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  • Published: 14 November 2019
  • I enjoy Tati . Let me say it again ... I really like Tati . I was rooting for her . I wanted this palette to me my new go to ! My everyday palette when I just need the basics . I want to emphasize that these are simply my experiences after testing the palette for 11 days straight . For a makeup junkie that’s a long term relationship. I don’t think I have ever committed this much time into a single palette for a review , but I really wanted to test this palette completely . I wanted to know for myself if the hype was true .. Tati has mentioned a new product launching on Black Friday ? If so I am completely down to try it . I hope you enjoy my overly in-depth breakdown of the Tati Beauty Textured neutrals palette Volume 1.

    If you love the Tati palette, I am truly happy for you. I always hope to love and use the products I spend my hard earned money on... XoXo

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Comments • 102

  • Serena Peterson
    Serena Peterson  6 hours back

    I don't know, but I'm getting older and have pretty hooded eyes. There's a couple things I need to change because of the wrinkles and whatnot, but I enjoy it and get a lot of compliments. When I've tried the full glitter looks, I can't get rid of it lol. I have to do less. I think it comes down to personal preference. The metallics are amazing. I'm sorry you don't like it.

    • Whit and Her Makeup Kit *

      Your review is spot on. And after a few months my pressed glitters are drying out and very hard to use.

      • HotMessNess MUA
        HotMessNess MUA   1 days back

        Whit and Her Makeup Kit * thank u . I do appreciate your comment .

    • mmanda515
      mmanda515  1 weeks back

      Idk.... lighting? angle? ..... great personality? ;) lol ~ Has to be >10 yrs now that I've been watching makeup vids, & gotta say, (hands down)...For whatever reason, BEST swatching/representation I've EVER seen! Thanks for sharing!

      • HotMessNess MUA
        HotMessNess MUA   5 days back

        mmanda515 omg ! That you so much for such a sweet comment !

    • Amanda Berkey
      Amanda Berkey  1 weeks back

      Oh my god. I LOVE Tati, and I absolutely adore my Textured Neutrals pallet, but this is fucking gold. “So say you decided to go in and spend the rest of your life blending that shade.”😂😂 You, dear, are wonderful!❤️

      • Amanda Berkey
        Amanda Berkey  1 weeks back

        HotMessNess MUA Not yet! I’ve actually entered every giveaway to try to avoid having to spend the $20+. We’ve got three kids and a fair amount of debt —If I asked my husband for a “luxury” puff, he’d probably have me committed.

      • HotMessNess MUA
        HotMessNess MUA   1 weeks back

        Thank you for appreciating my humor ! Love Tati too . Love that you love your palette ! Did you buy the new puff or sponge ?

    • Carol Watson
      Carol Watson  1 weeks back

      is there anything you can use before you put the glitter on that would make it stay there?? I don't know

      • Carol Watson
        Carol Watson  1 weeks back

        as an added idea if we had bought it from anywhere else and I mean anywhere else it would be returnable that's a big plus.!! However Tati and only she has not extended that benefits to her subscribers and I just wonder about that why she would not include that very important aspect a fine makeup. Even Rite Aid let you bring back anything everything no matter if it's empty.!! I know I know she's not Rite Aid

        • HotMessNess MUA
          HotMessNess MUA   1 weeks back

          Some indie brands don’t ... I think if you want people to truly believe in your product you should have a return policy . Just my thoughts

      • Carol Watson
        Carol Watson  1 weeks back

        hi I just caught your Channel and I really wanted to see this. I have my palette I have not used my palette simply because it scares me!! I'm older than you my dear and I have hooded eyes as well very hooded and I'm not much of a glitter person so are watching your video I think I know now which ones are we able to use without having a heart attack about what to do with it!! I mean really it's only makeup!!! and I really wanted to see this. I have my palate I have not used my pellet simply because it scares me!! I'm older than you my dear and I have would it eyes as well very put it and I'm not much of a glitter person so I watching your video I think I know now which ones I'll be able to use without having a heart attack about what to do with it!! I mean really it's only makeup!!! Thank you thank you thank you or your unbiased, compassionate and honest review of the palette I truly believe what you're saying. You do know however as far as I know no one else has given this honest opinion on this palette so thank you thank you thank you job well done

