(1534) Review: Amazon Basics Quick Access Safe (PS75EF)

  • Published: 20 July 2019
  • In video 1534 several of you asked me to take a look at the Amazon Basics Quick Access Firearms Safety Device model PS75EF. I'd have to say this is an excellent choice, especially at the price offered by Amazon. It is well designed,solid, and has an excellent high security slider lock.

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Comments • 345

  • Katie Montgomery
    Katie Montgomery  3 weeks back

    Give me a angle grinder and 5 minutes.

    • Dr. King Schultz
      Dr. King Schultz  3 weeks back

      These type of "safes" aren't really for keeping someone really determined out. To me they're for keeping kids and dogs away from your gun. Maybe keep by your bed on a nightstand and not worry about a dog getting to it and chewing the gun up (I have a polymer gun home defense and a boxer that loves to chew everything and a german shepherd that loves to take stuff off of tables) 😅

      • C G
        C G  1 months back

        Hmm kinda disappointing that mine doesn't close as good as yours. Mine wiggles and could easily fit a flathead screw driver between top and bottom.

        • michael De Mello
          michael De Mello  2 months back

          Is there a way you could fish out the cable and wire it externally some how to trigger the lock bypassing the key pad and do you think people could easily change the lock and wire it differently to open with your phone I think it is such a basic lock users might be able to change how you open and close it

          • Starstruck P
            Starstruck P  2 months back


            I have one question, what about the two pistol variant of this? It looks quite questionable.

            • Anthony Verdier
              Anthony Verdier  3 months back

              the 5 minute lock out seems silly.

              • Mauro DiBenedetto
                Mauro DiBenedetto  3 months back

                Some of the Amazon reviews indicate slapping the top will unlock this safe. Have you tried that?

                • fitz fitz
                  fitz fitz  3 months back

                  could you drill a hole through the side or back and take a probe and hit the reset button then enter a new combination ?

                  • Jamie Cruickshank
                    Jamie Cruickshank  4 months back

                    Thanks for the review, I have actually purchased this safe for myself from Amazon USA to the UK. Thanks for your time to do the review.

                    • hobanagerik
                      hobanagerik  4 months back

                      Seems like a simple change would be to move that spring latch to the other side of the mechanism so it can’t be accessed from the outside as a Bill showed.

                      • Sean Dansro
                        Sean Dansro  4 months back

                        So I've seen you do quite a few firearm safes, how about some fire resistant safes for storing documents?

                        • freshgino
                          freshgino  4 months back

                          Just got to the end of the video —umm, did I miss the part of the cylinder being picked?

                          • paherbst524
                            paherbst524  4 months back

                            I'd like to see you analyze a sentrysafe digital security safe especially the override lock and check if its a replaceable cam lock.

                            • paherbst524
                              paherbst524  4 months back

                              That's a perfect key override! The backup key is usually the worst part of most of these digital security safes. Wonder what kind of cam lock that is.

                              • David Alexandrovitch
                                David Alexandrovitch  4 months back

                                With the size of those screws and mounting that thing on a shelf looks easy to pry off with a crow bar. I'd mount it in concrete.

                                • Tim Walker
                                  Tim Walker  4 months back

                                  Why did it beep after you turned off the beep?

                                  • N. J.
                                    N. J.  4 months back

                                    Someone call lockpickinglawyer

                                    • TheFLkite
                                      TheFLkite  4 months back

                                      lockpickinglawyer needs to pick this one.

                                      • The Dude
                                        The Dude  4 months back

                                        No! he doesn't. Watching him pick things and give his opinion after doing so doesn't inspire any confidence in the locks he shows. "They did a nice job with this lock, very high quality...." says the lockpicking lawyer, "But you picked it open! I don't want an expensive lock that I know can be picked open" says I.

                                    • Dr.Sloth Sapper
                                      Dr.Sloth Sapper  4 months back

                                      Ok I know how to defeat it.
                                      Get your self a good drill/drill bit and paper clip.
                                      Drill 1/8 hole about 1 inch in from the left side.
                                      Drill depth guide recommended.
                                      Bend paper clip into u shape and bridge reset button.
                                      Enter your own code and bam your safe now.
                                      (Thus the importance of Resets that require original code or mechanical ie key override.)
                                      But hey its $60 and has alot going for it.
                                      I might pick one up.

