Villanova Basketball - 2018 National Champions Highlight Reel

  • Published: 29 September 2018
  • Full season highlight video of the men’s basketball 2018 National Champions, the Villanova Wildcats!
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  • Finnegan Courtney
    Finnegan Courtney  4 weeks back

    Greatest CBB team of all time. I’ll fight any person who says different.

    • Andreas Voutsakis
      Andreas Voutsakis  1 years back

      Let’s go cats. I predict that there is no title this year but next there’s going to be. (\/)

      • Fubarfighter
        Fubarfighter  1 years back

        Built to win.

        • Jay Eff Ess
          Jay Eff Ess  1 years back

          Best college basketball squad since the 06-07 Florida Gators

          • Jagnole101
            Jagnole101  8 months back

            Very true. Winning it 2/3 years is the closest to that. Every other team was spaced out on their titles. UConn had seniors from 2011 who won in 2014...but they didn’t get much playing time when they were freshmen

          • Blake Pineda
            Blake Pineda  1 years back

            Jay Eff Ess this team is to dangerous everywhere on the court

        • Ryan Doyle
          Ryan Doyle  1 years back

          Awesome video! Literally as I finally have the time to start doing a video, your pops up a few days before mine is done haha

          • Ryan Doyle
            Ryan Doyle  1 years back

            @Sean Donovan thanks man. I think im set on footage from scouring the internet. My main problem is finding music. Whenever i come across something good, youve recently used it haha. In no way am i trying to copy you or give anyone that impression. The search continues...

          • Sean Donovan
            Sean Donovan   1 years back

            Thanks Ryan! Let me know if you need any extra footage. I'd be glad to assist.

        • neetrab
          neetrab  1 years back

          Maaaaaannn! I've been chomping at the bit waiting for the season to start. Come on already!!! Oh yeah, thx for the cool vid. Go cats!!

          • Blake Pineda
            Blake Pineda  1 years back

            As a duke fan I have respect for Villanova’s program I wouldn’t be surprised when yall win it again next year

            • Edwin Casado
              Edwin Casado  1 years back


              • Dennis Maleike
                Dennis Maleike  1 years back

                Love your videos...keep them coming!!!

                • Sam Sule
                  Sam Sule  1 years back

                  please more Villanova Jay Wright, I hope to coach my players with Jay Wright influence

                  • Colin McCormick
                    Colin McCormick  1 years back

                    Great video, Sean!

                    • corrhall1
                      corrhall1  1 years back

                      nice sean!!! thanks and Go Cats

                      • Robert Shank
                        Robert Shank  1 years back

                        Perfect Nova vid, as usual from Mr. Donovan.

                        • JCVikk 66
                          JCVikk 66  1 years back

                          Go cats!

                          • TrustTheVibes
                            TrustTheVibes  1 years back

                            Go Cats! Can’t wait to see Jay and the gang attack this year’s challenges. Should be another fun season.