        • HotMessNess MUA
          HotMessNess MUA   1 weeks back

          I know a lot of people are still enjoying it . I hope you love it . Nothing worse than feeling like you wasted money ! If you have any problems with it there are a lot of videos that teach how to fix those little problems . I just don’t want to have to do those things with a basic palette . If she ever nails those sequin shades I will come back to her shadows . Thank you for your comment ! I really appreciate the input and your support !

      • fakeguru
        fakeguru  1 weeks back

        Tati has a no returns policy on this palette. Which tells me everything i need to know about its quality.

        • MzClementine
          MzClementine  1 weeks back

          The color story to me is ugly. To many warms. Warm with Pink... isn’t my gig. Neither is glitter. In 2018 wasn’t the color coral. So many warm palettes came out.
          I’m 43. And I definitely don’t wear makeup like I use to. I got the ND BIBA palette instead. So happy!

          • HotMessNess MUA
            HotMessNess MUA   1 weeks back

            I got my first Nd palette and I am really loving it , but like u , I am wearing less and less makeup .

        • cheri williams
          cheri williams  1 weeks back

          I have hooded eyes and this palette did work for me. The only problem I had was the glitter fell onto my cheeks.. It was easily swiped off though, however, I had to keep checking my face now and then because more did drop.. She did say using glitter glue would help that from happening.. I am not a huge glitter fan so don't use it very often.. I love the looks I have gotten with the palette without the glitter.. It has strong staying power and stayed put. Love it.

          • Serena Peterson
            Serena Peterson  5 hours back

            Me too. It's helping me up my game. I've been loving it. Lasts all day.

        • Music Love
          Music Love  1 weeks back

          I realize not every palette is for everyone, but I love mine and use it nearly everyday. I have hooded eyes and borrowed a tip from Tati where she holds her mirror higher than eye level to for application and it works like a charm. Unlike my other palettes Tati's does not show the wrinkles on my lids. I'll definitely buy her next palette.

          • HotMessNess MUA
            HotMessNess MUA   1 weeks back

            Music Love I am so happy u love it ! The most important thing is the customer being happy !

        • Krista Yerxa
          Krista Yerxa  1 weeks back

          Well holy moly I’m legit mindbown 🤯😂 idk I’m not really “new” to makeup it’s been a cpl years but still ain’t an expert Lol, anyways I also have hooded eyes and was wondering why on earth when I’d use the glitter shades it’d end up on the top of my lids 😂 well after your vid I understand why now and yeah it makes sense and I feel dumb for not figuring it out sooner 😂😂 anyway thanks for enlightening me!.. btw, even though I have hooded eyes I still really love her palette, it’s the only one I used since I got it in November, enjoyed your vid though 🙂 Have a good one! 💜💋

          • HotMessNess MUA
            HotMessNess MUA   1 weeks back

            Krista Yerxa I live when people live what they buy ! I am hoping the next product fits me .

        • E M
          E M  2 weeks back

          ‘Say you would take that shade and blend it for the rest of your life’ 😂😂😂 I loved your review, thank you. I didn’t realize it was the same lab as Colourpop. I’m not crazy about their shadows already.

