What Kamala Harris Wants to Change About Public Schools

  • Published: 13 November 2019
  • Real fam, are you in support of extending school hours?
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  • Rosalind Aarons
    Rosalind Aarons  1 days back

    The YMCA has gotten so expensive that working parents can't afford to send their children there anymore.

    • Kiana Ontiveros
      Kiana Ontiveros  2 days back

      My kid already stays at school til 5 everyday. It’s called the after school program. She starts school at 8 and I start at 8:30... I get off at 4:30 so I get her by 5:00.... I’m a single mom with no help with my family so this program saves my life. Plus my daughter loves the program. Games, crafts, help with homework ....they need this program in places where they don’t already. And no her program isn’t just school ALL day. When school is out at 1:30 they play and do crafts. So her brain is fried lol

      • mvmvplugs
        mvmvplugs  3 days back

        I remember in middle school, in Cali, I went to school from 8 to 3
        But right after 3 I’d have to go to an after school program “Think Together” & I remember we would do our homework, go out & play a different sport everyday, on fridays we would have like small eating contest, raffles .etc I really liked it & never thought of it as part of school because they didn’t give out homework but instead made sure we actually understood it
        Plus I got to meet so many cool people 🙂
        As an adult now , I do understand what Loni is saying though
        But I for sure do not believe on teachers having to basically be baby sitters. As parents, we need to do our part as well , kids already have the tools in school but at home we need to make sure they stay focused
        At least to make it easier on teachers 🤷🏻‍♀️ that’s just my opinion

        • Manuelita
          Manuelita  4 days back

          I was sent to school EVERY DAY till 19 (from 8 am). From 16:30 till 19:00 to do extracurriculars (swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, theatre) because my parents worked and because I was an only child. It was extremely beneficial for me.

          • Blessing !
            Blessing !  5 days back

            I’ll smack this girl Ong I ain’t staying till 6 you got me messed uppp

            • Alana Lewis
              Alana Lewis  1 weeks back

              I’m unclear as to whether this is just free aftercare or longer school. I’m lost. Cause the former sounds great. The latter... idk about that

              • Maria Mandolesi
                Maria Mandolesi  2 weeks back

                They have programs like this in Italy, It is for kids whose parents work late. They have tutors, volunteers and many activities are offered. The kids are also given meals and it works well here. I think it is an excellent idea.

                • Alana Wostrel
                  Alana Wostrel  2 weeks back

                  ymca...have yall seen the cost of joining a YMCA now days.....

                  • YolieRose
                    YolieRose  2 weeks back

                    That’s horrible!!!! The heads sent baby sisters!!! Kids need time to play, do homework, and study too. When will they find they get a break???? All it will do is cause people to have hire even more babysitters. Furthermore, it people who have jobs in after school programs will only lose money and be out a job. It’s not helping anyone. No child should have sit at school for 10hrs!!!! Especially with all these school shootings.

                    • Sara DeLaVega
                      Sara DeLaVega  2 weeks back

                      This woman ?? who wants to arrest parents who are struggling ?? No thanks

                      • Dv Hill
                        Dv Hill  2 weeks back

                        How bout homeschooling would save millions and millions instead of the state raising kids

                        • rayum 486
                          rayum 486  2 weeks back

                          6pm for students should be optional just like the teachers

                          • Denise Brown
                            Denise Brown  2 weeks back

                            People are talking about kids being tired, teachers being tired, people are missing the point PARENTS DON'T GET OFF WORK USUALLY UNTIL FIVE OR 6 HELLO. It is not the parent's fault corporate America needs to stop being greedy and let parents get off work to pick up their kids what will those last two hours mean really come on now. Then look how much money the city, state, and parents can save without any extra needed work from anyone else, work ends at 3pm easy duhhh.

                            • wtroupe64wt
                              wtroupe64wt  2 weeks back

                              @2:53 Exactly Adrian 😂🤣... loni not trying to hear that

                              • Eliza Hernandez
                                Eliza Hernandez  2 weeks back

                                what we have, is an after school program which means as soon as school is over some kids will go to the after school program and they will get food then an hour of homework and a hour of enrichment activities (art, sports, board games, stem, & csi). But teachers get to go home and we are hired by the district to work for the program and it ends at 6. Sometimes teachers will stay for an hour to help with HW and they will get paid an extra hour. Also it’s free no charge.

                                • Babo Njuguini
                                  Babo Njuguini  2 weeks back

                                  What! Why's everyone shocked. In Africa we go to school till 6pm

                                • Marquis Bryant
                                  Marquis Bryant  2 weeks back

                                  So when will the teachers have time to grade stuff and make lesson plans?

                                  • The Donisha Show
                                    The Donisha Show  2 weeks back

                                    I would’ve never stayed in school until 6! She can compromise on this subject 😂

                                    • The Donisha Show
                                      The Donisha Show  2 weeks back

                                      There must be an age range? If I’m in high school, ain’t nobody babysitting me 😂

                                  • Chrissy Pacheco
                                    Chrissy Pacheco  2 weeks back

                                    So basically the federal government stopped funding after schools to propose funding a pilot after school program? 🙄

                                    • AngelitaB1000
                                      AngelitaB1000  2 weeks back

                                      is it me or it looks like tam has shoe polish around her edges?? #justanobservation

                                      • mkhui ogrgingid
                                        mkhui ogrgingid  2 weeks back

                                        I’ve been scrolling the comments looking for somebody that saw this

                                    • Banks Eckert family
                                      Banks Eckert family  2 weeks back

                                      If this goes through, my parents are still gonna get me at the normal time, like, wth

                                      • Melanie J
                                        Melanie J  3 weeks back

                                        And it’s not just that teachers are overworked, we aren’t getting paid enough for that work. If we were being paid by how much we actually do, we wouldn’t have to pick up so many extra jobs on the side.