                                      • Gadget Review Videos
                                        Gadget Review Videos  4 months back

                                        What about a bottom drill to to hit the reset button, less steal to drill. Or does the safe have a sensor to know it’s locked and ignore the reset button when locked? I usually unplug the reset buttons, if it needs reset then I use the key and plug it back in. Good for the price, after all security devices are only deterrence.

                                        • The Dude
                                          The Dude  4 months back

                                          Yes, the reset button is a vulnerability but it's unfortunately a necessary one. At this $57 price point and the target customer base, you can't make it too difficult for customers that forget their code and lose or throw away the instructions. At $57 the company can't afford to have customers calling for support or to get a master code to reset the lock (one that would have been in the instruction book if it wasn't lost or discarded) so the simple and convenient reset button must exist. Convenience comes at the cost of security but it's a necessary trade-off here. I'm sure you know someone who has forgotten a password or code before and I think we all know of someone who is not tech savy or good with electronics.

                                      • my existence is existential pain

                                        Why does it have to be aerodynamic it's not like you're going to be yeeting your gun safe at your attackers

                                      • jort93z
                                        jort93z  4 months back

                                        I wonder if LPL can pick it.

                                        • The Dude
                                          The Dude  4 months back

                                          I wonder about that guy because supposedly this is a hobby for him and not a job; but, he picks what he calls high quality well made locks so effortlessly where-as bill in this video admits to 45 minutes of effort without success on a $57 amazon box. I have to wonder if LPL is "cheating" by practicing the lock off camera first and shooting video once he's gotten good at it or by using knowledge of the key bitting to aid in picking the lock.

                                      • Jackk Reacherr
                                        Jackk Reacherr  4 months back

                                        You do know you can pick that cylinder lock in pretty short time right?

                                        • The Dude
                                          The Dude  4 months back

                                          You didn't watch the video or listen to the narration, you know that right?

                                      • r4z0r7o3
                                        r4z0r7o3  4 months back

                                        OMG the reset button is a fatal flaw. Drill hole, push button with pen. Pop! At least they attached it with screws so you can take it off and throw it away :D

                                        • The Dude
                                          The Dude  4 months back

                                          I hope you never forget your code or want to change it ever again after you throw away the means to do so.

                                      • Elc22
                                        Elc22  4 months back

                                        It's pretty well known that Amazon often gets well known manufacturers to make thier product with the Amazon logo slapped on it with some minor changes. It's the same with batteries and engine oil from what I understand. Amazon is not in the business of product development.

                                        It's not unique either. Costco is known for this kind of product creation too.

                                        • The Dude
                                          The Dude  4 months back

                                          Honestly, it goes on EVERYWHERE! It's nothing new to Amazon or Costco, it actually pre-dates Amazon. Walmart's Great Value brand is probably the most widely known one because so many know Walmart and they know they've never seen "Great Value" sold anywhere but Walmart.

                                      • Steven Clark
                                        Steven Clark  4 months back

                                        Brute forcing this at 6 digits is a full time job for about a week, about 2 hours at 4 digits.

                                        • Homefront
                                          Homefront  4 months back

                                          Buying one now

                                          • Homefront
                                            Homefront  4 months back

                                            So Amazon is anti-gun, but.....

                                            • The Dude
                                              The Dude  4 months back

                                              Everything in California is anti-gun BUT everything in California is also Pro-money.

                                          • Diesel Ramcharger
                                            Diesel Ramcharger  5 months back

                                            thats not 1/8 thick steel. its 14g at best.

                                            • BlaineStorm
                                              BlaineStorm  5 months back

                                              Is the lock welded into place? Could you torque it to rotate the entire lock cylinder?

                                              • The Dude
                                                The Dude  4 months back

                                                Locks of that form are keyed into whatever they are bolted to i.e. the hole the lock is inserted through is not round and does not allow for you to attempt to rotate the lock against the friction of the nut holding it in place.

                                            • RWBHere
                                              RWBHere  5 months back

                                              Drop this onto concrete. Will the latch bump open?