          • Nienke C.
            Nienke C.  2 weeks back

            I am 44 and have semi hooded eyes too. I really like the palette, but I also agree with you on a lot of points you made.
            The only sequin shades I like to use as sequin are sequin sooth and aura. Because you have to press it on the other colors become just way to opaque. They are ok if you press them on and only blend the edges, so you don't loose all the glitter. I would have preffered it to be an additonal matte row with a slighty different hue as the other matte shade. I do prefer ritual sequin over ritual matte. I just blend away the glitter and use it as a matte shade.
            I do like soothe matte, but indeed it turns a bit too orange. I mix it with a little aura that takes a lot of the orange hue out.
            I really like the metallic row, because it is not too metallic otherwise you see all my lid wrinkles. And even with the fallout of glitter I like the glitter row (that was the row I thought I would never use). If you only press on a thin layer on with your finger the fallout and transfer to my hooded lid are minimal.
            Overall I really like the pallette. There is definately room for improvement and apart from the color layout I agree it is not a beginner friendly pallette based on formula.

            • Christine Ryan
              Christine Ryan  2 weeks back

              I like to read comments and it gets to me when ppl talk sh*t on the person making the video because their opinion is different. I have very hooded eyes so I want the dam truth about the pallet, not a review thats only being made because ppl are thinking thats how they are supporting Tati. I watch all of Tati's videos and she is one of my favorite youtubers so I bought her pallet, thats a way to support her. Going around leaving comments that are ignorant because her pallet didnt work for someone isnt being supportive at all and Tati would say the same dam thing. Actually she did when she reviewed the Emily Noel "wants and needs pallets" when that one girl made a video doing the same thing because everyone was hyping up those pallets saying how good they were and Tati didnt agree because she was having a hard time with them. Hooded eyes are different and shadows react differently on our eyes so how someone can give someone else sh*t because their opinion was that the shadows didnt work on their eyes is childish, ridiculous, and rude. Most of the shadows did the same exact thing on my eyes but I dont care if I have glitter everywhere so I know she isnt lieing in this video, some people dont like glitter everywhere so the pallet wouldnt be worth the money to those people. Im pretty sure people want the truth about something b4 they spend their money on it. Just cause someone's opinion isnt the same as other's doesnt mean they are lieing, jealous, or not supporting someone else. She did buy the pallet and thats supporting Tati, its not her fault she has hooded eyes and the shadows didnt work on her. They did the same thing with my hooded eyes and countless others also.

              • HotMessNess MUA
                HotMessNess MUA   1 weeks back

                Christine Ryan thank u ! I am excited to see what Tati brings next

            • Whitney Hoover
              Whitney Hoover  2 weeks back

              My pressed glitters are already dried out....and pretty useless.

            • Maliboo
              Maliboo  2 weeks back

              Thanks for saving me some $$. I've been dying to get this palette. I was about to purchase with the restock. I'm so glad I watched this. Even my daughter said, "It's literally every color you already have!" I was justifying that it'd be great to just have them all together. Just looking for excuses. I'll pass. Thanks again!!! xo's💋💕

              • Marija
                Marija  2 weeks back

                I like Tati but I'm too old to be anyone's "stan" lol. She has a nice manner about her, I like that she's self made and I like supporting women in business. I think her idea is great - a few shades, different finishes. Perhaps I'm too boring, but how many shades do we actually wear? However, I didn't buy the palette because, I don't wear glitter. Ever. Hopefully, she'll come out with different finishes next time. I've seen several negative reviews but thought yours was very fair. Everything you said made perfect sense to me. I can see why highly pigmented shades can be difficult to blend. Not the biggest fan of using my fingers bc as you pointed out, accurate placement can be difficult. Some women use their eyelids as a canvas to paint on. I use makeup to create optical illusions lol to make my eyes look smoother, bigger, more open, less hooded and if that's how you use makeup, then, accurate placement is important. In any case, this is the first time I watched your channel and won't be the last. Thank you for your honest review that wasn't negative for the sake of being negative or for clicks but because the palette simply didn't work for you. Fair enough. All the best.

                • Shorouq Shorouq
                  Shorouq Shorouq  2 weeks back

                  Why does she talk like she is about to pick a fight with the viewer

                  • HotMessNess MUA
                    HotMessNess MUA   1 weeks back

                    Me ? Like I’m coming for the audience ?

