90 in 90: South Korea vs. Ukraine | 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup™ Highlights

  • Published: 16 June 2019
  • With the U20 World Cup title on the line, South Korea and Ukraine battled it out for the ultimate prize.

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    90 in 90: South Korea vs. Ukraine | 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup™ Highlights

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Comments • 41

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer   6 months back

    What are your thoughts on Ukraine's victory?

    • Frank Miranda
      Frank Miranda  4 months back

      Incredible. We might see Ukraine return to the World Cup in 2022.

    • John Bodnar
      John Bodnar  6 months back

      Ukraine never rushed the game and they had an outstanding goalie

    • t t oo
      t t oo  6 months back


    • It's Not Dean
      It's Not Dean  6 months back

      Csokops10 shots fired my friend

    • Csokops10
      Csokops10  6 months back

      My thought is u guys should stop asking the same lame questions 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • D L
    D L  6 months back

    Слава Героям! Они и есть Герои! Браво!!!!!!!!

    • Vladimir Ostrovsky
      Vladimir Ostrovsky  6 months back

      Congrats to our Ukrainian brothers !!!
      Well done 👍 you are the CHAMPIONS!!!

      • Dmytro Levkovych
        Dmytro Levkovych  6 months back

        Слава Украине!!!!✌️✌️✌️

        • Wilmer Chitacapa
          Wilmer Chitacapa  6 months back

          Ecuador would have definitely beat Ukraine

        • Daca_star4life
          Daca_star4life  6 months back

          Ukraine now with so much potential.

          • anthony Cabezas
            anthony Cabezas  6 months back

            Congratulations Ukraine you did a fantastic job on all your matches. Also south Korea you did your best keep it up and you'll be going places.

            • Jin the Hanakji
              Jin the Hanakji  6 months back

              Your comment was possibly one of the most respectable and amazing comments i ever read, considering the fact a lot of people degrade each other in the comments section. Thank you! I'm glad you took the time to respect both Ukraine and South Korea. You got a like from me. I hope the best for both as well!

          • Martincito
            Martincito  6 months back

            What a beautiful third goal to seal the victory and obtain the World Cup

            • Josue Samayoa
              Josue Samayoa  6 months back

              Rip BTD

              • dosipov1
                dosipov1  6 months back

                Who’s here because of HBO miniseries Chernobyl

                • TopFootball
                  TopFootball  1 months back

                  How did you end up at the U20 FIFA World Cup?

                • CRIS /34
                  CRIS /34  6 months back

                  No one

              • Vadim Plotkin
                Vadim Plotkin  6 months back

                Was is not off-side of the Ukraine's second goal? It seems so. I'm really happy, but not sure about the correctness of the second goal of Alexey Supryaha.

                • Vadim Plotkin
                  Vadim Plotkin  6 months back

                  @John Bodnar Yeah, I agree, there should not have been given a penalty kick since the foul was on the line, not inside the box. Just ordinary foul.

                • John Bodnar
                  John Bodnar  6 months back

                  Yet you said nothing about the penalty kick,that resulted in a goal. That penalty kick never should of been given. Ukraine played a perfect game.

                • Vadim Plotkin
                  Vadim Plotkin  6 months back

                  @Sangwon Yi It seems to me that you are wrong, and the ball really was sent by the Korean player. However, it touched the Ukrainian player's foot on its way to the scorer. Just rewatch the moment.

                • Sangwon Yi
                  Sangwon Yi  6 months back

                  Vadim Plotkin the ball was passed to Ukraine player from South Korean player foot. You are right if Ukraine player passed to the player who scored that would been a off side

              • Francis Kanneh
                Francis Kanneh  6 months back

                This is more important than the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Change my mind.

              • Sung Ham
                Sung Ham  6 months back

                We fought well, but Ukraine did better job. Congrats on the win!

                • bgtkv4
                  bgtkv4  6 months back

                  Bravo Ukraina!! I'm very proud!! From your bro from Russia!

                  • bgtkv4
                    bgtkv4  6 months back

                    @Ibraheem Warrior i didnt say ukraine was better than russia...

                • George Kandylis
                  George Kandylis  6 months back

                  World class third goal ! Placement , power , the sprint , the touch ! WOW ! As I was watching it live I was like this has to go in ! And in a final to do it in ! Respect ! 👏🔥🏅👌

                  • f00dify
                    f00dify  6 months back

                    The audio is shot in this video

                    • Carlos Escudero
                      Carlos Escudero  6 months back

                      Congrats Vault-Boy!

                      • Keriks
                        Keriks  6 months back

                        I am Ukrainian and just noticed this highlight , was like whaaaat?? Amazing, that lash Goal was rly good

                        • joshioaz85
                          joshioaz85  6 months back

                          Congratulations Ukraine

                          • johnny Lama
                            johnny Lama  6 months back

                            Great job Ukraine 👏👏👏🏆

                            • Ben Hanssen
                              Ben Hanssen  6 months back

                              and these players will probably not be that good

                            • Hanhee Yang
                              Hanhee Yang  6 months back

                              Kang In Lee! Only other time an 18-year-old got the Golden Ball ever was Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.

                              Future is bright for him.

                              • Hanhee Yang
                                Hanhee Yang  6 months back

                                South Korea especially Kang In Lee's had a terrific run. Congrats to Ukraine! Deserved the win.