Audiobus: Recording SoundPrism PRO, Sunrizer and Funkbox in MultiTrack DAW

  • Published: 29 November 2012
  • Sebastian uses MultiTrack DAW to record SoundPrism PRO, Sunrizer and Funkbox, with some Virtual MIDI magic. What are you going to do with Audiobus?

    SoundPrism PRO:
    MultiTrack DAW:
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Comments • 12

  • Alvaro Murcia
    Alvaro Murcia  6 years back

    Is it possible to work without problems with Loopy and all this amazing apps on a firts generation Ipad?

    • Pi Synth
      Pi Synth  6 years back

      Dear Nathan. Just did it. Refresh with AudioBus is in the App Store waiting for review, it's fabulous.

      • Nathan Hassall
        Nathan Hassall  7 years back

        Dear Audiobus please add support for M3000. I love you.

        • IwishIwereJoe
          IwishIwereJoe  7 years back

          Man this looks amazing. But 9.99 seems like too much . On top of the price of other apps I might want

          • Brian Donegan
            Brian Donegan  7 years back

            No, not yet. For apps to be compatible the developers must add that functionality for their app.. They've had thousands of developers saying they're willing though, some big names too. Just keep updated with the compatibility list.

            • Brian Donegan
              Brian Donegan  7 years back

              Depends how many apps you use, generally not recommended.

              • Michael Tingle
                Michael Tingle  7 years back

                when this gets to work with Auria it'll be excellent

                • Tyler Sammy
                  Tyler Sammy  7 years back

                  Wow! Was not expecting this level of integration from the get go!

                  • Eric Cender
                    Eric Cender  7 years back

                    Can't wait.

                    • Brian Donegan
                      Brian Donegan  7 years back

                      This is just fantastic.

                      • AudiobusApp
                        AudiobusApp   7 years back

                        We're just waiting for a few app update to pass Apple Review.

                        • Michael Coney
                          Michael Coney  7 years back

                          You guys should be nice and release it already. Fill us all with early christmas cheer