                    I should be more aware of my tone . Ick ! No fight from me ... at least not over eyeshadow lol

                • Diana Duque
                  Diana Duque  2 weeks back

                  I loved your review! 😯 I have hooded eyes and never give a second thought on the line you mentioned when using glitter o shimmer eyeshadow, now it makes sense 😬

                  • Xxmilkshake202xX
                    Xxmilkshake202xX  2 weeks back

                    I don’t know how this is a neutral palette.

                    • Lilly Lew86
                      Lilly Lew86  2 weeks back

                      All hail Queen Tati! Lol 🙂😂👑

                      • One Smart Cookie
                        One Smart Cookie  2 weeks back

                        I wasn’t sure how the palette would look on me and I was super happy. I’m 52 with hooded eyelids and I really had fun with this!

                        • The Oracle Temple of Love & Light Star Souls 22/22

                          Aged and hooded eyes here ! I have not purchased , metals buy Kat Von D stays put and doesn’t move on my hooded eyes !

                          • Esteban
                            Esteban  2 months back

                            Amazing content!! Looking forward to seeing more from you. I think you should google SMZeus!! It will help you promote your videos!!!

                            • Amy Living In Chrysalis
                              Amy Living In Chrysalis  2 months back

                              I didn't understand having that column of all pale shades... that doesn't lend itself to a look to me

                              • jda58tex
                                jda58tex  2 months back

                                I've never before purchased a Youtuber product. Even YouTubers I love (Tiffanyd and EmilyNoel). This just spoke to me. I am 61, with slightly hooded eyes. I also am not a makeup artist. I love it and haven't used anything else. It works for me. I haven't experienced any of these issues. I know everyone is different. For example, I hate Too Faced eye shadows. I stopped buying the brand because it was always disappointing.

                                • HotMessNess MUA
                                  HotMessNess MUA   2 months back

                                  I am so happy u love it ! So many people do and that’s what’s important !

                              • Cheryl Mendez
                                Cheryl Mendez  2 months back

                                You said that you're reviewing the product not the person and that things you say about Tati shouldn't be taken personally, but your intro description of her being the GlamGuru and maker of the Halo brand came off as slightly jealous, and calling her "the Princess Diana of YouTube" sounded a little catty.
                                I just happened across your channel and the thumbnail with swatches on your face a' la Wayne Goss intrigued me. I watched it. My question is why do you feel the need to critique and criticize your fellow make up tutorialists? It just reflects on you as being petty. If you think you're doing it to be helpful to the viewers of a channel, there's no need really. People, for the most part, are smart enough to know when a YouTuber/influencer is trying to lie to them. Stop denigrating others to lift yourself up.
                                Focus on your talent. Let the others do their own thing; if they're bad at what they do, it will come out. Making yourself critic and judge of others doesn't look good on you.

                                • Cheryl Mendez
                                  Cheryl Mendez  2 months back

                                  HotMessNess MUA ,
                                  Guess I hit a nerve.
                                  Hey, it was just sincerely given, albeit unsolicited, constructive criticism. Continue your "rants" if that's your thing.
                                  Personally, I'll stick with channels like Allie Glines and Emily Noel who mind their own business, focus on the makeup, and don't feel the need to criticize other YouTubers.
                                  I wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavors.

                                • HotMessNess MUA
                                  HotMessNess MUA   2 months back

                                  I’m sorry that you misinterpreted my quote on Tati being like the princess Di of youtube . Princess Diana is well loved and respected . So is Tati . They both have a grace about them . People love them . If you thought I was talking badly about either person than that was totally misread .

