Drake - In My Feelings (EMO VERSION)

  • Published: 09 August 2018
  • really deep in my feelings........
    Drake - In My Feelings EMO VERSION

    which song do you want me to emo-ify next?

    inspired by @addaae

    Instrumental Produced by @goldiebeatz

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Comments • 483

  • RØB
    RØB   1 years back

    RAWR xD do you want to see more emo videos? also lets be friends on instagram! @therobertlopez

  • Jill Eliza
    Jill Eliza  3 days back

    The official demon song of 2020

  • Yung Cøry
    Yung Cøry  2 months back

    looks up "Lil Peep type beat"


    • sappo wappo
      sappo wappo  4 months back

      oh god please stop you’re making my child uncomfortable

      • Tayler Miller
        Tayler Miller  5 months back

        I'm sooooo glad I'm not emo anymore lol

        • BlooD Fate
          BlooD Fate  7 months back

          I got a headache to edgy 🤧

          • deejayhood20 killer
            deejayhood20 killer  7 months back

            So EMOOOOOOO

            • Nyafya723
              Nyafya723  7 months back

              This sounds like the voice filter on the og DS

              • PandAnims _
                PandAnims _  7 months back


                • PandAnims _
                  PandAnims _  7 months back


                  • PandAnims _
                    PandAnims _  7 months back


                    • Skelly
                      Skelly  8 months back


                      • Tipo Nacionais
                        Tipo Nacionais  8 months back

                        Que merda

                        • Chillixion
                          Chillixion  9 months back

                          you look like a lesbian in this one

                          • Super 69
                            Super 69  10 months back

                            Tag any emos😂

                            • imadumold chicken nugget
                              imadumold chicken nugget  11 months back

                              It's funny how he was listening to Green day 🤣

                              • Irene Tiovani
                                Irene Tiovani  11 months back

                                You have play growtopia game ?

                                • Christina O.
                                  Christina O.  1 years back

                                  This is funny af

                                  • Mop.head.X
                                    Mop.head.X  1 years back

                                    Wut was the the outro song??

                                    • Swani Henley
                                      Swani Henley  1 years back

                                      Mom it's not a faze

                                      • HeyImMary
                                        HeyImMary  1 years back

                                        Me: internal fangirling

                                        • big man
                                          big man  1 years back

                                          4:05 sksksksks

                                          • big man
                                            big man  1 years back

                                            who else is getting Lil Peep vibes LMAO

                                            • big man
                                              big man  1 years back

                                              me on tuesdays

                                              • Gian Aaron
                                                Gian Aaron  1 years back

                                                When it’s Friday
                                                Me: 1:56

                                                • Grant Bilagody
                                                  Grant Bilagody  1 years back

                                                  This song sucks but funny

                                                  • Collin Emery
                                                    Collin Emery  1 years back

                                                    There was no one at the door and i think it was a closet

                                                    • TheyScreamLonah
                                                      TheyScreamLonah  1 years back

                                                      Am I the only one who read the message he got from Kiki in a Emo way.💀💀out loud 🤣

                                                      • Arianna Howard
                                                        Arianna Howard  1 years back

                                                        DONT EVER DISRESPECT GREEN DAY

                                                        I’m just playing y’all they are pretty good though

                                                        • furgangdad
                                                          furgangdad  1 years back

                                                          Watch this on my masterpiece playlist

                                                          • Xaybo
                                                            Xaybo  1 years back

                                                            This shit is funny

                                                            • Mya Matthews
                                                              Mya Matthews  1 years back

                                                              *Rawr XD has left the chat*

                                                              • Ariel Lopez
                                                                Ariel Lopez  1 years back

                                                                This reminds me of lil peep awful things

                                                                • jawzornate
                                                                  jawzornate  1 years back

                                                                  *”kEkE RAWR XD <3”*

                                                                  • Th3GirlGam3r
                                                                    Th3GirlGam3r  1 years back

                                                                    What did I just click on?!? 😬😂

                                                                    • Supreme
                                                                      Supreme  1 years back

                                                                      Sicko mode

                                                                      • Jan Corlis
                                                                        Jan Corlis  1 years back

                                                                        Dat instrumental tho

                                                                        • Blurry Ned
                                                                          Blurry Ned  1 years back

                                                                          I don’t call myself emo, but I will tell you this is goth, emo is drepressed and anxietic people with music obsessions.

                                                                          • Prima Murdock
                                                                            Prima Murdock  1 years back

                                                                            I like the behind the scenes/bloopers. They were way funnier to watch than the actual vid...which was funny as well.

                                                                            • Mr Minecraft
                                                                              Mr Minecraft  1 years back

                                                                              Sssssssssooooooooooo FIRE🔥

                                                                              • Franklin CHEF
                                                                                Franklin CHEF  1 years back

                                                                                Work on da makeup dude no offense

                                                                                • SRG
                                                                                  SRG  1 years back


                                                                                  • dwualr -
                                                                                    dwualr -  1 years back

                                                                                    ㅋㅋ do you love me?

                                                                                    • heyy its me
                                                                                      heyy its me  1 years back

                                                                                      Yass hot topic!!

                                                                                      • Jakepauler Fan
                                                                                        Jakepauler Fan  1 years back

                                                                                        I like the band misfits

                                                                                        • isaak duarte
                                                                                          isaak duarte  1 years back

                                                                                          Nooooooooo it hurts my ears

                                                                                          • Sophia Modarelli
                                                                                            Sophia Modarelli  1 years back

                                                                                            rAwR xD

                                                                                            • tunemak
                                                                                              tunemak  1 years back

                                                                                              U BETTER STOP