• Published: 28 July 2019
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  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name  3 hours back

    2:23 chaeryeong out here trying to kill me 😭😭

    • Mikrop Adam
      Mikrop Adam  3 hours back


      • Mikrop Adam
        Mikrop Adam  3 hours back

        Vay be neler neler görüyorum vay be vay vay vay nelerdir o gece neler evet son moda yakışır bana bellona bellonayda yakışır bana bellona bellonayda yakışır bana bellona bellonayda bellona bellonayda bellona

        • Lucky dude
          Lucky dude  3 hours back

          Gr8 song

          • Mikrop Adam
            Mikrop Adam  3 hours back

            Haydin internet çeksin bari be bari madem internet dün çekince çekiyodun ya şimdi internet çekince niye çekmiyon iyi

            • SILVIA ESQUIVEL
              SILVIA ESQUIVEL  3 hours back


              • Gaia's Business
                Gaia's Business  5 hours back

                GESÙ BLAH BLAH

                • jun su kim
                  jun su kim  5 hours back


                  • Huy Khả
                    Huy Khả  5 hours back

                    "Beep Beep" ❤️❤️❤️

                    • Maite
                      Maite  5 hours back

                      Amo tanto a Yuna😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

                      • 힝반
                        힝반  6 hours back

                        아잇 어 응 푸르

                        • A Amanda
                          A Amanda  6 hours back

                          I NEED AN ITZY COMEBACK 😭❤️

                          • Mercedes Camino Ruiz
                            Mercedes Camino Ruiz  6 hours back

                            Lia is beautiful<3<3

                            • Brian Ou
                              Brian Ou  7 hours back

                              1/21 0.00KST 124,195,409
                              1/22 0.00KST 124,395,741
                              Today 200,332 views (-4,655)
                              JYP Subs 14.70M (=)
                              ITZY Instagram 3,605,148(+8,574)
                              ITZY Subs 1.93M (=)
                              ITZY Twitter 1,050,905(+2,617)
                              ITZY Vlive 723,149(+1,867)

                              • 김세원
                                김세원  7 hours back

                                뮤직비디오가 정신없군. 도대체 무슨노래야.

                                • out top
                                  out top  8 hours back

                                  Twice TT reached 500M

                                  • Mr Nobody
                                    Mr Nobody  10 hours back

                                    People : This comeback is worst!
                                    ITZY : They keep talking, I keep walking...

                                    • Anuj dube
                                      Anuj dube  10 hours back

                                      It has hindi subtitles

                                      • Friendofbts
                                        Friendofbts  12 hours back

                                        These girls are sooo cute

                                        • Amina Lemz
                                          Amina Lemz  15 hours back

                                          I like it and where are all the Ryujin stans at?

                                          • Elena Aris
                                            Elena Aris  17 hours back

                                            - 0:13 Chaeryeong was walking into/towards a car in her path

                                            - 2:13 Chaeryeong hair was in her face but she kept dancing (good job)

                                            - 2:25 Yeji got a police escort, if u look in the background

                                            !!!! Like if u see them

                                            • Peiwen Lee
                                              Peiwen Lee  18 hours back

                                              I love you Lia💕

                                              • Peiwen Lee
                                                Peiwen Lee  18 hours back


                                                • sisu virago
                                                  sisu virago  19 hours back

                                                  I can only hear "They keep talking, ayuwoki" xd

                                                  • l e m o n l e a f
                                                    l e m o n l e a f  19 hours back


                                                    • Tsz Wan Keely LEUNG
                                                      Tsz Wan Keely LEUNG  19 hours back

                                                      Too cool to ever leave the screen

                                                      • 장미카엘TV
                                                        장미카엘TV  20 hours back

                                                        한국 분들 특징 외국 분들 많으면 댓글을 안씀
                                                        (안그러시는 분들도 많아요~)

                                                        • IceCream Melody
                                                          IceCream Melody  20 hours back

                                                          nice song, if i heard this song, my body is shaking, especially in the reef i like it

                                                          • filha de jikook
                                                            filha de jikook  22 hours back

                                                            Love itzy ❤❤❤❤

                                                            • Socially awkward
                                                              Socially awkward  22 hours back

                                                              I can never skip ICY when it plays

                                                              • dweem2009able
                                                                dweem2009able  22 hours back

                                                                One hit wonders

                                                                • Luciane Farias
                                                                  Luciane Farias  1 days back

                                                                  Eu sei dançar essa música inteira amo vcs itzy

                                                                  • jack jo
                                                                    jack jo  1 days back

                                                                    When is their next comeback? Hopefully its around february..