                                  Anyone on a public platform (myself included ) , leaves us open to love / hate . We share ourselves and that opens the door to criticism. I made a video “rant” on YouTube reviews that I thought were incomplete. Wayne Goss is one of my favorite creators . I purchase his brushes , I support his channel and I have learned so much from him . I am allowed to speak on my thoughts on his recent reviews . We trust people like Wayne but our views aren’t always the same . I have both the Tati and JSC x Shane palettes . In MY opinion , the products are over hyped . So for the makeup consumer that wants a in depth review , beyond their favorite guru name , I simply am sharing my thoughts . It isn’t always easy to find someone on YouTube that is willing to share their experience with a product . If I was smart , I should have shared a glowing review . A shoutout from Tati or Tati Beauty can help the growth of any influencer , but my small audience trusts me ... so I give them exactly what I am ... I am a little sassy and completely just me . I’m not everyone’s cup of tea . I know that . Sarcasm is an acquired taste .

                                  I never attacked Tati’s tutorial style , her hard work or her looks . I talked about each shadow and how they didn’t work for me .

                                  There is some sass in my videos but I never “ tear “ someone down to feel good about myself . Believe me , Tati and Wayne are doing amazing sweetie . Their channels and products are thriving. I am just in my corner sharing my thoughts . We don’t have to agree , but their is no malice here .

                                  I do want to say that I appreciate someone willing to share their feelings without being completely mean . Again I’m sorry if you misinterpreted my comments about Tati . She is inspiring and she most definitely isn’t worried about me not loving her palette . I did mention in my description that I am looking forward to other Tati releases . Have a happy holiday and an amazing Christmas season .

                              • Adelina DeLaCruz
                                Adelina DeLaCruz  2 months back

                                I APPRECIATE your honesty! I have been waiting for Tati to make a palette since the beginning of time. I haven’t really found a palette with all of the neutral colors I wanted so I actually appreciated the color story. It was a No Brainer- a beginner can use this palette and it feels like a well thought out basic palette (something I have been looking for)
                                The first couple of days I really struggled to like the palette. It won’t work without some sort of eye primer. The end. The wear time wasn’t that great without it as far as the glitter fallout goes.
                                Overall I’m still really pleased. I’m a minimalist so I put a lot of thought before I purchase something. This reminds me of the California Love palette (which I LOVE) but somehow sticky and yet still with fallout. It’s strange. I’m going to try a glitter eye glue primer thing for Tati’s palette and I still really enjoy it because of the color story and her brand 🖤🖤

                                • Kala Gomberg
                                  Kala Gomberg  2 weeks back

                                  Pair her palette with the Juvias Place Nubian palette for some extra mattes. And using you finger for the glitters works better than anything else. She even said that she created the top two rows to be used with fingers.

                              • Aging Gorgeously - The Live Beauty Experience

                                You can do a BYOP of 24 shadows for 45 with CP.

                              • Aging Gorgeously - The Live Beauty Experience

                                Girl...I was not interested at all. I appreciate you being the other side. If someone comes for you I got your back..

                                • HotMessNess MUA
                                  HotMessNess MUA   2 months back

                                  I adore u ! My small channel has seemed to miss the Stans on this one

                              • Katia Carrasco
                                Katia Carrasco  2 months back

                                Or we can wait for the wave to pass and not have to hear about it again Colourpop works for me 😬

                                • Brilliantnash
                                  Brilliantnash  2 months back

                                  Three rows with glitter, Thank U, next palette. I have older, hooded eyes so the glitters will end up all over my face besides my eyelids. And I have those colours many times over. So sorry Tati, not for me at that price point.

                                  • xdesertlily
                                    xdesertlily  2 months back

                                    Still love ya

                                    • xdesertlily
                                      xdesertlily  2 months back

                                      I would buy it if she just did the row of mattes.

                                      • Gina Marie
                                        Gina Marie  2 months back

                                        I have it and wow disco ball all over my face. 💗 you lady

                                        • Aiyanna Williams
                                          Aiyanna Williams  2 months back

                                          Loved this video...thanks for speaking your truth...I have semi hooded eyes.

                                          • Pam Millie
                                            Pam Millie  2 months back

                                            With the ColourPop BYOP it's cheaper to make your own curated color and texture story. Thanks for the review.

