting temps between the height of summer, and the height of winter. Should I just stay with 5W-30 if that's what it recommends? Or would it be better for cold starts to switch to a 0W-30 in Winter?

                  SOMEONE LET ME KNOW!

                  • Thorn Mountain
                    Thorn Mountain  5 months back

                    I know you're interested in oil additives and such, I would love to see a video on Tuf oil, the only oil in the guiness book or world records.

                  • Jason Hardy
                    Jason Hardy  5 months back

                    I am just about to kick off my new business doing 3D printing for items to sell myself as well as to some retailers I have lined up. My point is I love watching your tests and I love the manner in which you perform every test you do. All of your tests are done with great precision. If you or your viewers have some good ideas on what prints and materials to use I would love to send you some other 3D printed items. I can find/make something to do whatever task comes up as a good choice (preferably voted in, but we can see what turns up regardless) or you can send me your own design and we will see how it holds up! What can you come up with? Reply to the idea you want to see used in order to count votes (if that works out). Maybe some of you can even give me some good products to manufacture in doing all of this as well? I am looking forward to the responses this could get personally. All advice and ideas will be considered and used so long as Project Farm is interested in the project!

                  • BL4CKICE1992
                    BL4CKICE1992  5 months back

                    12a.m watching oil races

                  • FixItNick
                    FixItNick  5 months back

                    Sup buddy, please do a diesel oil comparison, i just picked up Amazon diesel full synthetic 5W-40 and i been driving with T6 Full synthetic 5W-40 oil. Full synthetics for diesel seems to be 5W-40 only but i had some suggestion i should use 15W-40 instead, but they dont have these in full synthetic so it seems. 15W-40 only seems to come in Rotella T5 "synthetic blend" and Rotella t4 15w-40 "triple Protection. Would be interesting to see the T4 15W-40 and T5 15W-40 and T6 5W-40 compared against each other with Amazon full synthetic 5W-40. There is also Motorcraft and Valvoline along with other brands for the diesels, but it would be super awesome to see these tests from your laboratory :)))

                    • FixItNick
                      FixItNick  5 months back

                      Project Farm appreciate your channel man! By the way I’m currently finishing a video on changing oil on my F350 with a help of a sniper rifle, crazy things that YouTube makes us do LOL

                    • Project Farm
                      Project Farm   5 months back

                      Great video idea! Thank you

                  • Revolver SAA
                    Revolver SAA  5 months back

                    I wonder who makes Amazon's oils. I know valvoline makes carquest's

                    • Project Farm
                      Project Farm   5 months back

                      Amazon's oil is made by Warren Distribution. Great company.

                  • Revolver SAA
                    Revolver SAA  5 months back

                    I've heard quaker state adds a type of wax to their oils, is this true?

                    • Project Farm
                      Project Farm   5 months back

                      Thank you. No, Pennzoil doesn't use was and has improved greatly over the past 20 years

                  • CreativeMinds99
                    CreativeMinds99  6 months back

                    @Project Farm, do you ever plan to test the new Shell gas engine synthetic motor oil? I’ve seen it at Wal-Mart for a decent price.

                    • Project Farm
                      Project Farm   6 months back

                      Yes, I need to get to this one soon. Thank you!

                  • RogueMachines17
                    RogueMachines17  6 months back

                    I was at the local auto store today and saw a few products that were interesting that are added to either oil or coolant to stop head gasket leaks, oil leaks, heater core leaks, rear main seal leak ect. I dont know how any of that would be tested, but It would be cool to see if any of them really do work

                  • GamerKay
                    GamerKay  6 months back

                    hey you should do an oil filter race lol

                  • PerkinatorFPV
                    PerkinatorFPV  7 months back

                    redo all tests but add some motorkote =)

                  • Russell Borrego
                    Russell Borrego  7 months back

                    If you wanna get crazy and out of what looks to be your general wheel house? Testing super plasticizers in cement and concrete might actually get you a ton of new followers.

                    Great video as always!

                    • Russell Borrego
                      Russell Borrego  7 months back

                      @Project Farm, no... thank YOU! Though I realize my suggestion might end up being too expensive, I make it based of the fact that the diy concrete countertop realm grows rapidly here on YouTube. I watched a guy reach over 100k followers strictly from one video (his very first)a couple months back, so the interest is definitely there.

                    • Project Farm
                      Project Farm   7 months back

                      Thank you

                  • Aleksander Iovanovici
                    Aleksander Iovanovici  7 months back

                    What about the Total Quartz oil? it is very popular in Europe and Asia

                  • ptschafer
                    ptschafer  7 months back

                    I'm curious if you could figure out a way to expose the oils to heat and carbon contamination at the same time over the course of a day, then perform all of the other tests afterwards.

                  • Chris Mass
                    Chris Mass  7 months back

                    Hey bud..can you compare bi-metal reciprocating saw blades? Dewalt, Diablo, Bosch, and Irwin? I really enjoy the show!!

                    • Project Farm
                      Project Farm   7 months back

                      Great recommendation. I tested them a while back. Thanks again

                  • Lynn Johnson
                    Lynn Johnson  7 months back

                    Great video once again!

                  • j5
                    j5  7 months back

                    Thanks oil compare man

                  • Steven Frank
                    Steven Frank  7 months back

                    What about a gear lube shootout between 75W-90 oils?

                  • jjducharme1
                    jjducharme1  7 months back

                    Of all the oils you've done I have not seen Penrite on any shelf around here nor advertised. Gotta throw some negative points its way for ease of purchase.... Good job yet again.

                  • SteveNonna
                    SteveNonna  7 months back

                    Thank you for all the testing that you have done in the past and in the future. I have learned a great deal from each and everyone. What would it take to get you to test synthetic Diesel motor oil and conventional Diesel motor oil? Thank you for you consideration.

                  • quoc nguyen
                    quoc nguyen  7 months back

                    Repsol or fuck sicolen . Ths

                    • John Finnegan
                      John Finnegan  7 months back

                      have you tested Walmart brand of oil ?

                      • G&K Ol' School
                        G&K Ol' School  7 months back

                        Would testing cooked oil on the bearings prove anything??? It'd just give cheapskates like me another reason to put off changing the oil!!! Just kidding. I love your channel and vids!

                        • Project Farm
                          Project Farm   7 months back

                          Thank you. I tested the cooked oil in the final 2 episodes

                      • Charlie Collazo
                        Charlie Collazo  7 months back

                        I think that oil in Australia is virgin oil

                        • Dan Brovont
                          Dan Brovont  7 months back

                          How about taking a look at the new Gas Rotella oil that just came out.

                        • The Walpoles
                          The Walpoles  7 months back

                          I really enjoy this oil showdown. I drive a diesel tho. I think a mini showdown for diesel specific oils would be really cool. Like rotella t6 synthetic delo 400 and some competition oils.

                        • Isaiah Bonin
                          Isaiah Bonin  7 months back

                 . please test this oil sometimes!

                        • DAT Blue Husky
                          DAT Blue Husky  7 months back

                          quaker state is garbage because i can tell how the turbo spool reacts to it and its not as responsive as other oils. I stopped using it and now i stick to penzoil

                        • Antonio Claudio Michael
                          Antonio Claudio Michael  7 months back

                          Awesome head to head

                          • Antonio Claudio Michael
                            Antonio Claudio Michael  7 months back

                            Great video bro