Wooden box with secret compartment

  • Published: 30 August 2015
  • Wooden box with secret tray underneath

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  • raider6511
    raider6511  5 months back

    But you didn't show how you made the box. Oh that was 4 years ago. It's now Sep 9 2019. Nothing new

    • Karl Riley
      Karl Riley  7 months back

      You did not show HOW you made it. Not to interesting. Guess that's why u got 10 thumbs down.

      • Matthew Gale
        Matthew Gale   7 months back

        Karl Riley, never expected it would get 40k views, I guess 10 thumbs down isn’t too bad. Other videos show HOW.

    • Arnaud Simpelaere
      Arnaud Simpelaere  10 months back

      Pls make a video about how you made the mechanism with the pin

      • Shantell Amend
        Shantell Amend  2 years back

        I check a lot of woodworking handbooks. These one from woodprix are the best.

        • Junaid Ahmed
          Junaid Ahmed  2 years back

          How could the secret compartment use full to ur frend if its not secret anymore

          • Matthew Gale
            Matthew Gale   2 years back

            Good question. We don't know a lot of the same people, plus he has a common name, so no worries.

        • Bobby salcido
          Bobby salcido  3 years back

          how much to money to get you to make me one? $100? $200?$300?? lets make a deal

          • Dominic Del Principe
            Dominic Del Principe  3 years back

            dustin penner strikes again! good job, bro!

          • yara calme
            yara calme  3 years back

            i realy liked your work, you are amazing

          • Tony Palmisano
            Tony Palmisano  4 years back

            how to did u make the secret compartment tray I don't have a cnc router so IDK what else to do but I have the rest of the box built

            • Matthew Gale
              Matthew Gale   3 years back

              I used a router to cut out the hidden tray from a 1x4. I imagine it could be done with a chisel and hammer as well.

          • Matthew Gale
            Matthew Gale   4 years back

            check out Dustin Penner's box! this is where I got the idea, https://youtu.be/0Hj_VBFoZfc

            • Michael Oropeza
              Michael Oropeza  4 years back

              I want one