                                            • woaname
                                              woaname  2 months back

                                              Dupe the palette

                                              • Tali Beauty
                                                Tali Beauty  2 months back

                                                Hi gorgeous! I'm not interested in getting this palette, the colors are too boring and I have full on aging hooded eyes lol.

                                              • Paige S
                                                Paige S  2 months back

                                                I watched this for you and not for Tati. 🤷🏻‍♀️ There is nothing about this palette that scratches any itches for me; it just wouldn’t add anything to my collection. It isn’t new colors - which given the size of my collection would be hard, but these are basic shades - and it doesn’t tell an interesting color story, and the formulas aren’t groundbreaking, particularly if you have a range of indies at your disposal. I’m sure it’s a solid choice for people who like this kind of thing. The one thing that seems really great about it is the value for how much you get for your $50, just sheer price per gram. But otherwise, I feel like I could assemble something that would do the same thing out of singles I already own, if the color story inspired me. This one isn’t aimed at me, which is fine. I’m sure her stans will love it enough for those of us who aren’t into it.

                                                • AliceintheRabbitHole
                                                  AliceintheRabbitHole  2 months back

                                                  Thanks for this honest review! I was starting to wonder if I was missing out - this keeps me in perspective. Not interested in those glitter mattes are all and really don’t need more neutral mattes/shimmers/glitter...oh right, that’s why I didn’t buy it. The hype though! 😅

                                                • Emily Kristen
                                                  Emily Kristen  2 months back

                                                  Thank you! I thought I was the only one that was kind of “meh” at the idea of this!

                                                  • Gold Star Work
                                                    Gold Star Work  2 months back

                                                    I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this palette

                                                    • Alexis Myrice
                                                      Alexis Myrice  2 months back

                                                      I was tempted by this since the color story seemed pretty. Like a good just throw some casual eyeshadow on palette for me. But now since you're the second person I trust saying the quality is just okay I'm good.

                                                      • Rebby B
                                                        Rebby B  2 months back

                                                        “Tati is like the Princess Diana of YouTube”: priceless 😂

                                                        • Jსst მnიthპr1
                                                          Jსst მnიthპr1  2 months back

                                                          Morbid curiosity got the best of ya huh😂 I was kinda shocked she didn’t put out a cool toned palette since that’s what she gravitates towards. Idk this didn’t interest me. Noting she makes does. Idk something about her is off. I have thoughts but I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks for the review✌🏼❤️

                                                          • Jსst მnიthპr1
                                                            Jსst მnიthპr1  2 months back

                                                            buggy627 I’ve seen it!👀👀 not good at all. Idk there was always something about her that was off putting to me anyway. But man her & her husband have a sloppy past.

                                                          • buggy627
                                                            buggy627  2 months back

                                                            She’s a scammer and a liar look up withoutacrystalball. You feel like she’s off because she seriously is

                                                          • Jსst მnიthპr1
                                                            Jსst მnიthპr1  2 months back

                                                            HotMessNess MUA 😂we all do sometimes. Ya you’ll be able to hustle her off👌🏼Now that I think about it the only glitter matte I’ve ever been ok with is the shade from color pop pretty cruel. Live for that shade!! That’s why I can see past the lil bit of glitter in it. But the glitter doesn’t transfer to the eye or my face thankfully🙏🏻 I have slight hoodie eyes also. So I know the struggle.

                                                          • HotMessNess MUA
                                                            HotMessNess MUA   2 months back

                                                            Jსst მnიthპr1 need to pop it on the resale . I drank the kool aid

                                                        • Isabel AB
                                                          Isabel AB  2 months back

                                                          My first reaction was that with all that glitter...no. I am afraid of glitter and would never get to use it. I like the idea of one shade with various finishes...but not enough to get them
                                                          Be still my hooded eyes...that makes it a definite no
                                                          Fingers...not my thing...again no
                                                          I appreciate your review. Thank you