                                        • shamare04
                                          shamare04  3 weeks back

                                          For the record studies show that longer school days would benefit children. Yes it has it's pros and cons. But shouldn't what's best for the child come first? And why is it so unheard of for teacher to work a 8 to 5 like everyone else? Btw I am teacher. And yes I know Kamala's plan is for 8 to 6.

                                          • Myveryname23
                                            Myveryname23  3 weeks back

                                            But what's the problem of a child that's in middle or high school being home alone?

                                            • Ms. Wilson
                                              Ms. Wilson  3 weeks back

                                              IN REALITY NOT EVERYONE WORKS 9AM TO FIVE. THERE ARE EVENING JOBS HAHAH

                                              • Ms. Wilson
                                                Ms. Wilson  3 weeks back

                                                That's funny crazy. The teachers already HATE being there

                                                • Corrina Diaz
                                                  Corrina Diaz  3 weeks back

                                                  Absolutely not!!!

                                                  • QuinnQuazy
                                                    QuinnQuazy  3 weeks back

                                                    or OR jobs could just pay us more like they should have a long time ago to allow us to BE HOME with our kids. idk. so many mixed thoughts on this honestly.

                                                    • Nena Katla
                                                      Nena Katla  3 weeks back

                                                      Naahh fam, I’m to tired and 15:00 pm to be there til 18:00pm, nope!!!!

                                                      • Jessica Gomez
                                                        Jessica Gomez  3 weeks back

                                                        MAKE LUNCHES FREE FIRST AND PAY TEACHERS A LIVING WAGE!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                                                        • GirlEdits
                                                          GirlEdits  3 weeks back

                                                          They do not pay teachers enough for this nonsense.

                                                          • Owls are everything
                                                            Owls are everything  3 weeks back

                                                            H,E double jokey sticks no. If anything make school shorter, because half the time the children don't retain the information that is geting thrown at them in the normal time, because it gets boring. If we make school fun and short maybe kids will want to go to school and learn faster. Just what I think.

                                                            • Confused Millenial
                                                              Confused Millenial  3 weeks back

                                                              America is clearly very different, but there are many countries where kids don’t get off school til 6pm. The point of this is to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble, especially if they have working parents who won’t be home to watch their kids. The extra hours are not filled up with more lessons, it’s made up of extracurricular activities which the kids can choose from, INCLUDING homework club for those who might need help with it. I get the teachers are already underpaid and overworked, but if she (Kamala) could find a way to do it, it would really benefit the kids I think.

                                                              • TheTiaraMakia
                                                                TheTiaraMakia  3 weeks back

                                                                This does not sound bad to me as from elementary to middle school my school system in Alabama offered extended day, where we would go until our parents could pick us up. I think the cut off time was 5:30. My parents had to pay weekly and the teachers who CHOSE to stay and be a part was paid to do it. As much as I hated school, I did enjoy this because we would have a snack, have an allotted time to complete homework and have teachers and sometimes tutors there to help and then remaining time to play and watch movies. I’m shocked that more people are not aware of programs like this because I come from a county system with low funding and this was an option for us. I think it’s a great idea if implemented properly. Will this work for every teacher? No. But chances are there are some who would enjoy the extra pay and they could possibly choose which days they wanted to participate.

                                                                • Melanie Petiteau
                                                                  Melanie Petiteau  3 weeks back

                                                                  Why you always complaining America
                                                                  In France we have school from 8:00 am to 6:00pm from 11 years old to 18 and nobody is complaining...

                                                                  • Kaleigh's life
                                                                    Kaleigh's life  3 weeks back

                                                                    8-6?!!! She crazy asf sum wrong wit her

                                                                    • Chandler Pope
                                                                      Chandler Pope  3 weeks back

                                                                      ...so has anyone asked the students how they feel about this?

                                                                      • Michelle M
                                                                        Michelle M  3 weeks back

                                                                        what's the point of having kids

                                                                        • Kimberly Cunningham
                                                                          Kimberly Cunningham  3 weeks back

                                                                          Fund #PlannedParenthood

                                                                          • Adrianna Osborne
                                                                            Adrianna Osborne  3 weeks back

                                                                            Oh HEEEEELL no. That is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. Kids need to be kids and have time outside of school, and we all know the education system isn’t funded enough as it is

                                                                            • Jabraya MacDonald
                                                                              Jabraya MacDonald  3 weeks back

                                                                              wait. hold up. Aden is 7?

                                                                              • LSa
                                                                                LSa  3 weeks back

                                                                                I don’t live in the US but am I right in that teachers in the US pay for supplies themselves. Why not just use that funding in THAT area. Come on teachers are really not appreciated and they work SO hard.

                                                                                • GabriellaGlamour
                                                                                  GabriellaGlamour  3 weeks back

                                                                                  The harsh reality is that not everyone can afford after school but that’s not anyone’s fault. That’s a luxury. If you can’t afford it that’s life. Just like not everyone can’t have a huge house can’t have a bmw etc. we can’t try to even the playing fields in EVERYTHING. This is like giving a trophy to everyone on the team.

                                                                                  • J. Raul
                                                                                    J. Raul  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Wait...don't FREE after school programs exist already?

                                                                                    • gabbi k
                                                                                      gabbi k  3 weeks back

                                                                                      Loni 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👩🏼‍🏫❤

                                                                                      • Samantha
                                                                                        Samantha  3 weeks back

                                                                                        Think again Kamala. Pay for your own kids! I pay enough taxes & I don't have kids!

                                                                                        • BeingJann
                                                                                          BeingJann  3 weeks back

                                                                                          Loni’s make up artist beat that face today hunni 😍

                                                                                          • Esmeri
                                                                                            Esmeri  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Loni is an ASSHOLE