                                              • Inareth
                                                Inareth  5 months back

                                                I have a Gunvault that LPL called garbage because of how weak the tubular backup lock is. It would've been a good little box if not for the lock. Haven't done anything to it because it's not currently in service, but I wonder if I could pick up this little sidebar lock from Amazon and install it. Would make my little Gunvault an actually moderately secure safe if bolted down to something relatively difficult to move.

                                                • Gavin Hougham
                                                  Gavin Hougham  5 months back

                                                  Nice review, thanks!  Checking Amazon just now shows a whole line of these Basics safes!  If we're lucky, maybe you'd consider checking out a couple of the others?

                                                  • Jon T
                                                    Jon T  5 months back

                                                    Unfortunately we tend to forget about the electronics. Not so much as a security flaw, but as a reliability flaw. Amazon reviews show a good number of low reviews about failure of the electronics. Also mentioned is the ability to open the box by striking it. Something to keep in mind if you are looking to purchase.

                                                    • Rob and Malisa Peters
                                                      Rob and Malisa Peters  5 months back

                                                      You should send it to LPL for a challenge lock!

                                                      • Ryad Arlan
                                                        Ryad Arlan  5 months back

                                                        So a tiny hole drilled on the side to punch the reset button wont work?
                                                        The switch only shorts those 2 wires...
                                                        this or similar videos is a security issue you know...
                                                        Arms Documentary...this tank is indestructable, The only way it can be destroyed is if you place a shot here, here, here, here or here...

                                                      • HarrysDog malaysia
                                                        HarrysDog malaysia  5 months back

                                                        Lpl try to pick this
                                                        Challange comment

                                                        • dibarnu
                                                          dibarnu  5 months back

                                                          5376 combinations. If every five tries takes you 5.5 minutes (six seconds a try, then a five minute lockout) you cab brute force all possibilities in just under 100 hours or an average of 2 days. If you're silly enough to use a 4-digit code then all possibilities could be tried in 3 hours, all 5-digit codes done in 12 hours. Adding a 7th digit would take you to 400 hours and an 8th digit to 1600 hours or longer than two months. I wonder why they limited it to six-digit codes and allowed four-digit codes. What good is a code that can be brute forced in less time than it takes to watch Gone with the Wind?

                                                          • Tom Hejda
                                                            Tom Hejda  5 months back

                                                            50 hours is more than sufficient. In 50 hours I'll hecksaw it open like nothing.

                                                        • pa beader
                                                          pa beader  5 months back

                                                          Smack the hinge with a hammer? Only spot welded.

                                                          • PixeledVision
                                                            PixeledVision  5 months back

                                                            Love your videos dude

                                                            • Johnny Sokko
                                                              Johnny Sokko  5 months back

                                                              That's amazing I've got the same combination on my luggage!!!

                                                              • The Dude
                                                                The Dude  4 months back

                                                                I was told that a locked piece of luggage looked more valuable to airport thieves so I don't lock my luggage anymore.

                                                            • Peter V
                                                              Peter V  5 months back

                                                              Magnate and hammer try them. See if the vibration of tapping it with hammer would open it. Magnate to release that little lever.

                                                              • Robert Paulson
                                                                Robert Paulson  5 months back

                                                                CNN just released their "5 best bike locks" would love to hear your input on the list: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/24/cnn-underscored/best-bike-locks/index.html

                                                                • Peter Franklin
                                                                  Peter Franklin  5 months back

                                                                  Curious if a strong magnet could trigger an open?

                                                                  • The Dude
                                                                    The Dude  4 months back

                                                                    No, that only works on linear plunger style solenoids which this lock doesn't use.

                                                                • Nicholas
                                                                  Nicholas  5 months back

                                                                  It's refreshing to see something "good" instead of the crap locks that are picked or bypassed in 10 seconds

                                                                  • Simon Tay
                                                                    Simon Tay  5 months back

                                                                    How can you have a 6 digit code when there are only 4 buttons.

                                                                  • Leo Warren
                                                                    Leo Warren  5 months back

                                                                    Put it in the naughty bucket!!!!!!!

                                                                    • Daniel Kezar
                                                                      Daniel Kezar  5 months back

                                                                      I am extremely impressed by the quality and design of that safe. The price is incredible as well. I think if you wanted to make it even better you could just weld another steel plate to the inside of the front to make it harder to drill through