                                                                    • Pure Mind
                                                                      Pure Mind  1 days back

                                                                      3:06 *They cast teleporters.*

                                                                      • celina blink
                                                                        celina blink  1 days back

                                                                        CAN WE REACH 125M BEFORE ICY 6 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY???
                                                                        I KNOW WE CAN 💪💪💪
                                                                        Love for ITZY and MIDZY 💕❤💕❤💕❤

                                                                        • Lia Queen
                                                                          Lia Queen  1 days back

                                                                          125M So Close!

                                                                          • yAsdisguki Shee
                                                                            yAsdisguki Shee  1 days back

                                                                            I love this it shows how they don’t care about other people’s opinions and be amazing I hope that they’ll keep on doing what they are doing and the dance break was amazing!!

                                                                            • celina blink
                                                                              celina blink  1 days back

                                                                              MIDZY!!! ❤💕❤💕❤
                                                                              CAN WE REACH 125M BEFORE ICY 6 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY???
                                                                              I know we can.💪💪💪
                                                                              Love for ITZY and MIDZY💘💘💘

                                                                              • Atlantis
                                                                                Atlantis  1 days back

                                                                                @gfriend girls look at this its real music ✊🏻

                                                                                • Atlantis
                                                                                  Atlantis  1 days back

                                                                                  4.JENERASYONUN KRALİCELERİ BİRAZ KALİTE DİNLEYELİM

                                                                                  • lizyukai
                                                                                    lizyukai  1 days back

                                                                                    No one:

                                                                                    Bokuto: HEY HEY HEY!!!

                                                                                    • Wholesome.soobin
                                                                                      Wholesome.soobin  1 days back

                                                                                      They’re soo cooool

                                                                                      • HEHE HEHE
                                                                                        HEHE HEHE  1 days back

                                                                                        FOR ME ITZY NEEDS TO CHANGE THEIR POSITIONS:!

                                                                                        MAIN DANCER: YEJI AND CHAERYEONG
                                                                                        LEAD DANCER: YUNA AND RYUJIN
                                                                                        MAIN VOCALIST: LIA
                                                                                        LEAD VOCALIST: YEJI AND CHAERYEONG
                                                                                        MAIN RAPPER: RYUJIN
                                                                                        LEAD RAPPER: YUNA, YEJI, CHAERYEONG AND LIA
                                                                                        CENTER: YUNA (SORRY RYUJIN)
                                                                                        LEADER: LIA (SORRY YEJI)
                                                                                        VISUAL: YUNA AND LIA

                                                                                        • A Dhillon
                                                                                          A Dhillon  1 days back

                                                                                          me trying to convince JYP I’m a itzy member
                                                                                          I see that I’m Itzy

                                                                                          • Rip Cutluss
                                                                                            Rip Cutluss  1 days back

                                                                                            Paris Et Itzy ep.1 > go watch it Midzies

                                                                                            • Akbar Noor
                                                                                              Akbar Noor  1 days back

                                                                                              cmon midzy, lets watch Paris et Itzy on Mnet

                                                                                              • Brian Ou
                                                                                                Brian Ou  1 days back

                                                                                                1/20 0.00KST 123,990,422
                                                                                                1/21 0.00KST 124,195,409
                                                                                                Today 204,987 views (+6,957)
                                                                                                JYP Subs 14.70M (=)
                                                                                                ITZY Instagram 3,596,574(+7,895)
                                                                                                ITZY Subs 1.93M (=)
                                                                                                ITZY Twitter 1,048,288(+1,795)
                                                                                                ITZY Vlive 721,282(+1,073)

                                                                                                • 가그린
                                                                                                  가그린  1 days back